The Curry Coastal Pilot

chalk one up for us

Would you like to hear some great news for a change? Well, I got the best ever!

Pennies for Pooches, aka, Curry County Animal Shelter, has done something so amazing: They have found homes and adopted out 65 animals just in the month of July. We have volunteered at a shelter before and they never came even close to this amount.

Pennies not only rescue lives, they find homes for the forgotten. They're there for all animals when the need is so desperate. Open seven days a week, 365 days a year. They never tell anyone they are full when they are not; our door is open.

Thank you all for your support and they could never accomplish this without all the donations and volunteers. As you well know they do not have a thrift store; we depend solely on your help. Donations are welcomed - P.O. Box 1883 Gold Beach, Or. 97444.

Here is another way you can support and donate so we can continue to be the best shelter in Curry County. We are having a fundraiser on August 17, Saturday, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. It is the first time Brookings has had anything like this, a Chalk Art Festival down at the port. It should be a lot of fun. We're having live music, farmers market, artisan market, food vendors and lots of prizes. If you are interested in showing your artistic abilities, pick up a registration form at the port's office.

Thank you for all your support you have shown and all your generous donations.

Bev. Duncan


gold beach night out

On Tuesday, Aug. 6, the Gold Beach Police Department will host a "National Night Out" event at Buffington Memorial Park. Over 15,000 communities from all 50 states, U.S. territories, Canadian cities and military bases around the world will host similar events.

"National Night Out" is designed for neighbors to meet neighbors and residents to meet members of their local police department. At this year's event hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and soft drinks will be served with members of the Gold Beach City Council working hard over the hot grill preparing the food. The Vila family will be D.J.s for the evening providing good music to go along with the good food and fun.

Please join your Gold Beach Police Department on Tuesday, August 6, 2013 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the east side of Buffington Park to demonstrate that we are united in keeping Gold Beach a great and safe place to live.

Chief Dixon Andrews

Gold Beach Police Department

fund fun at picnic

As the chairperson for this fundraiser, I like to tell you what is going on.

On Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013, the Curry County Democrats are having an Old Time Family Picnic at Buffington Park in Gold Beach from 12 to 4 p.m. Food will be served from 12 to 3 p.m. - hamburgers, all beef hot dogs, veggie burgers, potato salad, chips, vegetarian baked beans, and all kinds of desserts. We have games with prizes, music by The Jefferson State Boondock Band and a raffle. Bob Horel will be honored for all that he has done for Curry County and for the Curry Democrats.

We would be glad if you can come out to Buffington Park and join us for a good old-fashioned fun. Donations are $10 for a single ticket and a family ticket is $25

For more information and for tickets, please call me at 541-813-1709.

Have a good week.

Lauren Spector


financial havoc now

For ages a tool-of-war was to print counterfeit enemy currency, for financial havoc. Printing is now unnecessary with electronic funds being created and transferred for treachery.

An "internal" government collapse is here now with created funds. Entitlements, welfare-funding, food stamps, non-productive government infrastructure jobs, and restrictive business rules have contributed to our trillion dollar bankrupting downfall.

Morality can not be enacted. We can, however, stem a portion of amoral legislative behavior of over-spending. Implementing the "line Item veto" for the House, Senate and White House may slow the added pork-into-bills submitted late Friday nights.

However, I find a non-partisan moral commitment absent, and "None dare call it treason."

Tom Holden


safety city successes

Safety City, a program with the Brookings Police Department, has just completed its 16th year.

2013 had the largest attendance ever - we had 73 children, which brings the total number of graduates to 810 for the 16 years.

Safety City wants to thank Kalmiopsis Elementary School for permitting us to use the classroom and the playground for this program.

We also want to thank all those who have sponsored us, which included 33 businesses, associations and private residents. It is due to all that we are able to continue to be a "free" program and it will always be free as long as we have people who care about their community and the child residents. Thank you to all.

Safety City has always been run by volunteers who have dedicated their free time to make this program happen. Without these volunteers there would be no "Safety City."

At any time, should you want to be a sponsor and/or volunteer, please contact the program through Dan Palicki, coordinator, or Reserve Police Officer Cliff Weeks, assistant-coordinator.

Dan Palicki, coordinator, Safety City


heaven food help

In response to a letter to the editor in the July 31 Pilot from Margarita Clewett:

Dear Margarita:

My name is Julie and I am the executive director of the Brookings-Harbor food bank located at 539A Hemlock in downtown Brookings.

I agree with you that this is almost heaven. I know because I have experienced this terrific and awesome community's generosity for over ten years. If it were not for our volunteers and endless donations from the businesses, churches, individuals and clubs along with our school's students, we would not exist.

There is one other food bank in town at the Outreach Gospel Mission. There are six soup kitchens also. What makes these charitable organizations work is monetary donations, product donations and volunteers. Those with time on their hands can volunteer. Those with a little extra money may send it to the above listed. One may pick up an extra can of soup or box of "mac and cheese" and donate to the food banks. Because the food banks are connected with Oregon Food Bank, we are able to purchase food for a greatly discounted cost. Therefore monetary donations are most appreciated.

This food bank spends nearly $3,000 per month on food in order to provide nutritious product to our individuals and families. These food purchases far exceed any other category of expenses. People needing food are not turned away. In July we served two shy of 1,900 people and handed out 317 food boxes.

I trust, Margarita, that this will explain how this community helps those in need even though there is always room for more help! I thank you for your kudos for Brookings-Harbor as it is deserved.

Our mailing address is P.O. Box 1415 Brookings 97415 and the phone number is 541-469-5808, if you would further like to discuss our mission.

Julie Davis, executive director

Brookings-Harbor Community Helpers Food Bank