The Curry Coastal Pilot

Our girl is home safe

We are so happy to tell everyone that Marilyn Grimsley is home with her Mother and the rest of her family that loves, and missed her so much.

To every single person who let us put flyers in your establishments, thank you so much. To every person who called with information or who just called to say they hoped we found her soon and just to help bolster our spirits, thank you. To the Curry County Sheriff's Office and their personnel who helped us as much as the law would allow, thank you very much. Detective Gardiner thank you, by putting out the alert that we needed to make sure this little girl was OK to other police in Washington and Oregon we were able to find her and bring her home. Thank you. The very happy and relieved Grimsley family.

Kelly Grimsley,


Racial hatred

The title depicts exactly what our Attorney General Eric Holder is doing to our country. You must go back to before the 1960s to see anything this bad.

I was introduced to racial hatred in 1959. The Milwaukee Braves had a working agreement with the Sacramento Solons and they asked the Solons to send me to their spring training so they could see my abilities as a future catcher. I was in awe watching Hank Aaron take batting practice after his winning rookie of the year the year before.

That very day I found out that the black players ( this is before African American was forced on everyone) could not stay in our hotel.

I was appalled. The organization was forced to find black families in Bradenton, Florida, to house those players.

In 1960 I was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies and it was the first year that the hotels in Florida opened up for the blacks.

Shortly after Obama was elected by the white vote (more whites voted for him than blacks) Eric Holder said whites were cowards for not discussing racial issues. Since Holder made that statement he has actively and vehemently been a hate monger against whites. He should have been relieved of his duties before " fast and furious".

Where are you liberals now that Obama has lost his moncho? If you keep listening to the left wing press and are not getting the truth, then go ahead and stay uninformed. Your readers will skip over your articles, oh wait, you've stopped writing.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Field day at field day

On behalf of Friends of the Brookings Harbor Aquatic Center, I sincerely hope you had a great time at the Fourth of July BBQ and Field Day at Azalea Park!

It was so wonderful to see families, friends and visitors in our local park enjoying each other's company and celebrating the Fourth of July. We have so many thanks to offer for ensuring the success of our event!

Our amazing volunteers! Wow. You are incredible and really put yourself out there to make sure our event was that much better. We even had folks attending who helped out when needed! Thank you!

Thanks to the City of Brookings for letting us use the park, the USCG Chetco River Station Color Guard, Les Cohen, our MC, Steve Braun our Pie auctioneer, Moonspoon for providing some fantastic live music, Alex Escobar for singing the national anthem, Drop It Low Entertainment our DJ, and our Best Pie Ever judges: Les Cohen, Steve Braun, Sean Solomon, and Robert Dahl. We appreciate all of our sponsors who supported this event and the work that we are doing. Thank you for your support and helping to make this event possible!

We also appreciate all the retailers, local crafters and donors to our silent auction, contests and raffle. You have been unbelievably generous to us and we thank you. This event offers just a glimpse of the vitality an indoor recreation and aquatic center could add to our community.

Let's Make It Happen.

Juliane Leighton, MD FBHAC chair/director,