By Jef Hatch

Pilot staff writer

With a 5-2 victory over Umpqua Valley Christian School Tuesday, the Lady Bruins showed they are truly a force to be reckoned with.

andquot;We have been working on finishing our passes and shots,andquot; said Coach Kristen Franks, when asked what the difference was between last weeks tie and this weeks victory. andquot;The girls did push-ups for every shot and pass that they shanked.andquot;

The work put in during practices was evident in the Bruins win.

Another noticeable improvement was the communication between players, with players calling for the ball and scoring off the resulting pass.

Franks attributes that, in part, to her weekly team spaghetti feeds where the players watch soccer, both their own games and the games of professional and college teams.The weekly dinners also give the team a chance to bond and form a tightly knit group which translates into on-field cohesion.

In the Bruins 5-2 victory over the Monarchs, Ashley Juarez scored three goals, while Miriam Hernandez scored the remaining two.

The Bruins controlled the match, keeping the ball on the offensive side of the field for most of the time and allowing very few shots on goal.

Sonia Gonzalez proved to be a thorn in the side of the Lady Monarchs as she raced down the field to save a goal after Emilee Bottoms was pulled out of position when she blocked the initial shot by the Monarchs' forward.

Trying the forward position for the first time, Ciara Freeman proved to be a worthy passer as she set up shot after shot on goal and frustrated the other team into committing a foul, allowing Hernandez to score one of her two goals on a beautiful penalty kick.