By Chad Robert Snyder

Pilot staff writer

The Bruins' boys varsity soccer team was again exceptional on Tuesday afternoon, defeating the Coquille Red Devils 4-1.

Coquille scored the first goal of the match early in the the first half. The Bruins did have several shots on goal early, but none found the net.

About midway in the first half, Bruin Linden Loren got the scoring started. He provided another goal quickly, giving the Bruins their first lead of the game.

Shortly after came the pivotal play of the game, according to Head Coach Gabriel Anaya.

The Red Devils were given a penalty shot on a pushing call, but the shot sailed over the crossbar.

andquot;A play like that, if they had scored, could have let them grab momentum,andquot; Anaya said.

As he said, at that point in the game a successful penalty kick would have put them in a tie with the Bruins and perhaps allowed them to feel as if they were still in the game.

Within the first few minutes of the second half, the game began to get out of control. Loren scored two more goals in quick succession, one in dramatic fashion on a stunning second-effort play.

The rest of the game transpired with little drama as the Bruins put in bench players and successfully ate up the remaining clock.

The Red Devils attempted to get back into the game, but were unable to advance the ball onto Brookings' side of the field during stoppage time.

In the second half the Bruins seemed to assert themselves more than they had in the first, and the result was a massive field possession victory.

The Bruins allowed only a handful of shots on goal all day, and only two in the entire second half.

andquot;The first half was off for us,andquot; Anaya said. andquot;The second half we played better and dominated, playing most of the half on their side of the field.andquot;

Anaya said he is happy with the team, but they have tough competetion ahead.

andquot;We still have work to do,andquot; he said. andquot;It's only a two month season, and it's sometimes hard to get everything going.andquot;

Next up for the Bruins is Illinois Valley at BHHS at 4 p.m.