The Curry Coastal Pilot

Give animal a chance

If you are an animal lover, as I am, you probably read the back page of the (Pilot) TV Guide every other Saturday.

It gives me a great deal of delight to see the words "I've been adopted" by their pictures.

For weeks now, I've read the plight of Poppo - a short-haired black tomcat, that all of the experts agree is the hardest to find a home for.

I certainly don't need any more cats. After adopting one seven years ago, eight more hungry and sick felines have found their way to my front door. They obviously have their own communication system and tell one another that I am a sucker for stray cats.

Pennies for Pooches and I both agreed that I was Poppo's only chance for a forever home. I was told he was quite withdrawn, slept most of the time, and has an "attitude."

Here we are a few weeks later and I have a cat that is open, loving and playful. He wraps himself around my ankles and hugs.

If you are thinking of adopting, choose an animal that doesn't have much of a chance. He will be forever grateful and it frees space for cats that are on the streets - where they have no chance at all.

Want to tell your cat you love him? Give him your close full face with a long hard blink of both eyes. When he blinks back he is saying "I love you too. "

Barbara J. Parrett-Eary


Discover and dEspair

My friend and I chose to do our morning walk from Manley Art Center through Stout and Azalea Parks this morning.

We were admiring all the work that is ongoing in both parks and the beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees flourishing everywhere.

Our very first discovery while walking up the little hill by the miniature train tracks, was a healthy cluster of two daylily plants growing together displaying their brilliant flowers, one bright yellow, the other deep orange/burgundy in color, about a dozen flowerstalks. What a sight !

The morning was still, just a couple of kids seemed to be hanging out in the area.

This letter is about what we discovered on the way back after about a half hour away. We came back to the place where the daylilies grow, just for another look - and alas - the flowers were whacked off and strewn all over the ground around the plants - and the energy instantly changed from beauty and serenity to sadness and despair. ...

What has happened to practicing respect and caring for all that is living among us?

Doreen Brown

and Gro Lent


Wake up, Brookings

People of Brookings: I am ashamed of the people of Brookings.

They don't appreciate the biggest tourist attraction that they have: The Samuel H. Boardman coastal trails north of town!

People from all over the world come to tour the West Coast. The trails should be beautifully pruned. They are not. Nobody volunteers to do the work. I have done a lot of the trails for 15 years I am now 81. I can't do all that work anymore.

The website is pathetic. Wake up, people of Brookings! Brookings could be a destination place.

Monica Adams


Club does it again!

At the Azalea or Kite Festival, Brookings Flying Club members spend their time and personal treasure to raise scholarship tuition funds for Brookings Harbor High School graduates or college students.

This past May 26, by flying about 72 members of the Brookings' community, they raised about $1,800, and awarded a $1,000 scholarship this year to a former high school graduate, Cade Freels.

Many club members worked to advertise and sell tickets, etc., for the event, erect barriers and fences for crowd control, solely for this purpose. Several experienced pilot members fly the club plane to give rides, but special credit should be given to plane-owning members who, over the years, have flown their own planes at significant personal aircraft operating costs, which can run up to $1 per minute. This year these pilot-owners were Bruce Greene, club president, Alan Nidifer, and past presidents Doug Nidifer and Lee Garvin.

The Flying Club has been raising scholarship money since the mid 1980s.

Warren Glaze


Don't fight current

I was glad to read that the rescue at Harris Beach was successful.

The bravery of the rescuers is amazing!

I've been surfing Harris for 30 years now, and have a lot of knowledge I'd be happy to share about the water currents.

An illustrated sign in the parking lot would help swimmers understand where it's safe to swim and where it's potentially dangerous. I'd be happy to help create the sign (I have a graphic design background).

I've rescued many swimmers in those years. The place where most of those rescues have occurred is on the north side of the rock in the middle of the beach. The waves at Harris travel sideways across the beach, and that energy has to go somewhere, so it goes back out to sea at that rock.

If you find yourself being pulled out to sea there, it may be best to swim with the current, paddle around that rock and into the small cove to the south of it.

Experts say a big mistake people make is battling the current. You can expend all your energy fighting it.

A little knowledge goes a long way, and a sign would maybe help prevent these situations in the future.

Spencer Reynolds



Officer Terry Brown, thank you for your courage in saving that young man from dying in the ocean.

I hope that you recover quickly and completely.

Tina Kirkpatrick


Obama a bit Scary

Every week something "new" comes out about what Obama has done again and again, not seeking Congress' approval first, that in the Constitution it says he must do.

Do you remember what he said before being elected? He thinks our Constitution is outdated, and all the things he said Bush did wrong, he has done, and a lot more.

He keeps coming up with some "phony scandal" - hoping we won't remember the last one - that he is going to get to the bottom of it, and never does anything. He thinks he can talk his way out of anything, and most news people let him. We will not forget about Benghazi, IRS, veterans, and all the rest of them.

Isn't it a bit scary wondering what he will do next to help get the Democrats elected? Can't you finally see through this man? He has signed so many secret documents that will keep him in power. We don't want to live under a dictatorship.

America is a proud country that helped free others from being overrun by a dictator. We're not perfect, but I remember World War II. God bless America and let's keep her free.

He lets out five of the worst terrorist, and says if they go back to being a terrorist we can catch them again.

Makes sense? Why didn't he feel this way about Benghazi?

Betty Lou Gowman