The Curry Coastal Pilot

on homeschooling

In regards to the article in Saturday, Aug. 31, 2013, Curry Coastal Pilot, (written by Don Iler, with quotes by Victoria Snow): The purpose of homeschooling is to provide an education that is tailored to an individual child's needs and matches family values.

Homeschooling allows for deeper exploration on all subjects, ultimately allowing students to truly grasp ideas and formulas before moving on. This is something that public schools simply cannot and do not provide routinely for every child, despite the much publicized "No Child Left Behind Act."

The claim that homeschooled kids are needed in the classrooms for the district to get more money is inappropriate and offensive. Perhaps Oregon needs to adapt laws akin to Washington State's, requiring all school-aged children to enroll in the district they're living within, allowing the district to collect funds per student, even when they're not attending public schools.

Additionally, homeschooled children do get social interaction through church, scheduled play-dates, homeschool co-ops and meet-up groups designed to facilitate group educational outings. Many homeschooled children attend dance, karate, tai chi and art classes around the community, to name a few.

Most homeschooled kids graduate and begin college around age 16, going on to lead productive lives, while statistically, most publicly schooled children graduate without truly being prepared for the rigors of college, real life outside of a classroom and the safety of their guardians' home.

The decision to homeschool or send children to public school should not be one that any parent feels forced or coerced into.

Amanda Tirado


who's asking what?

There is a petition being circulated in Curry County soliciting signatures in an effort to recall Curry County Commissioners David Brock Smith and David Itzen.

Before signing this I urge all to read the Recall Cover Sheet Statement submitted to county officials by Paul Edward Mohlin, the chief petitioner in this effort, who lists himself as treasurer of Citizens for an Honest Government. This is a group apparently formed to undertake the petition effort. The statement is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors while criticizing Smith and Itzen for their past support of a property tax increase.

What is not mentioned is that Curry County's law enforcement capability to protect and serve its citizens over the last several years has been decimated to the extent that it is now almost non-existent. Smith and Itzen on numerous occasions cited this urgent public need as the primary reason for their support of a tax hike.

Besides reading the statement, also inquire into whom Mohlin and David E. Darnell, the only other person listed as associated with Citizens for an Honest Government, are. Simply request a civil and criminal record check at the Curry County Courthouse in Gold Beach under their names. These individuals share the same address, telephone number, e-mail address and apparently the same goal for Curry County andhellip; less law enforcement.

Know who you are standing behind and what you are supporting before signing this, or any publicly solicited petition.

C. J. Ruona


and to top it off ...

Is it greed or what?

Can someone explain to me why diesel at our Fred Meyer is 55 cents more than Fred Meyer in Medford? I know transportation adds some cost to it but that much?

If we want more jobs here in Curry we may need to make it more profitable to operate here. Maybe someone from Fred Meyer can explain? I for one would love more completion here. Fuel runs our country, the more that fuel cost the more we consumers have to pay for the products we buy, which leaves us with less to spend on other things.

Carl Cooper