The Curry Coastal Pilot

This ship is sinking

I have lived here in Brookings for over 26 years now, and read the Curry Coast Pilot, cover to cover upon each receipt.

As you now know, our sheriff of Curry County has resigned. I don't blame him. He is not the captain of this sinking ship (Curry County), so why should he stick around it die! The fact is, the Curry County commissioners, for over 60 years have known, that the Federal OandC revenues would come to an end. For every one of those commissioners, they put their heads in the sand, and ignored what was sure to come.

Forget the people who elected them. Raid the Road Fund, Give themselves and county employees raises and more perks.

Even though these same citizens struggle to make ends meet, and live through a constant barrage of rantings for more taxes; so that funds can be gathered to pay services, that we county citizens need, and require.

Yes, we will have to raise property taxes, no doubt. In the recent election I did not vote for anyone running for commissioner, I voted for Home Rule; however the Good Old Boys, via false alarm scaring tactics, succeeded in this being voted down! So now what.

I can tell you.

Either we raise our property taxes to meet the funds needed by this county, or face being taken over by the state. So let's see, anyone with any intelligence knows that government running anything, is going to cost about three times what it would be in the private sector, plus our greedy state government would be given the opportunity to tack on "operational costs" for running this county for us. ...

Curry County Ship is sinking. Fix this mess ourselves; and get rid of three overpaid "public servants," who are only out for more power and wealth for themselves.

John O'Hara


Baseless accusations

I have been asked by numerous veterans county wide who know of my dedication to them and their fellow servicemen and women, if they could respond on my behalf to the blatantly false and defamatory public statements made by a fellow veteran in recent issues.

Although I have not worked directly with our former VSO department for some time now, I did during the 2013 year and data is proof a lot of service to our Veterans was accomplished. During that time and right after taking office, I assisted in creating and passing, the first ever Veterans' Extended Outreach Grant Program for the State of Oregon, which brought in approximately $1 million for VSO Departments throughout the state.

I am grateful for the work VSO O'Neal has done on behalf of our veterans, am sorry to see her leave the area and wish her the best in all her future endeavors.

As far as Mr. Dietz's defamatory comments, they are baseless. Although offered, he has never made an attempt to contact me on any issue. Moreover, I think it is downright shameful of him to use our veterans' issues as his political football.

I will continue to work on issues affecting our citizens in all areas, especially veterans. Please remember to give thanks as I do every day to our servicemen and women for the rights and freedoms we enjoy within our United States of America.

David Brock Smith

Curry County


As one door closes

The recent closings of two businesses in Harbor means hard times for the local economy and for those who lost their jobs.

I find it hard to believe that Shell and Shop Smart were not operating in the black. Perhaps it was not enough of a profit to satisfy corporate headquarters.

Hopefully Goodwill Industries will provide jobs for some and help for others. This nationwide 501C nonprofit is more than a thrift store. They provide rehabilitation, counseling, and training. Some of their other services may become available locally.

As one door closes, another can open.

Joe Willett


Which belief for you?

"Skip" Howard's letter (July 5) clearly outlines his beliefs. But that is what they are: "beliefs" with no more proof for them than we theistic believers have for ours, because no one can "prove" a "belief."

However, "beliefs" are ordinarily based on some kind of available data. And the data available is much more rationally understood to support "theism" than the "atheism" of evolution.

Some examples: How could the sense of hearing have developed accidentally and incrementally, since the small bones and nerve connections required would have neither served nor survived any intermediate state according to the "natural selection" principle (also termed: "survival of the fittest") which Mr. Howard depends on? Similarly, consider eyesight and blood composition and skin makeup - each of these being intricately composed of inter-related elements - but without meaning or purpose or survivorability if only partially combined.

And how could it be that a self-reproducing organism all at once unalterably required an appropriate "mate" to continue to exist? Which form should have had the better ability to survive: the self-reproducing one or the two-sexes required one?

And how could a defenseless sheep have first developed at all let alone survived with so many predators ready for an easy meal?

Go ahead with your "beliefs," Mr. Howard. But realize that natural facts do not really support your claims. So please don't try to impose them on us who not only believe a Creator but a Savior.

Theodore Allwardt


County vs. rights

In its Citizens United ruling SCOTUS stated that money is speech.

Therefore, restricting whom I may or may not give money to would seem to be a violation of the First Amendment's guarantee of Freedom of Speech.

Curry County's "Hate the Homeless" ordinance violates both the First Amendment and the Citizens United ruling.

Dennis Raney


Crazy nickel project

This ridiculous plan to allow speculating for nickle on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest is a question of mixed up priorities.

Does the Oregon Water Resources Department protect our water and the needs of the citizens of Curry County? Or is it dedicated to serving a so-called British company that wants to pollute our creeks and rivers with that sludge that would result from their finding the nickle they so greedily desire to root out of the protective Earth's crust?

Citizens need clean water, and water grows ever more dear when pollution comes around with bad mining practices. Heavy metals and sludge come into our crystal-clear streams. Fish and citizens' health go bye-bye.

How can the deadline for comments be so soon? I just heard of this crazy project. Can I trust the Rogue River National Forest and the Oregon Water Resources Department to make an evaluation that protects our interests?

Please tell me my suspicions are wrong.

Kathryn Justman


Drive carefully!

We should all drive very carefully in the next few months. Be aware of the cars around us.

We were almost broadsided today by a young lady speeding around a corner where she should've yielded. Probably missed our car by less than a foot.

Just because we all know our roads doesn't mean our summer visitors do.

Pay attention and be alert and be safe.

Violet Burton


Leaks, mold are gone

I have a single-wide manufactured home that's over 35 years old. It provides income for me as a rental.

I have been renting it out but could not stop the roof from leaking no matter what I did. I was facing the prospect of having to tear it down because of mold and I couldn't afford to replace it, so there goes the income.

As a last resort, the idea of putting a pond liner over the top occurred to me. After all, there is nothing more watertight then a pond liner. This is the same material old inner tubes were made of and is pretty rugged. At the time it cost about $350 to purchase a piece big enough to cover the roof. I hired someone with a cherry picker to lift the roll onto the roof then about three hours with two people to roll it out, cut out around the vents and fasten it to the edges of the house.

I did this about five years ago and there hasn't been any sign of a leak since, and the mold problem went away during the first summer. There has been no deterioration of the rubber and I see no reason why it won't last for at least another five years,

It paid for itself after the first year.

It will make the home a little warmer, since the rubber is black and absorbs sunlight, but I see no reason why it can't be painted white, to reflect the sun.

If you have questions you can email me at: .

Bill Vogel


How's that working?

When the pain of suffering is greater than change ... you will change.

I would like to ask all of those who voted against the Charter: So how's that working out for you ? I think that change is desperately needed ... and I would like to share that I am not opposed to a modest property tax increase ... or perhaps a value-added tax (sales tax) ... or a gas tax increase (no, not all three).

What I am opposed to is spending $$$ that we don't have. Even if the county employees are deserving of a raise ... you just don't spend $$$ that are not there ... and as far as the commissioners giving themselves a raise ... well ... words fail me. (sigh)

Jim Peterson


A true analogy

One night years ago, while frog gigging around 3 a.m., my light beam fell on a large bullfrog, sitting, eyes surprised by death.

Out of his mouth hung the rear end of a large rat whose entire upper body was lodged down the frog's throat. Both were suffocated.

There they sat in the light. Shocking!

That scene has come to mind from time to time and I've used it as an analogy for some life's lesson or other.

This time the analogy is Curry County government.

S. Jordan