The Curry Coastal Pilot

paving causes chaos

Just yesterday I was stopped for over 15 minutes due road paving.

I don't know what company was doing the paving but between Wednesday and Thursday they paved three separate areas of Carpenterville and it looked absolutely horrendous. Plus they left a lot of asphalt droppings on the road.

If they want to do something useful, they could pave Henderson Road (off Carpenterville). This would reduce the constant wear and tear on the vehicles that have to drive up and down Henderson for those of us that live up there, myself included.

Please use more common sense when decided where to pave.

Jennifer Speegle


happiness, help for $5

Brookings Harbor Community Helpers Food Bank was among a LONG list of non-profits that benefited from the Pirate Festival.

We received close to 300 pounds of much needed food. I understand that Pennies for Pooches, South Coast Humane Society, Oasis House and Harbor Fire Department were also among the non-profit recipients. Mike Moran and Bruce Ellis used the Pirate Festival as a venue to give back to the community BIG TIME.

I have heard feedback about people being unhappy about the $5 cover charge to get in. Obviously, these people have never organized an event like this; it is NOT cheap to make this happen! Not only does it cost a ton of money, the time and effort required are overwhelming. Your kids got in free for a can of food (the food bank thanks you) and it cost the parents $10. You got live music, belly dancers, big noisy cannons, pirates and wenches galore, a free crafting booth for the kids, Jack Sparrow (he was worth the admission all by himself)!

In addition, you had access to GREAT food, fantastic artisans, a myriad of novelty merchandise and MORE. All this for a measly $5 apiece!!! Come on people, how could you possibly complain about the price???

You need to SUPPORT these people, NOT undermine them! They are working their tails off to bring something good to Brookings that will benefit us all and doing it for a nominal cover charge. Events like this will provide a much-needed boost to our local economy.

Mary Boshart, board chair

Brookings Harbor Community Helpers Food Bank


tourism vs hicksville


I'd like to ask Jake Pieper why he would not want someone on the "Tourism Promotion Advisory Committee" that is "all about tourism." Isn't that what the committee is about?

In an area that is financially struggling, tourism is the one thing that is not. In Curry County, and particularly Brookings, tourism drives the economy when nothing else does. With empty storefronts and few incentives for new businesses, tourism is all we have sometimes.

I would add that most residents came via the tourism channels in the first place. Jake would have difficulty selling a hot tub or stove to someone who was not brought to the area because of "tourism," or in other ways benefits from "tourism" dollars brought into this community every day, including winter months.

When he mentions "I don't want to be another Seaside," Seaside (Clatsop County) has an unemployment rate at 7.1 percent, Curry County 10.6 percent. Average home prices in Seaside and surrounding area are $431,000, Brookings-Harbor area $365,000. Why, pray tell, would we not want that?

Regarding the "hicks" statement, coming from someone who is elected to represent the citizens of this city: A comment of that nature lets us know what he is all about. Our employees, all tourism based, took major offense in the "hicks" word. Perhaps he should think before he speaks to the people who elected him.

Maybe Jake should decide where he wants to live, since those comments are certainly detrimental to what our community is attempting to do.

Connie Bryan


website for drive-in

I read with interest about Red's Crescent Drive-In, voted for it, and searched the Internet but was unable to find a schedule of movies.

I have lived in the U.S. for 30 years and Brookings for four years, and never went to a drive-in movie theatre. It would be easier to plan a visit if the schedule was available and easy to find. I suggest a hosted website. Perhaps this would save Red's Crescent Drive-In.

Roger Mitchell


applaud city's move

The Curry County Home Builders Association applauds the city's decision to reign in its System Development Fees.

Aligning our fees with other cities' fees goes a long way toward leveling out the playing field in attracting new businesses and families.

With this decision our city's leaders have shown their desire to move forward, to encourage sustainable growth and to perhaps help jump-start an otherwise lackluster local economy

Thank you Now let's get the word out.

David Frazier,

president, CCHBA


mutiny about $5 fee

Re: Pirates of the Pacific. I think I know the reason for the "disappointing turnout for festival." It can be summed up in two words: $5 admission.

Everyone I spoke to in town said they didn't go because they didn't want to pay $5 in order to spend money. After all, a lifetime family membership at Bi-Mart is $5!

In my opinion, the vendor areas should be open for no cost. Amusement areas, beer garden, food court should have a small cover charge or perhaps a donation of a canned food item for admission.

Bet that would increase attendance, income for vendors/shop owners and everyone would prosper.

Allan W. Stewart


pro-life and taxes

So the right wing whack jobs want us to get out news from Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Fox and right wing talk shows.

Sorry, but I am not into hate, racism and bigotry. The GOP is "pro-life" until birth. That's when they want the little buggers to go to bed hungry, not knowing where their next meal may come since the GOP doesn't want the food stamp program. So, a youngster who has no say in being born, nor what condition it may be born into, is to grow up with possible handicaps from a poor diet and malnutrition. How draconian is that? But GOP corporations get welfare.

On to county taxes. I think it is time to get an accounting of every dime Sheriff Bishop has spent in the last five years. I have it through the "grapevine" that we now own an AR-15 automatic rifle (I heard it being fired on fully automatic). Tell me, folks, why the sheriff needs to spend up to $2,500 on an AR-15 for this county instead of buying new locks for jail cells?

We also own a $50,000 Chevy Suburban with blacked out windows and special equipment, a communications truck that I am sure hasn't paid for itself, two brand new Kawasaki jet boats at $14,000 a copy, plus a new trailer for the boats, and some kind of track vehicle.

It is our money, folks. Sheriff likes it!

M. Schrum


empty eateries here

It seems ridiculous that anyone would consider opening a restaurant in a new commercial building area and pay the exorbitant SDC fees when there are four excellent restaurants just standing empty in the Brookings Harbor area: The Apple Peddler, Fox's Den, Torero's Mexican, and Juanita's Kitchen.

David Godino