The Curry Coastal Pilot

It's the peak of the tourist season on the Wild Rivers Coast. The bike riders know the better weather starts now; families are making final trips before the start of school. The fishing has been hot, even if the weather was not. In fact, that's been a blessing as our inland friends escape the heat and the smoke.

Yes: We said "friends." We know that tourist season is a bit of a lifestyle change for the "locals." There might be an extra body or two at your favorite secluded beach or river bar. You may be impatient about the wait of few minutes for a table at a restaurant, a spot at the gas pump, or time at the boat ramp. You might grumble at the "speed" of a visiting RV, driven by someone not used to our highway's curves or beautiful scenery.

Try the flip side of the tourist season. Stop to help someone consulting a map. Offer to take over a camera for a family photo, instead of leaving out the photographer. Give a little advice on bait, or hiking trails, or river floats.

That little bit of hospitality is a vital boost to the economic rewards of tourism.

Besides, there's a reason to smile about the tourist season with smug satisfaction. We enjoy all this year-round ... and they don't.