The Curry Coastal Pilot

Dog Poop Problems

I took my daycare to Easy Manor Park yesterday and found that something stinks in Brookings.

Both I and a 2-year-old stepped in dog poop and had to wear it home. It's not the first time I've seen excrement at the park.

Some people have no conscience about letting their dogs poop in people's yards and public property. But in a playground for small children?!

I'm hoping this letter sparks some remorse in using Easy Manor Park as a potty for their dogs. Also, the park has a "No dogs" sign that should deter people from even thinking about it.

Come on people, have a heart. Would you want your children or grandchildren routinely stepping in dog poop?

Sharon Fischer


No More Caps for Kids

It is with deepest regret to announce that after 22 years CAPS FOR KIDS is going out of business in Curry County.

There are several reasons, but first let me say there has never been a greater group of gals and guys who, year after year, knit or crochet caps for kids with very little recognition; they supplied 502 caps and 40 scarves this year!

After counting and bagging all the items, I found that Family Services was unable to take part in the distribution of our offering.

So it is time to retire. If anyone would like 502 caps, or 40 scarves or yarn or patterns please call Lavonne Morrell at 541-247-2589. I have plenty.

Last but not least, thank you to the papers of Curry County for all the articles, pictures and interviews over the years that help spread the information about CAPS FOR KIDS.


Lavonne Morrell

Gold Beach

Not a county hospital

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Clayton Johnson's second letter (December 18) to address confusion about funding for the replacement of Curry General Hospital in Gold Beach.

It appears from Mr. Johnson's letter that he mistakenly believes the hospital is a county hospital when in reality it is owned by Curry Health District and has no connection to the government of Curry County, or the geographical boundaries of Curry County.

The district, a non-profit 501(c)(3) municipal corporation, was established by election in 1983 and legally exists only within a specific geographical area bounded by Elk River north of Port Orford, south by Pistol River, and includes Agness.

Only about 7.425 percent of its operating revenue was derived from taxpayers within the district; the remainder is generated from the operation of the district hospital and clinics. A replacement hospital was not a county issue, and the district could only lawfully seek approval of a tax levy from district residents.

Our services are available to everyone no matter where they call home, but the law dictates only district taxpayers - the people who elected to establish the district - may be taxed. The ballot measure, which was erroneously referred to as a "county measure" by Mr. Johnson, was a measure for which only district residents could cast a vote, thereby electing to fund a portion of the cost of a new hospital. Again, all of this information and more is available at

Andrew Bair, CEO, Curry Health Network

Gold Beach

Thanks Coast Guard

We would like to express our gratitude to the Chetco River Coast Guard for the extraordinary job they do.

They were quick to respond in the emergency that the F/V Yaznak had at sea. The owner, crew and families appreciate all that they do to keep our fishermen safe.

Thank you again, from the F/V Yaznak owner, crew and families.

Jenandeacute; Abad