The Curry Coastal Pilot

thanks harbor fire!

I would like to thank Harbor Fire Department Chief John Brazil and his team of volunteer professionals responding to an accident in front of mile post 360 (Outreach Gospel Mission) on Oct. 7, 2013.

A total of five people were transported to hospital(s). Along with the two vehicles involved, there were two fire trucks, three ambulances. No police were available to respond.

Chief Brazil took charge in organizing the triage, traffic control and removal of the vehicles. Thank you John and the rest of your crew.

Michael J. Olsen, executive director

Outreach Gospel

Mission, Harbor

cook-off cap-off

Isn't fall a great time of the year! Celebrating it with "Harvest at the Port" just puts that extra touch to the season.

All of us at Pennies for Pooches/Curry County Animal shelter including all the doggies and kitties that were helped would truly like to thank the port, Jean Day who helped us put on the cobbler cook-off all that made this day possible.

Thank you to Deurak Williams in donating a 167 pound pumpkin which we had a silent auction on. The winner was Sue Rankin. Also, want to thank Ruth, Michelle and Kathy for stepping forward and volunteering at the booth.

The cobbler bakers were terrific and thank you all for participating in this fun event. First prize went to Karen Crump, second prize went to Janice Farsley and third prize went to Tempest Wortham.

Thanks to all the tasters too, for coming down and helping animals at your shelter in Gold Beach.

With events like this we can continue to go out and do rescues for those on death row and for being there for all of Curry County.

We are having a booth at the Grange in Harbor on Saturday, Oct. 19, a pre-Christmas Bazaar between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. so come on down and support Pennies for Pooches/Curry County Animal Shelter to do what we do best; to save, rescue and help all those who needs us. We will always be there for them.

Please spay and neuter your pets - this is the only way to help stop homeless animals.

Carole Meuret,


Pennies for Pooches

Gold Beach

spence a samaritan

Yes, Brookings residents, we have another Good Samaritan walking among us. His name is Troy Spence, and I am so grateful he is who he is.

You see, Troy found the wallet I had dropped outside of Grocery Outlet on Monday afternoon. He could have emptied it of its contents: a sum of money, four major credit/debit cards, driver's license, and other personal information. He didn't do that. Instead, he looked up my phone number, called and left a message. Me? I hadn't even discovered I had lost my wallet until I listened to his message.

So I called Troy, and we talked and then made arrangements to meet at the Chevron station across from Grocery Outlet, And it really wasn't until Troy handed me my wallet at the gas station that I fully realized my good fortune - needless to say, I was overcome with emotion and could barely talk. Hence, my letter to the Pilot to officially and publicly say thank you - thank you for acting so quickly, and thank you for saving me from the worry over possible identity theft, loss of money and credit cards and the hassle and stress of calling to cancel and replace those cards.

This was a real "Pay It Forward" moment for me, and since Troy was so deserving of much more than the small amount he was willing to accept, I'd like him to know that a donation to the Humane Society is being made not only in his name but also in loving memory of my two precious dogs "Blackjack" and "Prudence."

Marjorie Winslow


thanking an angel

Today I was at my vet's office with both of my little dogs.

I was having trouble getting them into the vet's office and frustrated that my 18 year old Shih Tzu tried to run away while I was putting her in the car.

The day didn't start off too good until a complete stranger asked if I needed help. She even got one of them on the scale as I was trying to get my other one. She even noticed I left my purse in the car and went out to get it for me.

I thanked he and asked for her name. All I know is her name was Brenda. I would like to thank her again. What a great lady to come to my rescue.

Thanks again, Brenda, for your help. Angels come in many forms.

Robin Blue


want them in charge?

I would like to comment on Ginger Doherty's "Ask a Canadian" letter.

Some sort of nation-wide health care would be good. Unfortunately the Affordable Care Act isn't it. When Congress put this bill together did they involve the U.S. Surgeon General? No!

Did they have any doctors or medical personnel involved? No!

When the government put this health bill together did they involve hospitals? No!

They did have politicians, health insurance companies and national union bosses and lobbyists (United Press International). Granted, the bill has a few good points. But, the over 3,000 pages are filled with more regulations and taxes and fines.

The government made it so complicated; that they are still uncovering some parts of Obamacare. Just a few weeks ago Congress discovered that they had to be covered by Obamacare. So, they hurried an amendment from both the House and Senate in two hours exempting all of Congress and their staff members from Obamacare, and we get to pay 75 percent of the cost (Fox News Sept. 28, 2013).

Diddle me this - What federal government department is run efficiently and below budget? None! The United State Post Office is $1,900,000,000 in debt just for 2013 (Wall Street Journal). The Treasury inspector verified the IRS implemented $488,000,000 for Obamacare.

Over 27 states chose not to be involved with the exchange program. Large corporations were given a one-year delay. Five nationwide unions were given a five-year delay. Congress voted to have themselves exempt. So, this is the government you want taking charge of all your health insurance?

Washington D.C. couldn't agree at 12 noon that it is daylight outside.

Andrew T. Ragan,

Vietnam veteran


talking points

I couldn't help but ponder a couple of statements from the opinion written by Mr. Dalrymple in his letter to the editor Oct. 12, 2013.

(1) "When you don't watch news because of its boredom that's one thing, but when you only watch liberal-run stations that's bad and it's wrong." Just who in his opinion are the non-liberal-run stations? Could it only be Fox News that he thinks we can trust if not who? Because his letter certainly gave me the impression that is where he gets his talking points. Since I am not lazy I do watch and read from a lot of sources and if my memory serves me right I remember Fox news saying they are the only TV news broadcaster who could be trusted.

(2) If the Tea Party Patriots are defined as "Patriots" can the non-Tea Party people be considered non-Tea Party Patriots? To be fair and balanced as they say, I agree with his statement on the lazy part. Maybe we all should watch and listen to the news from Public Broadcasting. Oops. I forgot Fox News says they are liberal. So we couldn't use that as a resource could we?

Tommy Jones