By Chad Robert Snyder

Pilot staff writer

Thursday night the Bruin boys soccer team put an exclamation point on a completely dominating performance by shutting out the Sutherlin Bulldogs 9-0.

The performance was so lopsided in fact, the Bulldogs had experienced difficulty advancing the ball anywhere near the Bruins goal.

andquot;We played the entire game of their side of the field,andquot; Coach Gabriel Anaya said. He said the strong defensive play by the Bruins made it nearly impossible for Sutherlin to gets shots on goal.

Ultimately the Bruins outshot the Bulldogs by 30, making the victory an almost foregone conclusion.

As Anaya said, it's nearly impossible for a team to win when they're outshot by such a large margin, regardless of how talented a striker the team may have.

Three players contributed to the Bruin scoring frenzy with three goals each. Anthony Babb, Linden Loren and Dylan Roberts each registered a soccer andquot;hat-trick,andquot; comprising all of the team's scoring.

Loren's performance was an added bonus as he had missed the previous two games to injury, a problem that has plagued the early season for the Bruins.

There's hope in the near future however, as several players who have missed time in the last few weeks are expected back soon.

andquot;It'll be good to have them back, but we also have to learn to play without certain players,andquot; Anaya said. He's hopeful the team won't have to deal with any other injuries this season, but noted being prepared is the best policy.

Despite currently missing a number of players, Anaya is pleased with the state of the team right now.

andquot;We're happy,andquot; he said. andquot;I think everything is coming together.andquot;

Anaya doesn't want the team to get too comfortable, however, stressing continued development and emphasis on passing will ensure they continue to play effectively.

Another point he wants the team to understand is the importance of playing hard the entire game.

andquot;We need to keep finishing games,andquot; he said.

The Bruins are on the road next Tuesday versus North Bend. The game starts at 7 p.m.