By Josh Bronson

Pilot staff writer

As another school year approaches at Brookings-Harbor High School, students will be met by a number of changes, especially in the athletic department.

andquot;It's a fun time to be around the high school,andquot; Activities Director Jon Young said. andquot;There are lots of things we want to do around here and we're really excited about it.andquot;

Along with a complete face lift of the gym, the basketball program received a new piece of equipment and the soccer program is looking for a field of their own.

Gym renovations

The major project undertaken by the school and the community this summer was a complete renovation of the gym.

andquot;Our goal was to put something together that the kids and the community can be proud of,andquot; Young said.

The first step of the project was a new paint job.

Tom Serna, Daryn Farmer and other volunteers got together about a month ago to give the ceiling a much brighter white coat of paint.

Then the custodial staff painted the walls navy blue with a gold stripe near the top.

The next step was to strip and resurface the gym floor and apply the menacing bear as the new logo at the center.

On Tuesday, a coat of finish was being applied to the newly refurbished floor and new lights are planned to be installed Friday.

andquot;We hope to have everything finished in time for volleyball practice on Monday,andquot; Young said.

Along with the new logo, the words 'Pride,' 'Honor' and 'Respect' were painted on the floor, reflecting a new program that Young and other school administrators are beginning this year.

The Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) program is designed to bring attention to students who make positive decisions in and out of the classroom.

andquot;The program recognizes students who focus their time and energy to do the right thing and often go unrecognized,andquot; Young said. andquot;Having it right there on the floor is going to help remind students of some of the basic values.andquot;

Many of the renovations of the gym were made possible through fundraisers by the Booster and Rotary clubs.

'The Gun'

The rising Bruin basketball program received another lift this summer as they added an important piece of equipment to their repertoire.

Bruin basketball players will now be able to train with andquot;The Gun,andquot; a machine that corrals rebounds, fires them back at the player and records their shooting percentage.

andquot;It's a huge resource,andquot; boys basketball Coach Bryan Wood said, andquot;It makes a world of difference because it maximizes time. It also makes the program a little more attractive to get players in the gym more.andquot;

andquot;The Gunandquot; keeps track of shots taken and shots made and calculates the shooting percentage.

In a half-hour workout, one player could get in up to 1,000 shots, according to Wood.

Soccer field

Brookings-Harbor High School is the only school in its district that does not have a home soccer field.

But administrators and coaches hope to fix that by the end of the season.

andquot;Our dream is to be able to have it finished in order to host a playoff game for either the boys or girls,andquot; girls' soccer coach Paul Angove said.

Currently, the soccer field is located in the outfield of the baseball field, in between the diamond and the track.

Young and Angove would like to turn the open field behind Kalmiopsis Elementary School on Ransom Street into a year-round soccer field that would be available to the community as well.

andquot;It would be a great addition to our community, we just need help getting it off the ground,andquot; Angove said. andquot;If this is going to happen, it's going to come from fundraising and support from the community.

andquot;We will accept any help, donations, time or advice to the activities director (Young),andquot; Angove said.

The soccer program is constantly growing, with about 30 girls and 40 boys set to play this year, according to Angove.