The Curry Coastal Pilot


The recent article about the hopes of turning the unfinished "gray ghost" into a family-fun carousel is all but down to earth. (Pilot Aug. 7).

andbull;The permits and legal are very expensive;

andbull;The complete area around it must be paved and drainage provided;

andbull;All electric plumbing, etc., by licensed contractor to meet codes will cost;

andbull;Insulation, drywall, and paint;

andbull;Heating and air is a must;

andbull;If the upstairs is used, an elevator to code must be put in for the disabled, along with his and hers bathrooms;

andbull;Then, there's the cost of insurance for the building and anybody in or on the property;

andbull;Now think about the cost of the ride itself.

Anyone got a lotto-ticket win? It all sounds wonderful but I'm afraid it's an idea that will go round 'n' round.

W. Brader


not much humor

To those of you who read my letters, thank you.

To those of you who responded, good or bad, thank you.

To those of you who saw the humor, a special thank you.

These are my last written comments.

I was going to say something funny about the president, but he isn't funny.

In my mind the president has dishonored our military, turned his back on our foreign service and kissed our enemies' butts.

Congress is about as funny as a fly in your soup and Washington, D.C., means District of Corruption - nothing to laugh about.

Obama's health plan would pucker a lemon and turn wine into vinegar.

Oregon's ills cannot be cured by a medical doctor, and if you have the same experience as my wife and I, the new Oregon Health Plan will really make you sick.

I could laugh with Susan Brown and smile over the county fair. The kite festival was a bright spot and I guess the art show was a big hit - kudos to the creators.

DeFazio has given the county another excuse to pause and reflect, reflec, refl, RRRR.


andbull;Why are Oregon Scratch-its printed in Canada?

andbull;Why can't we have seven ballot questions on the same ballot?

andbull;Can you tax a tax without a vote?

andbull;Can the city tax you without a vote?

andbull;Can we blame the dirty sea water on Japan?

andbull;Do hospital bonds float?

andbull;If things are good, what about Ray's?

Clifton Siemens


one day, the demise

It was surprising to me that there were so few responses to Mr. Grove's letter to the editor (Pilot, July 10) regarding the U.S. Constitution and his opinion that it is a relic of the past and an antiquated document.

It may be that people are so involved with their daily lives and responsibilities that they show no concern as to what is happening in our "land of the free," but one day our grandchildren may wake up to discover the demise of our Constitution and that their parents and grandparents were responsible because of their apathy and lack of awareness that the U.S. Constitution was slowly being weakened by those in power andndash; not only by the presidency but by both parties in Congress and the news media.

Shame on us!

Barbara Wieneke


not helping anybody

Job well done! (I don't think so. ...)

I'm sick of hearing about proposals to increase taxes to fund the law enforcement around here. I see plenty of police just sitting in their brand new Dodge Chargers on the side of Highway 101 in Harbor dolling out traffic tickets all day.

I have an idea: How about channel that energy in to actually serving the citizens. If you have time and jurisdiction to give out tickets all day, then you have jurisdiction to protect the citizens of this fine town. Writing tickets all day is not helping anyone. That is enough wasted productivity. Unless your only goal is to raise money for raises and shiny new cars.

Serve your community as you have sworn to do so.

Michael McDonald