The Curry Coastal Pilot

applaud solutions

To Chuck Weller, regarding your comments on Gregory Christensen's letter on the same subject: OK ... what is your solution?

People who only criticize without a solution are part of the problem.

Instead of making unnecessary remarks pitting the Ducks and Beavers, rather you should applaud Gregory for even discussing a potential solution to our severe tax problem.

So said, I ask again: What is your solution?

Go Beavers!

Katie Godino


not a relic of past

Re C.L. Grove's letter to the editor dated July 10, I am not sure if he wrote the letter with "tongue in cheek," or if he seriously believes our U.S. Constitution is truly a relic of the past.

As most Americans know, the Constitution is the greatest document ever written by mankind. Without it, we the people wouldn't be enjoying the freedoms we have today.

Unfortunately, there are those in power today who don't value our Constitution and its principles and are working to change our form of government. Their premise is that the welfare of the people - not liberty - is the primary object of government and that it should be in the hands of experts. The idea of individual responsibility, along with that of individual rights, in incompatible with their vision of the common welfare. The Founding Fathers believed that government exists for the purpose of securing individual rights. They also believed in limited government.

Today, Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Mich., is on a mission to educate the people on the meaning of the Constitution. Especially important today when we have millions in our country who are here to enjoy the freedoms we offer but perhaps aren't aware that our Constitution is the document that has provided the freedoms they and we enjoy today.

I have no idea as to Mr. Grove's birthdate, but I hope he will be able to live out his years under a government that affords him the freedom he enjoys today.

God bless our freedoms and our U.S. Constitution.

Barbara Wieneke


perils of for-profit

The kidney dialysis situation Jane Stebbins so well described (Curry Coastal Pilot, July 17, 2013) is a perfect description and example of the perils of for-profit health care.

But for profit health care, business as usual, is what Americans seem to want.

Until it becomes personal. ...

Harry Freiberg


just resolution

In response to Ms. Janet Walter; thank you for your vote of confidence in regard to my proposed lottery.

If 2 percent will make me "rich" then imagine what the other 98 percent will do for everyone else in the county! I would also point out that any "riches" I received would be taxed in the same way that all income is taxed, with the remainder going to property taxes to maintain my home and to support my family; money that would be spent in the county.

As for controlling the county, I have no idea why you believe one voice could have so much influence over all the business of the county. My appointee would serve only to preserve the integrity of the lottery and to ensure that the funds were used for no other purposes than those set forth in any agreement between myself and the county; very much like the state lottery operates.

The people in the county have been supportive and would like an option other than more crippling and unfair taxes. If the commissioners had fought for the people perhaps they wouldn't now be facing a possible recall.

We will fight on for a fair and just resolution to the problems facing our county. Thank you.

J.R. Wilson


Get the Name Right

In the religious section of the Pilot's 7-20 edition, in the article called, "Church finds new home," for the second time in as many months, some savvy reporter has mis-identified our lovely garden spot we call home.

My wife and I and 61-plus other very fine individuals live in what is arguably the nicest and best-rep "parks" here in the Brookings-Harbor area.

It is named: Driftwood Estates. It is NOT named nor should be incorrectly referred to as "Driftwood Estates Mobile Home Park." A mobile home park it is certainly not.

May we residents please have the satisfaction of having our place of residence correctly named? Thank you.

Michael Pierce


it merits discussion

Only in Brookings.

As reported July 10, 2013 in the Curry Coastal Pilot, the city of Brookings and developers Tribble and Mahar have agreed on a sewer system plan for the flood plain land just upstream from the U.S.101 bridge.

Apparently both parties are unaware the sewer project and planned future housing are located in the tsunami zone, all within 10 to 30 feet above mean sea level.

It is curious that planning for a sewer project costing millions and future housing of 60 to 200-plus units all within 10-25 feet above mean sea level would not merit a discussion by the developers and the city planners. This is despite scads of recent public information regarding earthquakes and tsunamis in the Pacific Northwest.

They appear to close their eyes, stick their heads in the sand, and ignore the potential effects.

Ed Gross


kudos to harbor fire

How fortunate we are in this community to have such dedicated men and women that staff the Harbor Fire and Rescue Department. We were impressed!

Fire Chief John Brazil and these wonderful volunteers put on a delicious pancake breakfast last Sunday at their fire hall. When you came into the hall you were immediately greeted by the firemen and then served as soon as you were seated. Well organized! If you missed this one I hope you support the next one.

Many people don't realize the extent of the area they cover, from the South Bank all the way to the border. They also help when called upon by the Brookings Fire Department as well as Cape Ferrelo and the Winchuck fire departments. They spend many hours training and attending classes as do all our firemen.

Their quick response recently saved a lovely home of friends of ours that could have burned completely to the ground if they had not arrived so quickly.

We do not give our firemen in all fire departments the credit they so richly deserve. We are so appreciative to have so much coverage in this community.

Nadine Powers


passing the good on

Recently, I broke down on a very busy section of Highway 101.

Two very good men stopped to help me. They put their lives in danger without giving it a thought. They got my big van off to the side of the road.

One man's name was Rick; the other's I did not get, but I wish to thank them and others who stopped and offered assistance.

My dad taught me that, when someone does a nice deed to you, you repay them by passing it on. I will be passing this deed on for the rest of my life. These people restored my faith in humanity and I hope that in the future I will be able to do the same.

This is one grateful grandma!

Julia Hurst

Clearlake, Calif.

forum on bullying

Many of us who have been working to end bullying in our community were shocked to learn recently the extent of bullying, hazing, harassment and retribution that has been taking place in our school system over the last few years, as reported on the front page of the June 29 Pilot.

As the story goes, the (Brookings-Harbor School District) school board promised to hold an executive board meeting for open sharing on the issue. However, that meeting was canceled until the laborious reporting policy is followed, and no steps were taken to protect students in the meantime.

Seeing that it may be months before the school board holds that promised executive session, will hold an open Public Forum on the entire issue of bullying in and around our schools at the Chetco Public Library on August 13 starting promptly at 6 p.m.

We want to hear from all graduates, homeschoolers or current parents and students who have concerns with the safety of any child in our school system.

According to state law, bullying can be student on student or staff on student and includes persons distinguished or perceived to be distinguished by age, race, color, sex or gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, marital status and disability, and retaliation against a "whistle-blower" is strictly prohibited.

Come and tell your story - you'll have up to five minutes.

Learn the prevention of, and the appropriate response to bullying and how to spot it in your child.

Learn how to file complaints, rumors, etc., anonymously or identified, and how to work through the bureaucratic school system. (Informational hand-outs and forms will be provided.)

Learn much more at: and join us Aug. 13 for an enlightening presentation and discussion.

Gordon Clay