The Curry Coastal Pilot

One wink is enough

In case you haven't noticed liberals have relieved themselves from writing articles on how our big government has spent your money wisely.

My letter "Obamacare will fail" on Oct. 12 was attacked and ridiculed by a local gentleman which is his right. He has left himself open to what I have continually referred to as an uninformed or misinformed voter.

Liberals invariably ask for me to prove my accusations, are they all watching MSNBC? By declaring yourself a N.P.A.(No Political Affiliation) You're telling everyone that you don't know what is right. If you don't commit your beliefs with a political view then you don't have a view anyone else can stand behind and support.

Your empathetic president has been absent when answers are needed about Benghazi and four dead Americans. Where did he hide when Syria used gas on its citizens, he said "don't cross this red line."

"You can keep your doctor and your insurance for less money, period". A complete lie. "I'm closing Guantanamo in one year," another lie.

It's been three years since Obamacare was shoved through a Democratic Congress, he told the G.O.P. to ride in the backseat, no compromise. He refused to negotiate about delaying the Affordable Care Act, again no compromise.

Remember Tea Party patriots want a small government, low taxes, and a private industry to create more jobs which brings in more taxes. One wink.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

On good governing

A writer in the Nov. 9 edition of the Pilot asked this question: "...why is the GOP always bent on looking for ways to make people suffer economically?"

He then goes into a tirade where he accuses the GOP of everything but the Lindberg kidnapping. I'd like to answer this for him.

The answer is, of course, that the GOP is not trying to make anyone suffer; no more than any Democrat would. Both ideologies have opposing views on what appropriate governing is, but to accuse one party of causing everything that is negative in life makes the writer seem uninformed and petty at best.

And then came the attack on the Tea Party folks; people who want smaller government and less taxation. What a radical concept! But the writer of the tirade calls them, "...a sad and uneducated lot." These slanders from a man who admittedly has nothing to do with the Tea Party. Wonder where he gets his information.

My suggestion to this writer: Stop drinking the Kool-Aid, turn off MSNBC, and do some thinking and research of this nation's history on your own. You'll be amazed at what you'll find.

Mike Wiley


General questions

The voters in north Curry County just voted to tax homeowners $10 million over the next four years to build a new hospital.

Can the old facility be fixed? There is hope a new hospital will attract more specialists. Could be right. But The thought that this hospital will be built for $10 million is, in my opinion, very unlikely. Already we are looking at a possible additional $10M in federal grant money. I'm not so sure it can be done with that additional amount either.

Although I agree that we need a hospital in Curry County, I would be more comfortable with this project if an architect had been consulted prior to the $10M figure being set forth and if some cost estimating were made public first. The grant money already being discussed gives me a hint that few involved in the movement to build a new hospital believe the original $10M will cover the cost of construction.

I wonder if anyone knows what the costs of bringing the present facility up to code and safety standards would be. Will the old buildings be torn down or utilized for some other purpose? Where does one go for answers to these questions?

Maureen Johnson

Gold Beach

Call for documents

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, there remains a large number of secret government documents that have not been released.

Some are not scheduled to be made public until 2029. The Central Intelligence Agency has approximately 1,100 assassination documents it has not released for reasons of national security.

The tape recordings of the activities of the United States air traffic controllers on Sept. 11, 2001, have never been released, even though they qualify under the Federal Freedom of Information Act.

It is the right of the American people to demand transparency from their government. Then and only then can our democracy be safeguarded.

Joe Willett


Lola and thrift store

I had some household items I wanted to give to a thrift store, and decided to go to the mission in Harbor on 101. I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised.

I dropped off my donations and they were so friendly, helped me with the things and gave me a receipt without even asking. I then went into the thrift store and it was a pleasure to shop there, very clean, organized and friendly. At the mission's thrift store the prices were terrific.

So, for those who haven't been, please go and enjoy all the wonderful different items at very affordable prices. Thank you to all who has done such a great job, it is noticed by us all.

I would also like to thank the lady who stopped and tried to help us catch a dog on 101 south on Oct. 30. I just wanted to let you know what happened to her. It's a long story but to make it short we finally got her after 1 1/2 hours trying. We took her to Pennies for Pooches/Curry County Animal Shelter in Gold Beach as all strays will end up; so we decided to drive her there. Found out she had a microchip, got in touch with the owner and met her to give her little baby back. Her name was Lola. Thank goodness for Pennies for Pooches/Curry County Animal Shelter, Gold Beach and to Cheryl who was friendly, concerned and very helpful to get Lola home again.

Beverly Duncan


We know the county

I read the article in Nov. 9, Pilot.

It seems David Itzen laughed when he heard the Charter Committee's suggestion to take a pay cut and hire a professional to be the county administrator. (A few years ago, before Itzen was a commissioner, the only "pay cut" was not receiving the 3-percent pay raise. Would you call that a pay cut?)

Itzen laughed saying Carl King didn't know what he was talking about. I have been on this committee since Susan Brown started the Curry County Financial Independence Committee. I know for a fact that Carl is very informed, as are the other committee members, about what takes place in this county. Carl attends the commissioners meetings and other county meetings. He wants what is best for the people of Curry.

I have served with knowledgeable people on this hard working committee, and I am upset to think I have spent this time working for the betterment of this county only to be characterized as ignorant; I quote Itzen's comments from the article, "the committee members are ignorant in county matters, don't realize commissioners took a pay cut a couple of years ago. ... "

The Charter Committee has spent hours looking into facts that would make our county run more efficiently. Common sense tells me it would be better for the county to hire a paid administrator that has a degree and experience in leading a county such as Curry, rather than voting in commissioners that we pay to learn on the job.

Citizens of Curry County, we all need to work together to make our county the best of the best. There is a petition being circulated to get this on the ballot. Please call 541-251-2622 if you would like to sign.

Kidd Stubbs


No flags flying here

Today is the official observance of Veteran's Day. It is a day that is intended to honor and thank all military personnel who served the United States in all wars, particularly living veterans.

I appreciate all of the American Flags that line Highway 101 through Gold Beach, I appreciate all of the volunteers that place these flags on each patriotic holiday. However, as I drove through town today, there was NO flag at our own county seat of government, the courthouse, in Gold Beach. The county offices were closed to observe the holiday, but someone forgot to raise the flag. Proper flag display etiquette states that the flag is to be flown on national holidays, including Veteran's Day.

I enjoy photography and make a point of photographing the flags on these special holidays, so was shocked and disappointed to find there was NO flag at the county courthouse.

I felt that there would be the usual row of flags flying at the local cemetery and flags marking the graves, but when I arrived there, again I was met with disappointment as there were NO flags flying at the cemetery either. There were a few flags randomly placed on graves, most likely were placed there by family members of the deceased.

The local Veterans' Memorial did have the flag flying there, at least someone remembered the veterans. It was beautiful against the blue sky, and stood proudly over the memorial markers.

My dad and stepdad were both WWII veterans and their service to our country was important and appreciated. The flag on my front porch is flown every day with pride and appreciation to and for our great nation.

Hopefully, the reasons for this oversight will outweigh the excuses for such a lack of support for our veterans and our country.

Rich Watson

Gold Beach