The Curry Coastal Pilot

Accurate sod info

Your latest article relating to Sudden Oak Death continues the long line of misinformation perpetrated on the public.

Many people, and state and federal agencies, are working hard to try to contain the disease and maintain our important natural resources.

One of the most important pieces of the current plan is to try to contain the majority of SOD spread to the "Generally Infested Area." Wood and other by-products cannot be moved out of the GIA so it is important for land owners, those with wood burning stoves, and the general public to know the boundaries of the GIA.

It does not go south to the border with California as reported in the article. In fact, the quarantine area does not go all the way to the California border. There are still areas south of Thomas Creek that are being treated but they are outside of the GIA. Including a map of the quarantine area and the GIA would be helpful to the general public.

Locally, Ron Rhatigan is the Sudden Oak Death forester and he can be contacted for information about the disease.

His number is 541-469-5040. SOD is something we have to live with but accurate information is important to all of us as we deal with the consequences of the disease.

Cilde Grover,

forest landowner

Winchuck River

Obamacare will fail

The harmful effects of Obamacare was passed some three-plus years ago without one Republican voting for it. Now the House has changed from a Democratic stronghold to Republican. John Boehner's leadership and has voted 42 times to shutdown Obamacare but how many of you reading this knew that? Being a part of the uninformed will be the reason our country will have a serious downfall.

When you don't watch news because of its boredom that's one thing, but when you only watch liberal-run stations that's bad and it's wrong. Had the political parties been reversed and Democrats had voted 42 times against the Affordable Healthcare Act believe me it would have been a huge point for all newspapers and T.V. stations.

As a supporter of the Tea Party Patriots, let me explain why Ted Cruz is making a big deal out of a losing cause. This will be kept quiet on liberal outlets but it will surface eventually that Republicans are bringing attention to Obamacare in such a hardcore manner as to bring attention to a healthcare system that's going to fail. When will voters realize that the government cannot spend money the correct way?

Obamacare will consume 1/4 of our annual debt and we can't stay under our debt ceiling now, does that not penetrate?

The worst president in my lifetime and probably our history is in power and Peter DeFazio follows Nancy Pelosi's wishes by voting what's good for the Democratic party, not what's good for the country.

Healthcare will fail and DeFazio will blame the Tea Party because they want us to back the Constitution and have a restraint to spending.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

General not needed

I vote NO on the new hospital for Gold Beach!

With severe chest pains I had my friend drive me to the new $11 million health facility on Fifth Street in Brookings.

The friendly, helpful staff expertly diagnosed a heart attack and quickly made arrangements for a ride with Cal-Ore Ambulance service to Sutter Coast in Crescent City.

Sutter Coast checked me out and called Cal-Ore life flight air service to send me to Rogue Regional Medical Center in Medford. The specialists there performed their miracles and four days later I'm back home in Curry County almost good as new!

Why should I commit to more, higher taxes to fund a new Curry General Hospital when it's pretty much common knowledge that patients needing critical care are certainly going to be airlifted from Gold Beach or Sutter Coast to higher-level care in Medford.

The new $11 million facility in Brookings is impressive and the architecture is soothing to the eye (not to the pocketbooks). Can you imagine what the architects will dream up if we vote yes on a shiny new hospital for Gold Beach. It will rival the Taj Mahal I am sure. ...

Frankly, I can attest that Cal-Ore Ambulance and Life Flight personnel are just as qualified to save a life when critical care and life-saving decisions are having to be made. They did a superior, unequalled job of saving my life while I was in their care.

PS: Before you vote NO or YES on the new hospital check out the ratings of our local hospitals online. You will be amazed!

Gary Smith

Pistol River

How I see Things

Thank you!

On Saturday, Sept. 28, I fell while shopping in Harbor. A lovely lady and a young man helped me. Again, thank you.

Thank you Les Schwab. I have been a happy customer for 21 years. Last month I believed I had two problems with my car and was prepared to spend a large sum of money I didn't have. I had no problems, thank you.

In my month of silence, I traveled the streets and stores of Brookings. I listened to folks and looked around, I also read and watched T.V. To say the least, it was depressing. Empty tables, employees missing, no long lines at the check-out, and the same people driving around town clueless.

So you are not willing to spend $5 on the Pirate Festival, and the city isn't willing to advertise the Doo Wop event, someone is brain dead. In two years, 12,500 people went to the Pirate Festival, "duh."

I am not eligible for Obamacare or Cover Oregon; I can't afford supplemental insurance, so I wish you all good luck. If you have a job and can afford insurance, write your own letter.

Four tax measures are planned for the November ballot, total cost as follows: Curry County $2.11, Port Orford $4.01, Gold Beach, $2.38, where do you want to live?

Don't you think the Trash Dogs should be compensated for cleaning up federal land; maybe Obama will send them a check.

More next month.

Clifton Siemens


Rest, my friend, rest

I would like to send my condolences.

Catherine was one of the best people I know and had a GREAT heart of gold. She was a great animal advocate and also a GREAT friend! Catherine you will be missed.

Catherine started at the Curry County Animal Shelter a long time ago; she started off walking dogs. She became a very dedicated volunteer; being fit and all she was able to run with the dogs.

We can say Catherine's journey started off by rescuing Jersey. He was one of many that was going to be euthanized. I told her he was leaving us and she said, "NO HE'S NOT." That's when Catherine's calling to save animals began.

Catherine and I have done many rescues together and attended PetSmart events helping each other out. When the both of us took over our shelters we both had so many questions that only she and I could help each other with. We would get together on our weekends sometimes, just to get all the stories off our shoulders about animals. We confided in each other.

Catherine has been with the Curry County Animal Shelter for over nine years and always striving to work harder and harder to save animals. Jersey you old man I love you and you will some day be with your mommy, I know you miss her too.

Rest my friend rest. I am very sorry for the loss of her family and friends. Your friend always,

Tanya Collins,

director, South Coast Humane Society

Friend of general

As a business owner and a member of this community since 1977, I recognize the need of a hospital in Gold Beach.

A new hospital in Gold Beach will grow our economy. We know the construction phase will bring about 200 family wage jobs for our local and out-of-the-area construction workers. People who come from out of our area will spend over $1,000,000 in our restaurants, motels, grocery stores, gas stations and shops while construction is underway. When the hospital is complete we will attract new health care professionals.

A new hospital makes our area more desirable for families and retirees. This will increase our tax base helping the county and the schools. We have been grandfathered only until the summer of 2016 to meet current building and fire codes. Without the hospital we lose the largest employer in Gold Beach - 139 employees.

Many people will be forced to move to find jobs elsewhere. Many retired people will move and our property values will drop. Many people are not aware that, without a hospital, we cannot have an emergency room and without an emergency room we will lose life flights.

This is a levy that will bring a return on your investment. The amount most of us will spend is far outweighed by what we will lose in health care and property value if this levy fails. Property owner households will receive a $150 credit for health care services for five years.

Vote YES to "Replace the General."

Leslie Keating,

owner, Interior Coverups; member of

Friends of Curry

General Hospital

Gold Beach