The Curry Coastal Pilot

We're seeing evidence that the long-standing cooperative tourism marketingefforts in Brookings-Harbor are falling apart.

Look at the signs.

Oregon tourism officials brought a special offer to the South Coast earlier this month, and Brookings-Harbor nearly flunked out of the program. The city of Brookings hosted the meeting, but local tourism businesses failed to attend. A lost opportunity.

When the city cancelled its promotion contract with the Brookings-Harbor Chamber of Commerce last year, it created a new committee. It is already so dysfunctional that the city council has had to intervene on some decisions.

The Port of Brookings Harbor posters and ads for its Party at the Port over Memorial Day Weekend: There's no mention of the 74th Azalea Festival, the community's biggest party of the year, which is happening on the same weekend.

Stop by the Welcome Center at Crissey Field. The Forest Service has moved out; only the Travel Oregon services remain.

The city isn't getting it done, the chamber doesn't have funds to do anything, the port is off doing its own thing, and the state - understandably - is ready to walk away.