The Curry Coastal Pilot

Our artsfelt thanks

Thanks to the members of the Brookings Harbor community for a successful second year for the Festival of Art in Stout Park.

Thanks to: the helpers from Boy Scout Troop #32 and the Lion's Club, the musicians who entertained us, Scott Graves and Stagelights for the sound system, Dori Randall for the Kid's Art Zone, Tony Baron and the city crews from Parks and Recreation for all their work on the park and help with equipment, and to Tony Parrish and crew who ran the Stout Mountain Railroad.

Special thanks to the 70 vendors who joined us and more than 65 volunteers from the art community and the general community who volunteered their time and talents to make the festival a success.

Thanks also to the many art patrons who bought art during the weekend. We heard many comments about the friendly helpers and art patrons.

We gratefully acknowledge a grant of $200 from the Curry County Cultural Coalition for the Kid's Art Zone and a grant of $500 from the Brookings Tourism and Marketing Advisory Committee for publicity.

We hope to see you August 1-2, 2015, at the Festival of Art in Stout Park.

Cilde Grover and Violet Burton

Pelican Bay Arts Association


Elusive ... Really?

Related to the story about the advisory at Mill beach: "And neighboring beaches are not affected by this advisory." It doesn't take an astrophysicist to figure out that it is the Play-Doo factory on the hill creating the problem.

There is a saying. "Don't **** where you eat." I believe that applies in this situation.

Michael McDonald


Personal verification

The personal responses to my last couple of letters is appreciated.

Debate, discussion and commentary are good for all of us. Thank you.

While I do not think my assertion that President Obama has done some good things for the country, in measurable ways, was invalidated by anyone, some did question the facts I placed into evidence. While I did check these facts, it seems pertinent to list some of my sources, now, as space provides:

As a follower of Thoreau, I believe in personal observations to access facts and events. I talk and correspond with state and federal elected officials and their staff. I have heard most of the full, live speeches of our presidents, since Nixon, as well as the various candidates for this office. I read the Pilot for local news and the local paper where I used to live. I talk to family, friends and businesses across the nation.

Papers: Wall Street Journal, NY Times, The Oregonian, LA Times, Barron's. Magazines: Smithsonian, Science, People, The New Yorker, Batman.

Government organizations: NASA, JPL, FDA, CDC, Census Bureau, BLS. Online gateway: Library: Two books a week.

TV: CNBC, CSPAN, PBS, Network News, FOX, MSNBC, Melissa and Joey, Sophia The First, The O Channel, 700 Club, Daily Show. Newsletters: Motley Crew, Organic Consumers Online: Daily KOS and many other sites.

Inner Sources: contemplation and dreams.

Bottom line, I verify facts through multiple sources and reach my own conclusions.

Your friend - a woolly mammoth and citizen.

Carl Harker


Culture crafts

If you're wondering what to do with the craft items you cleaned out of the cupboards this summer, Azalea Middle School could use a few of them.

I will be teaching an elective class this year called "Creating Artifacts from Many Cultures" which will focus on several types of weaving.

We would welcome any donations of embroidery thread, yarn, or string for our projects.

If you have any such items. Please bring them to Azalea Middle School, for Mrs. Chew in Room 4.

Thank you in advance.

Nancy Chew


Letter translated

In last Saturdays "opinion page," John O'Hara, of Brookings, made a very compelling argument for why there shouldn't be a new hospital in Gold Beach.

His point, that the bulk of the population is in Brookings, is totally valid. I also agree with him that it probably would have made more sense to remodel, based on the huge expense. I voted against the measure.

Where I believe John is mistaken, if I understood correctly, is that he, and Brookings, are NOT paying for this hospital. Frankly, I wish he, and all of Brookings/Harbor, were participating in the cost, as we, in this very small county, will all eventually benefit from an improved geographically-centered facility (aka county hospital).

The way it was explained is that the tax burden is placed solely on the shoulders of the "district" bordering the Pistol River to the south, and the Elk River to the north. If John recalls seeing this measure on his last ballot, I'd be surprised, and certainly appreciate being corrected.

As of now, what he seems upset about is a tax increase which actually doesn't affect him.

Clayton Johnson

Gold Beach

Fixing the problem

In a recent letter (The Pilot, Aug. 2), Arthur Larason pointed out a safety issue along U.S. Highway 101 near the Humane Society thrift store in Harbor.

He mentioned that cars were parking along the side of the highway, making it difficult for drivers to see other vehicles. Mr. Larason wrote: "ODOT must ban parking in this area to provide a lane to turn in and out of the thrift store to prevent a serious tragedy."

We agree. ODOT workers have visited the area and we understand the problem. The existing "No Parking" signs in this area are faded and difficult to read. We plan to replace the old signs and install additional signage within the next few weeks. We have also shared these concerns with the Oregon State Police.

I would like to thank Mr. Larason and other concerned citizens for bringing this issue to our attention and giving us a chance to address it.

We encourage all local highway users to contact us when they have a safety concern. The phone number for the Roseburg ODOT office is: 541-957-3500.

Dan Latham,

ODOT Public Affairs


Easy thrift shopping

Good news! Customer of the South Coast Humane Society's Thrift Shop on Highway 101, no longer need back-out skills to negotiate the parking lot.

