The Curry Coastal Pilot

Huxley for county

Summer is almost over. The sheriff is gone in September and we will not get to vote for the new sheriff who will be appointed by county commissioners. Children are heading back to school and tourists linger while the rest of us do what we always do. Meanwhile, Tom Huxley has done something quite different, he is running for commissioner.

If elected, Tom Huxley will lead by example and limit himself to $10,000 for travel and expenses. Tom will not seek the commissioners salary and benefits which now total $91,595 per year. That position is sought mostly for the salary and benefits it offers, such as health care for commissioners, courtesy of the taxpayer. The recent almost 10-percent increase in salaries, especially for Commissioners Itzen and Smith was considered indecent in light of the county facing fiscal disaster and probable bankruptcy. We "deserve" the raise and much more - Commissioner Itzen's response to the onslaught of angry and disenchanted letters.

Except for raising salaries, giving promotions, hiring more employees, forming committees galore, replacing the word tax by levy, and asking citizens for more taxes, Commissioners Itzen and Smith have brought little if any leadership to the table.

There are many examples of high paying county jobs. For instance, the Computer Services Department has a director and deputy director whose salaries are $101,005 and $78,661 respectively, cost to taxpayers $179,666.

Tom Huxley stands unequivocally for transparency, honesty and integrity, attributes not always adhered to by commissioners in the past. A successful businessman, he has suggested major department consolidation as well as some outsourcing. Tom Huxley will meticulously look after the public purse.

Yvonne Maitland


Pot not medicine

Most of the time I remain silent where medical marijuana is concerned.

Mostly because I believe that most all drugs should be deregulated and people should be allowed to partake of them as they see fit. If they end up becoming addicted so be it. As the Polish proverb states "Not my circus. Not my monkeys." I tend to think of it as culling the herd.

However, when it comes to the dispensary for medical Mary Jane on Lower Harbor Road I just have got to speak up. Are you kidding me?

If this is medicine where are your independent source verifying the efficacy? The best I have ever seen are little more then anecdotal reports with an agenda. If this is medicinal where is the pharmacist? Where are the warning labels? Where is the lab testing and reports detailing the levels of active ingredients? Medicinal my astronaut.

I don't care if someone smokes weed as long as they don't do it in my face or on the same road where I am driving; just don't try to blow the smoke up my nether regions.

Kenneth Swanson


MDA car show

Calling all cars!

Let's get those cars, trucks, motorcycles, 4x4s and special interest vehicles out of the garage.

Come to the Saturday, Aug. 30, Benefit Car Show at Lucky 7 Casino.

This is a fundraiser for the Southern Oregon-Northern California Muscular Dystrophy Association. Time is from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For the years 2013 and 2014, a special thanks to Lucky 7 Casino and crew; another to the Curry County Cruisers and Tom Lee; my DJ Kevin from KURY radio; Joe Morin for design, T-shirts, award plaques, and posters; another for Rusty of Ellenwood Cabinet shop; my family, especially Amy and Heather for being "my girls" and their help with the show and the awards; Bill Hamilton, thank you too. Thanks to my helpers Dale, Darren, April, Jeanette, Rebecca and Yvette and Ian.

An extra thank you to the participants, sponsors and all others involved.

Hope to see you there, and let's "Find a Cure!"

For more info call Tom Lee, 707 487-0611; Lucky 7 Casino, 707-487-7777; Dayle Niemie, 541-469-4363; or pick up a registration at 295 King St.

The Coast Cares.

Dayle Niemie,

(one of Jerry's Kids)


Association attack

Senator Wyden and his staff recently referred to the Association of OandC Counties as an "extremist lobbying group." The name-calling was in response to counties asking for independent forestry experts to objectively determine the sustainable harvest that would be produced under Wyden's most recent OandC Lands bill. So far, the senator has refused that very reasonable request.

Is the association an "extremist group" as the senator contends? The Association of OandC Counties has been involved in every legislative and administrative action concerning these unique lands since 1926. The association was a participant in the passage of the OandC Act, which has governed the management of these lands since 1937. The federal courts have declared that the purpose of that federal law is to have the OandC Lands generate revenue for the counties. The counties historically received about $134 million per year, in present value dollars, to help pay for law enforcement, libraries, and other public services. The counties have every right, indeed the counties have a duty to their citizens, to question whether the massive changes to the OandC Act proposed by Senator Wyden will make things better, or worse.

That Senator Wyden refuses to have experts analyze his bill, and resorts to attempted intimidation of a middle-of-the-road organization like the Association of OandC Counties for having the temerity to ask for an analysis, is a poor reflection on our senior senator, and on the bill he has proposed.

Kevin Q. Davis


Child ID Program up

On behalf of the Chetco Shrine Club and the Masonic Lodge of Brookings we wish to thank Chris and Mark of Computer Fusion.

They have worked pro bono on our Child ID computer to get it up to par and working properly. It is local individuals and businesses like them that should be supported and thanked.

The Child ID Program that we sponsor at no cost to the community is to give the parents an up-to-date record of their child. It has the picture and fingerprints of the child and spaces for the parent to fill out information should anything happen to that child. All the parent has to do is show this record to the authorities and it gives them a head start on the situation.

The Child ID Program can be found at different venues, so please bring your child to us for this important and free program. Our next event will be the Donkey Baseball Game. It will be held at the Brookings Harbor High School football field on Sunday, Sept. 7 starting at 1 p.m. and the public is invited. If you do not already have a ticket, they are $6 at the gate. Hope to see you and your friends there.

Joel Reich,



Facts Face-to-face

A letter published Aug. 20 from Clayton Johnson ("District Complexity") quotes portions of a letter I wrote in response to an earlier letter submitted by Mr. Johnson. The quote, however, was taken out of context.

While all statements Mr. Johnson quoted did indeed appear in my letter, there was a great deal of information interspersed throughout and between those quotes that was omitted - an omission that changes the connotation.

It is important that the citizens of our community have the correct information, but it appears that Mr. Johnson's views may be based upon misunderstandings.

Rather than exchanging letters to the editor, which exposes other readers to erroneous or confusing information, I would welcome the opportunity to meet with Mr. Johnson to answer questions so that a better level of understanding is gained. Call 541-247-3192 for an appointment. Public Board meeting times are also posted on our website at

Andrew P. Bair, chief

executive officer

Curry Health


Unintended Intention

Your article "County must interpret marijuana ordinance" discusses John Earl Crumrine's application to open a medical marijuana facility.

Our commissioners "crafted" legislation last March to cover this eventuality but now, five months later, have to "interpret" their own legislation. Were they incapable of writing down their intentions? Were they incapable of discussing their intentions? Can they not remember their intentions from five months ago? And they cannot unanimously agree on their intentions because they don't know what they intended.

How could they write legislation which five months later is inappropriate? Just to further demonstrate their incompetence they have caused a lengthy article to be written in the Curry Coastal Pilot. David Brock Smith admits they did not know what they were doing in his statement "We're in uncharted territory." They have cost Crumrine $30,000 in presumably non-refundable fees. The State of Oregon has approved his background check. Just how long must one's errors in life be allowed to haunt them, 15 years, 30 years?

The incompetence of our commissioners goes on and on. Are these the people we want to govern us? Unusually, I am, almost, speechless.

Roger Mitchell