The Curry Coastal Pilot

credibility question

The defeat of tax measure 8-73, the county request for a tax increase of $1.345/thousand of assessed property value was hardly a surprise, and was inevitable given the quality of the presentation and credibility of the main promoter on the county commission.

County voters have grown tired of the continual grandstanding and self-promotion, and this undoubtedly played a big part in the defeat.

The continual threats of a state takeover of the county, and questionable trips to meet with the governor, are rightly met with suspicion as to the motives of the presenter. Could protection of overpaid positions at county citizens' expense in such a takeover be the primary motivation?

Solving the undeniable need for funding of the sheriff's department is long overdue, and it will require more leadership that goes beyond the protection of overpaid positions. With this in mind, I would suggest the following starting point:

andbull;Commissioners voluntarily agree to be reimbursed on a per-meeting basis, and forego their $80,000-plus package of salary, medical, automobiles, etc., for the good of the county. This would save several hundred thousand dollars per year;

andbull;Volunteers of the various port commissions, and school boards, etc., somehow manage without salaries;

andbull;Seriously consider the mayor of Brookings' suggestion of a $1/ thousand tax to start - please remember this was the mayor's original idea before the grandstanding begins;

andbull;Appoint Susan Brown the leader of this effort. She has the most credibility on the commission and would be more trusted by the voters.

When voters see genuine shared sacrifice beginning with the commissioners, and less grandstanding and posturing in Salem, this tax just may have a chance of passing this spring.

George Welch


you could do better

Regrettably, I am going to let my subscription lapse.

Coming from a politically progressive part of the country I found your letters to the editor, frankly hilarious.

As the years have worn on I've found them progressively less so. I love your community and the people I know and have met there. I understand it is a conservative area, and I accept that. However the tone of your letters to the editor is largely set, in my mind, by the same five or six individuals (I call them crackpots).

I know you are a small community but, come on, do you really need to devote so much ink to these people?

The real reason I am cancelling my subscription is not that, or your letters to the editor policy. Rather it is the fact that you do not follow that policy. I have seen so much name-calling, references to ethnic groups - i.e. the Jews - and snide and nasty commentary I've given up. The opinions expressed may echo the editor's views, but, come on you can do better than that.

I own a home in Brookings and will continue to visit your beautiful area and enjoy your wonderful citizens. I know the experiences I'll have will be a whole lot better not having read your (could-do-much-better) newspaper.

Steve Napoli

Berkeley, Calif.

Diktat talk

andhellip; response to "Ruling By Dikitat" (Pilot, Nov. 2), by Mr. Swanson.

I have a question for you. Do you know that President Obama is ruling by "diktat" Oh yes! Constitutional "diktat"!

If you haven't studied the history of the creation of our federal "Constitution," please do it. It may become evident that the framers of that unique piece of work expected dissonance and argument to prevail in realizing its final purpose. That purpose being to create a "system" of government controlled by the people andhellip; not a tyrannical dictator! As a consequence, in just a little over 200 years, the citizens of the United States of America have risen to a pinnacle of power, control and freedom never experienced by any nation that has ever existed!

Maybe because our 44th president has evolved, having experienced myriad cultural trends and thought, he has gained emotional and intellectual traits/insights that oppose violence and force to win a goal. Instead of "venting," under the control of the male hormone testosterone, he prefers the potential consequences of patience, intelligent/peaceful communication and compromise. Eh? Isn't it about time?

I was considering criticizing Mr. Swanson for his written response to my question about why he considered President Obama to be the worst president in history andhellip; but, after a little thought, I decided to emulate the probable response of President Obama and, with patience, understanding and knowing full well that "freedom of speech" is a diktat of the citizenry of our great republic.

Isn't freedom of speech" wonderful?

Skip Howard


No new tax ideas

The levy did not pass! Go figure and who thought it would.

Why then did they have a special election for it? It's not free to have a ballot measure sent out to all the voters of Curry County and then have it all counted, etc.

We need somehow to support our law enforcement department as well as fire, etc.

Curry County needs to get out of the large hole we are digging and slowly sinking. We need to think outside the box regarding tax hikes! Property or sales tax or any other tax will not work! We the people think "No!"

I do have a suggestion to the Curry County problem. You know the big green building in Harbor? With a little money which the county has already wasted on ballots it could be a successful place. Why not make it the "Curry County Casino!" All money generated would go back to the county for all of us. We need to think outside the box for a solution.

Look across the border or north of us for successful casinos turning a large profit. Or should we spend more money to take building down!

A casino would generate money for the county and jobs! The casino would be paid for by the county and the money generated would go right back into the county and it would pay for itself.

A "no-brainer solution."

Robert Dowse


Admirable solution

Every time a proposed tax hike is given a hearty thumbs down by Curry County voters, I am always surprised by the alacrity with which the tax advocates concoct a fresh proposal.

They'll jockey the numbers, coin a new euphemism ("Safety Measure"), and voilandagrave;, a new tax increase appears on the ballot.