The lot has now been resurfaced and customers can now park straight in - no more diagonal parking that required backing out the length of the lot.

The new location of the thrift shop is very successful due to our loyal customers and to the outstanding merchandising job Sharon Sweeney is doing. Sharon is the acting manager who serves without pay. She, her staff and volunteers are doing an outstanding job in managing the store.

More volunteers are needed to handle the volume of donations received on a daily basis from our loyal supporters. As anyone who is a supporter of the thrift shop knows, the quality of merchandise donated is outstanding.

Please consider volunteering some of your time, be it for two hours or more, to the thrift store. Your efforts will be greatly appreciated by the board of directors and the animals who benefit from the success of the store.

Barbara Wienecke, volunteer


Jail beyond fixing

The dilapidated Curry County Jail should close.

Measure 8-78 is unnecessary and should be defeated. It is a leaky Band-Aid on the jail problem.

It would be far more cost effective to rent out jail space from Crescent City or Coquille.

Stop trying to con the voters with these ill-advised projects that are beyond fixing.

No wonder no one trusts the county.

Dave Duffy


Good, honest people

To Wild River Pizza, and the person who found my blue disabled card in the front parking lot about 5:30 or 6 p.m. Saturday, May 10. It must have slid out of the car before we left for home.

We noticed it gone Sunday morning, and my husband suggested stopping by Wild River to see if someone had found it and turned it in. I never thought anyone would be there Sunday morning. He went to the door and knocked and a nice lady came to the door, and had it there for us. She was so glad we had it back.

It was a miracle that some honest person found it outside and turned it in to the employee there.

Thank you to the unknown person who found it and returned it to the wonderful workers of Wild River Pizza, who saved it there for us.

Brookings is full of good, honest people, which is why we keep coming back to Brookings and to Wild River Pizza - the best pizza we have ever had - our very favorite! Our adult children and their children always want to go there when in town so we all have a great time there.

Thank you. God bless you all.

Joan and Fred Liedtke

Napa, California

Knowledge to jobs

I'd like to do a follow-up on the cannabis research article.

Greetings. I am the person responsible for the Banana Belt Safe Access Center on Lower Harbor Road.

I became involved in research in the early days of its program and have seen nothing but blockage of knowledge by the federal government and those allowing the research from NIDA, the FDA, DEA, where permits have been denied without good reason for almost 15 years now.

But some of the best researchers have prevailed by doing it personally. All factors have been stymied. Hemp, medical, recreational and mostly the research itself, which could bring jobs by the 100s.

Curry County needs these jobs and SWOCC should be teaching entry level lab procedures as well as the high school should be upping their chemistry and science classes.

Jim Klahr


Insurance gaming

Upon reading about the residents of Buena Vista Loop and Memory Lane, and David Smith's suit against the city of Brookings for flood damage, I say it's the insurance companies that have all but abandoned most conditions that used to be covered, leaving insurance policies not worth the fees charged nor the value of all the paper they're printed on.

Used to be, they paid out for nearly anything, but now the average home costs upwards of $200,000, so, with that insanity comes the effort to pick apart coverage to cover "not much," while being required to have it.

This story gets even crazier because a vast amount of money is held in escrow accounts so as no taxes have to be paid on actual income that is specialized accounts drawing interest payments on securities, plus insurance companies are the largest investors in vast amounts of farms, ranches and land in general, gathering fees from the government for not grazing cattle, or not growing food because of environmental or market concerns.

That is one aspect of the right to be an individual, you are left out hanging in the breeze, by yourself when corporations collaborate to match wits with each other to safeguard their industries.

The rich get you to think about children at your borders, while they rob billions with corporate power!

G.G. Thompson


Not part of district

In response to "Bring hospital here" Letters to Editor August 9, 2014, written by John O'Hara:

I was dismayed to once again read that a citizen of Brookings believes that he pays property taxes to Curry Health District and that Curry County supports Curry Health District.

As recently as the Marc 21, 2014, Curry Coastal Pilot editorial "Hospital is key issue," citizens have been advised that Brookings is NOT a member of the municipal corporation Curry Health District and therefore do not pay taxes to support Curry General Hospital.

I suggest all South County landowners review the information at, where you discover that Curry Health Network receives no tax money from Curry County.

I think I read that Brookings is paying for an upgrade to the water system that supports all of the businesses on lower Fifth Street, including the clinic.

Most disappointing is that the Curry Coastal Pilot says it "will not knowingly print false or misleading claims" but chose to publish Mr. O'Hara's August 9 letter.

Paula A. Woodburn

Gold Beach

Thanks, community

Seven months have gone by in 2014.

Brookings Harbor Community Helpers Food Bank has experienced a steady increase in the number of food boxes we distribute each month.

What we are also experiencing is the generosity of this community. Clubs, individuals, school students, churches and businesses have come forth with the donations we need to keep our doors open.

Recently the community participated in the Grocery Outlet month-long food drive to our benefit. We were overwhelmed with the generosity of our neighbors.

We want to let everyone who has helped us know that without your kindness and generosity the food bank would not exist. Every can of food, every dollar keeps us going from year to year and we have all of you to thank.

Julie Maynard,

executive director

Brookings Harbor Community Helpers Food Bank