By Josh Bronson

Pilot staff writer

Four members of the Brookings Gwoon (school) of the International Tai Chi Tum Pai Gung-fu Association brought home numerous accolades from the Coquille Martial Arts Tournament on Nov. 17.

andquot;I felt our group did very well,andquot; Senior Chief Instructor Jon Loren said. andquot;Our school works on street self-defense rather than sport techniques like most of the other schools. This puts us at a disadvantage, so I am always impressed when they win.andquot;

Bill Franks led the way in the Black belt Division by placing in five different categories.

He took first place in open-hand forms, second in traditional weapons and open weapons form and sparring, and third in continuous sparring.

Patrick Lieske won Grand Champion in forms in the Brown belt division.

He also took first place in weapons form, second place in point sparring, and third place in open-hand forms.

Lara Higgins took first place in three different categories in the colored belt division.

She took first place in sparring, open-hand forms and weapons.

This was also Higgins' first competition ever.

In the Under-18 division, Julian Franks was the Grand Champion in forms and also took first place in open-hand forms.

Grand Champions received three-piece sword sets while all other winners were given medals.