There was an admirable process in ancient Locria (a Greek colony) for dealing with such troublemakers. There, anyone who proposed a new law, or the alteration of one already existing, had to appear before the citizen's council with a rope around his neck. If the council approved, the rope was removed; but if they voted against the proposal, the proposer was immediately hanged.

You can see how efficacious this would be in keeping new laws in check and government at an absolute minimum.

With the possible exception of indoor plumbing, it is the single best idea I have ever heard.

Ken Shelton


No confidence vote

So Commissioners Brock and Itzen want another crack at raising our property tax. Aren't two defeats enough for them?

Maybe it's not the levy itself, but their leadership, in other words their tactics and their management style, citizens don't approve of. I think this latest rejection of the Law Enforcement Levy was a vote of no confidence of the aforementioned county commissioners.

Dave Gordon


So happy we do it

I don't want to rush the Christmas season, as it seems to come fast enough, as is. I'm so happy it's my favorite time of the year.

Right now I would like to thank all the people that I ask, and every year they help out with my military mail. I want them to know what good they do and how much they are appreciated. It's so sad that we have to have this program to say "Merry Christmas" and God Bless to so many tremendous men and women who fight for our freedom, and country, but I'm so happy we do it!

We are a country of very feeling people - this is proof! So those at the Sterling Bank - Jean, Sherry, Rita, Jill, and Bridgette, Terre and Sherry, at the Edward Jones; Bohen Law, Alice King; a big and forever thank you. You all are my heroes, on the home front. You already know how much the men and women of the military thank you. When we think of Brookings, I think of a little town with a big heart - that cares.

Merry Christmas and God Bless you all.

Rosemary Link


We are open season

Well, here we go again!

No more nice guy. No more security but keep the extra funds in your hands. I guess some of my friends and I are different. After reading the Police Log and the Sheriff's Log in the Pilot, we would rather give up a personal item in order to be able to afford a police force. I found being robbed frightening especially when the deputy had to come from Gold Beach the next day.

We are "open season" for theft, vandalism and robbery. The alarm companies are doing a thriving business and we are lucky to have so many.

What is happening to Curry County? Brookings is a town of empty stores. Restaurants open and close. So sad to see the Nautical Inn close, even if it was over the border. No more department store, no more shoe store or dress store. No dining after 9 or 10 p.m. Azalea Park is suffering.

I am confused. We are building a new hospital. What is the "hospital" on Fifth Street being used for? Can't the building that is rotting away at the Port be used to have a facility so that our teenagers can have a place to go? It can have a pool table, chairs, tables for computer gains etc. I would gladly contribute whatever I could afford. It would be so worthwhile.

How about some vocational courses in the high school? Some of the boys told me they would like to learn auto mechanics. The girls wanted dressmaking and cooking. Is it so far fetched?

Am I so out of tune with the times or just naive and an incurable dreamer?

Gerry Kass


An Asante solution

We need a full-service hospital in Crescent City.

It seems Sutter management really does not want to run small-town hospitals.

We need to have Sutter Coast board talk to Asante Health Systems who are eager to run the small local hospitals. Asante Health Systems wants to come in and run Sutter Coast Hospital in Crescent City.

If Crescent City hospital is no longer full service, the critical patients would be shipped out to a full service hospital out of the area. This would be a hardship to the family.

We need to support Asante so we don't lose our local, easy-access, full-service hospital in Crescent City.

Spread the word among your friends and neighbors to have Asante come in to our community.

Nancy Doka


Dreamcoat bravo!

My wife and I attended a performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat this past weekend and want to encourage residents of our community to attend one of the remaining performances.

If you are a fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber musical plays, you won't be disappointed. The Brookings Harbor Community Theater's version of this Broadway show is superb. The cast had enthusiasm and really remarkable singing skills - even with harmony! The costumes and sets were great as well.

I want to thank the directors and ALL the volunteers that helped bring this wonderful show to us. It's clearly one of the best musicals I've ever seen locally.


John Mathison


Quoting Cromwell

After the tax measure fails I will not vote for any tax measure until the Curry County commissioners either reduce their remuneration closer to the median personal income for the county, about $40,000 and in most cases with no health benefits, or justify their cost to the taxpayer in any good they have been doing for the residents of Curry County.

If they cannot, then I refer them to the words of Oliver Cromwell who expelled the Long Parliament in Britain in 1653, "You have sat too long for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go."

Roger Mitchell


Still propaganda

Wow! TV ads of pushing an elderly person in a wheelchair off a cliff!

TV ads taking Social Security away from starving retirees! TV ads, no education, no food stamps, no home loans, No, No, No!

Propaganda against non-Democrat parties is still just propaganda: all fiction and no facts. The country is not a grammar school playground. Facts instead of propaganda, please.

And please stop scaring people, particularly senior citizens, with things that Republicans never have done and never will do.

Last, as a point of information to those who don't know, the House is Republican run and, for the time being, the Senate is Democrat run.

Doug Bewall

Gold Beach