The Curry Coastal Pilot

Weather experts are predicting a major storm with high winds and up to 8 inches of rain on the coast and 10 inches in the mountains between now and Saturday.

That's a lot of precipitation - enough to cause local flooding, knock out power and threaten lives. Keep in mind these facts and advice (courtesy of the National Weather Service) to stay dry and alive:

andbull;Flash floods in rivers, creeks and roads can occur rapidly and without warning.

andbull;Do not drive unless absolutely necessary.

andbull;If you see a flooded road ahead, turn around and seek an alternative route. If there is no safe route, get to higher ground quickly.

andbull;Avoid flooded section of roads. Shallow water often hides damaged pavement, fallen trees, and other debris - or there may be no road left at all.

andbull;Six inches of water will reach the bottom of most passenger cars, causing loss of control or stalling; 1 foot of water will float most vehicles; 2 feet of rushing water can sweep away most vehicles - including SUVs and pickups.

andbull;If your car stalls in the water, get out immediately and walk to higher ground.

At home, take the time now to prepare for emergencies. Don't be the person scrambling for candles, oil lamps, matches and flashlight batteries when the power goes out.

It is wise to have enough emergency food and water on hand to feed your family for at least several days. A first aid kit and plenty of matches and candles are a good idea, as is keeping your car's gas tank half full..

It is not often we get advance warnings of potential dangers like the one heading our way. Don't let this one catch you unaware.