By Jef Hatch

Pilot staff writer

Those types of athletes can be found on Brookings Harbor High School (BHHS) boys and girls cross country teams.

Running a little more than three miles is not most people's idea of a good time, and yet the boys and girls on the BHHS team do it regularly, often running even farther for distance training.

Distance training is paired with running up and down steep hills and short distance sprints for cardiac conditioning and hill training.

andquot;If you can pass someone as you are running up hill, and you run faster uphill than you do on flat ground, you can really get in your competitor's head,andquot; explained Coach Terry Axel.andquot;Passing them causes just enough doubt to creep into their head and gives you and advantage.andquot;

All of the Bruins' training paid off Saturday as the girls team placed second at the Brookings Invitational, and the boys team placed third.

Top finishers for the girls squad were sophomore Ally Manley (1st), sophomore Nicole Ledford (7th), and freshman Maysea Young (12th.Manley) ran a personal best time of 18:06.86 to take the first place finish, winning by almost 25 seconds over her next closest competitor.

Top finishers for the boys squad were sophomore Gage Northrup (4th), Senior Kevin Sthen (5th), and sophomore Aaron Miller (21st.The) Bruins boys team was missing one of their top runners and team leader - Linden Loren - due to a minor soccer injury, but he should be well soon.

andquot;Our kids train so that they are peaking physically about the time that the district championships and the state championships are held.andquot; Axel said. andquot;I'm really looking forward to taking our team to state this year.andquot;