The Curry Coastal Pilot

Selective harvesting?

My solution to the counties' financial woes would be to get the federal government to allow OandC counties to hire a logging outfit and, in partnership with the Forest Service, to "selectively" harvest enough timber each year to keep the county services at the level they were before all the cutbacks took place.

A 10-percent tax from this revenue could go to the Forest Service so they can do road and trail repairs.

Letting the logging corporations clear-cut our national forests again while giving a small percentage of their profits to the county seems like a step backward. The approach I am suggesting would sustainably keep our counties fully funded, basically, forever.

Brian Hamilton

Gold Beach

Trade, teach pluses

As a board-certified general surgeon at Curry General Hospital for the past three years, I served as the only full-time general surgeon in Curry County, before Dr. Glenn Levine's arrival in August.

I'm taking a year sabbatical in Haiti with Harvard's "Partners in Health." The Haitian hospital construction finished four months ago. Since then, in the small town of Mirebalais, real estate is booming. There is construction for new houses, shops and restaurants. There are new schools forming in response to new workers and their families.

A new Curry General Hospital in Gold Beach would also create new jobs and more easily attract new physicians resulting in more families, bringing more children into our schools, like our four children. Also like the Haitian hospital, Curry General Hospital could become a center for training rural medical personnel.

Lora Maxwell, Curry's Chief Nursing Officer, has already started the process of creating a rural nurse training program. The same could also be done for medical residents.

Curry General Hospital has made great strides, in the last few years, for a solid future by creating a hospital for Curry County, with quality of care as good as or better than any other rural hospital.

The major missing piece is an adequate building. The emergency room, operating room and inpatient rooms are outdated. Without a new hospital facility, the future of Curry General Hospital is limited. I encourage residents of Curry Health District to vote "yes" for the proposed measure 8-74 to "Replace the General".

Luther Ward, MD MPHTM

Harvard Global Surgery Fellow

Mirebalais, Haiti

Honoring the dogs

This is a letter applauding the endless efforts by the Trash Dogs in cleaning up the many miles surrounding Brookings.

It's amazing what they accomplish in cleaning up irresponsible dumping perpetrated by who knows who.

Hopefully, the city will honor the Trash Dogs by including them in the upcoming appreciation dinner - an event held yearly honoring Brookings volunteers.

It would also be nice if CTR provided a site where people could dump their discards without resorting to free dumping in our forests or wherever they dump.

This gesture would be a great service to the community.

Barbara Wieneke


Partner for students

To my most dedicated community: In the interest of community partnerships, we are seeking local businesses and public organizations to participate in the 2013 Brookings-Harbor High School PBIS Homecoming Tailgate Party.

Participants could setup an informational booth or activity to build awareness for their business or organization, or could sponsor a student-run booth as a fundraiser for student activities.

Interested parties can contact me by email at to let me know what you are interested in doing. If you need to talk to someone personally, you can reach my assistant at 541-469-2108 ext. 258.

Jessica Yock


Credible or aslant?

Linda Bozack's complaint about "name-calling" (Sept. 11) would be more credible if it were not so hypocritical. M. Schrum (Aug. 17) accuses conservatives of "hate, racism and bigotry," but she says nothing. Michael Pitts-Campbell (August 24) applies the Mencken prediction to President Bush, but he says nothing. Let a conservative, such as Doris Roepke (August 21), suggest that it applies to President Obama, however, and suddenly this is "tirade" of "pure name-calling" and probably "hate-mongering without substance." Hypocrisy! But that is the liberal pattern: other liberals can do no wrong, but conservatives do only wrong and even evil.

Based on what they do, one can validly judge that liberal environmentalists surely love massive forest fires, since they go to court to stop logging and even the salvage of burned-over forests. They seem to prefer the inferno forest fires which sterilize the ground, totally destroy habitat, and pollute streams than to work toward sound forest management which will improve habitat as well as provide jobs, all in the name of "saving the northern spotted owl," which is not even a separate species.

By the way, liberals in love with "global warming," how do you explain the fact that the Arctic Sea ice mass is 60 percent larger this August than a year ago in August according to space photos? Could we be entering a "global cooling" cycle?

Theodore Allwardt


Still young at heart

A few weeks ago an old-timer gentleman had his picture in the Pilot, standing in front of the gray/green building at the Port of Brookings Harbor.

He stated in the Pilot about turning that empty, longtime unused building into a carousel/merry-go-round, as we had and still have in some places.

Well this is my response to that: Yes, when I was a child, I recall going to the Santa Cruz, Calif., boardwalk and rode the merry go-round and threw colored gold rings into a picture on the wall of a clown with his mouth open, and if you made a ring through his mouth, a buzzer would ring; it was exciting.

This building would be perfect for young and old. For the old, it would remind us, when we were young and loved riding the horses in the merry-go-round.

This building has been empty for some time and it is a shame it stands empty.

Think about this, you representatives of the harbor.

V. Cunha


Great fun; be back

My husband and I are full-time vendors at fairs, festivals and home and garden shows. We just wanted to say how much fun your pirate festival is!

We did close to 50 shows last year and the pirate festival was the most fun of them all. Where can you go and spend only $5 and have so much fun and entertainment?!

All the music was great, you have pirates, mermaids, belly dancers, sword fighters and more! The children had so much fun sword fighting with the pirates! It was great to watch entire families come out all dressed as pirates! The attendance was down this year but it was still great!

I do think the activities at the boardwalk took away from the pirate festival, as we did have a few people tell us when they first came, they thought the boardwalk was the festival until they figured out it was on the field.

We will definitely be back next year! Thanks to the promoters!

Gail Schuster

Live Oak, Calif.

Kass commentary

After visiting my daughter in Cincinnati for a week I came home just in time to get the thought-provoking edition of the Sept. 18 Pilot and I do not know where to start my comments (... groans from my friends).

The cartoon was great but there is still something to attack - education in the Brookings-Harbor schools. The editorial brought to light a situation that has been hidden under the covers for years. However, one important and little known fact was omitted - many of the doctors who perpetrated these situations did not have to move to another state - they were made the "head" of a particular department.

Doris Roepke's letter brought to light an ongoing situation, as do many of her letters. It was not full of "hate," just honest. Clay Dalrymple's subject was one of which many of us are aware and cannot seem to get through to a majority of the voters. Our illustrious president has planted both of Eric Holder's feet in concrete and we won't be able to do anything about this until both of them leave the White House, which they have besmirched.

Now to the building of a hospital. Is it possible that the new edifice on Fifth street cannot be made into what a new building is going to be? Is the "problem" with Sutter Coast Hospital so insurmountable that this mainstay of most of us is being painted as a loser?

And now for the human side of the news: I will willingly donate to a fund that will keep Red's Drive-In alive. When my husband became too ill to sit in a movie theater, we were able to go to the drive-in where he could be comfortable in the car.

Gerry Kass


Family support, help

I have just learned that I have a couple of family members in desperate need of the community's help.

My niece was wrongly accused of kidnapping her own daughter. Please go to this website to learn more: .

Can you imagine waking up one morning to learn about one of your family members going through this? What would you do?

One aunt's desperate cry for help. andhellip;

Crystal Kurth