The Curry Coastal Pilot

Auctions and layoffs

I have a couple budget cut suggestions.

How about auction off one or two of those fancy Dodge Charger cop cars.

While you are at it, how about lay off one or two of the cops that sit on the side of the road giving tickets. They usually pull cars over with two cop cars so it looks like we have extra people and cars that we could do without.

Michael McDonald


Ask until answered

After 14 years of carrying insurance, I found out I lost it, although I didn't receive my letter in the mail until two weeks later. So I cancelled doctor and dental appointments so others could take my available time, which was no longer useful to me.

But something didn't seem quite right. Whenever I talked to the insurance company I received different answers. I spent all last week calling different people in the company to the point that they noticed how many times I called (three times). When the first people in line said they couldn't answer my questions they passed me off to someone higher. I ended up talking to the supervisor who said that yes, I did lose my insurance. Something still didn't seem right.

I decided to start calling first thing Monday morning until I got a straight answer. The first person on the phone knew I lost my insurance because I needed an average of 24 hours a week. She said I only averaged 24.12 hours a week. Now math was my worst subject in school and I actually flunked eighth grade algebra but even I know that 24.12 is greater than 24. So I asked her why did I lose my insurance. She passed my phone call to someone higher in the company, .

Immediately when they took my call I knew they were upset thinking I just didn't get it. But before I got off the phone they softened the tone of their voice, apologized that there was a "system error" and yes, I do still have insurance, although I lost three weeks due to their error.

So, if something doesn't seem quite right, check it until you are satisfied with the answer.

Nancy Myer


Presence in the park

Once again, there has been vandalism in Azalea Park.

The community has been assured that expensive cameras are the answer to capturing the offenders. However, the cameras were not working when the holiday statues were damaged and, unless someone comes forward, we may never know who did this.

For years, I, and others, have been promoting the idea of a "presence in the park" - a kind of park ranger who might be a volunteer or work-exchange person with their own camper or RV that could be situated near the existing Snack Shack where there is power and water.

It seems unreasonable that this could not be put in place. Yes, there are always issues, such as insurance and liability, but those things are not insurmountable. Isn't there someone in this community who might step up to the city manager and the council with a viable plan?

I often volunteer several hours a week in the Azalea Park and find enormous gratification in maintaining our "Jewel." Surely, there is somebody out there who might want to contribute their energy in protecting this valuable resource. It's certainly worth exploring.

Shirley Hyatt,


Azalea Park



Sign charter petition

A neighbor, carrying a petition, may knock on your door during the next couple of weeks.

If you are a registered voter, they will be asking you to sign a petition requesting that a Charter form of government be placed on the next ballot. The petition does not propose new taxes or change the number of deputies. It doesn't criticize any of the commissioners, or call anyone ignorant.

Your signature on the petition being circulated does not mean you are in favor of the Charter; it means that you support it being placed on the ballot so that voters can review its contents and choose the type of government they want.

The Charter being proposed suggests that Curry County change from three paid commissioners to five part-time commissioners. These five commissioners will receive a stipend to pay their expenses while in office but no benefits such as health insurance or retirement. These five commissioners will be responsible for county legislation, policy and our budget. For daily county business, the Charter proposes the recruitment and appointment of a trained county manager.

Under the provisions of the Charter, department heads will be appointed rather than elected, and supervised by the county manager, with the exception of the Sheriff's Office which will remain an elected post. Also the District Attorney is an elected state official, and will continue to be responsible for the administration of criminal justice.

Please sign this petition and place this Charter on our next ballot. You'll find the opportunity to sign it available at Gypsies, 549 Chetco. Or call 541-813-1882.

Garth Richey


Vets breakfast

What a pleasure it was for our organization, Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 757, to serve breakfast to the veterans and their families and friends in honor of Veterans Day.

Thank you to the Brookings Elks Lodge for working with us to put on this "free breakfast." We served 256 people and the monies earned will be used to support needy veterans and their families. This would not have been possible without the support of our local food stores: Ray's Food Place, Fred Meyer, Grocery Outlet and Bi-Mart. Thank you for helping us honor veterans for Veterans Day!

A big thank you to all our volunteers: Garry Downing, Doreen Brown, Sam and Rita Vitale, Lee Burch, Curtis Wohlgemuth, Sally Laasch, Carlo and Frances Pelaccio, Jim Newman, Dick Jimerson, Carol Swain, Gary MacEachern, Dave and Sharon Hitzman, Jim DeArmond, Nick Orcutt, Mike Cover, Lorraine Swigert, Judi Anderson, Ed Winland and Kim West, Mary Cleveland, Bill Farrell, Terry Clawson, Richard Avila, Shirley Hicks, Daisy Kunkel, Terry Hanscam. Also, thanks to Dee Snider, our 50/50 winner, for donating half of her winnings to the veterans!

God Bless America!! - the home of the brave and land of the free.

Sam Vitale, president

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 757


Bored or just bad?

When I rode past the Azalea Park parking lot and saw that majestic, dashing figure of a nutcracker, the first thought that flashed through my mind was, "That's not gonna last long there." So sad to see I was spot on.

What is wrong with this town? Are the kids that bored or are they just plain rotten? And what a typical problem with the security cameras: spend all that money on them and then they don't work. Probably made in China! Too bad.

I for one would like to see the people who did this caught and really made to pay. Maybe dress them up in nutcracker costumes and make them stand outside the park for the whole month of December.

It's just too sad to see this vandalism happen.

Pamela Vanvliet