The Curry Coastal Pilot

The Curry Coastal Pilot is proud to have a special item for home-delivery subscribers today: A special tsunami information map for the Brookings-Harbor community.

And if you want to thank someone, please thank your home-delivery carriers. They had to hand-insert the maps in those thousands of newspapers this morning.

The maps are a state project, and were meant for distribution through the city and county. When the Pilot learned of them, we offered the best distribution method available: the community newspaper. We just wish we could have found enough of them to do every copy of the paper; we had to settle for all home-delivery subscribers.

We wanted the maps in today's newspapers for a few very timely reasons. The monthly test of tsunami warning sirens is this week, the Great Oregon (and California) Shake Out (earthquake drill) events are Oct. 17, and the Pilot has been publishing a weekly reminder of how to prepare for a disaster.

None of this is meant to be scary or threatening. Being prepared for earthquakes and tsunami events is a reality of living on the Oregon Coast. We are, by all the scientific predictions, due for "a big one" as the plates of the earth's crust collide below us.

Finally, it's appropriate to do such a community project this week because it is National Newspaper Week from Oct. 6-12. It proves how vital newspapers can be for their communities.