The Curry Coastal Pilot

keep control local

On May 21 voters will make a decision significantly impacting on the future of our beautiful and beloved county.

On the ballot is a proposed property tax increase (Measure 8-71) that will effect only that small portion of our property tax bill that goes to the County General Fund and that will be used to provide for law enforcement services. This increase expires in five years with no possibility of an extension without voter approval and is intended as a short-term bridge while we find long-term solutions to our fiscal difficulties.

I will, without hesitation, vote YES.

Debate continues about what can be done at this dramatic moment. Many good ideas continue to be discussed. But we have run out of time. Nothing that could be done on a November ballot would produce sufficient revenue in time to save our county from the pending financial disaster.

If we don't pass this time-limited tax increase, the State of Oregon will step in and take over county services until we are able to successfully manage ourselves again. If we are unwilling to increase our property taxes, the state will likely impose an income tax increase on Curry County residents and pay for administering our county by an across-the-board reduction of revenue to all tax districts including school districts, libraries, ports, fire districts and all three cities.

Loss of control over our local governance is completely avoidable by passage 8-71.

If this measure passes, Curry County will still have the second-lowest property tax rate in Oregon. The time has come for us to face reality. Join me. Vote YES on 8-71. Keep control local.

Beverly Bacak


state of confusion

I've reread the letter in the March 9 edition of the Pilot from the couple in Wisconsin several times and I'm still confused. Perhaps you can help explain it to me.

Are they bragging or complaining about all the taxes they pay?

I guess they are bragging because they say, "Sure we have high taxes, but we have a lot of government-provided things."

Where do they think these "things" come from? Does the government just conjure them up? I don't think so. They tax the public to pay for the "things" they provide.

Allan W. Stewart


we the sheeple

If you wanted to take a country over without firing a shot, you would do it through the education system.

The Communists/Socialists are very patient people and have done a great job of indoctrinating our professors, teachers and the media. The Old Guard Socialist Republicans, (McCain, Boehner, Lindsey Graham, the Bushes, etc.) as well as the Communist/Socialist Clintons, Pelosi, Harry Reid, Obama and all other Democrats have us on the path to One World Government. It's the goal of the world bankers and world corporations that own them.

The U.S. is the last country needed for control, and they have dumbed people down enough that like the Jews, they will do anything the government tells them because the government wouldn't harm them.

With the baby boomers reaching retirement at 10,000 per day, the cost of Social Security and Medicare has reached critical mass and is unsustainable. Anyone that gets a government check and doesn't work for it will be expendable. In addition the highly educated and fringe groups like gays, Hollywood elites, media people and religious leaders will be eliminated just as Hitler did. That's what the billions of rounds of ammunition and weapons the Department of Homeland Security has been buying will be used for.

According to F.B.I. files, Obama's mentor Bill Ayers, Leader of The Weather Underground terrorist group of the '60s said, when we take over it may be necessary to kill as many as 25 million people.

We are being gamed by both political parties and the choreographed fighting between the Republican and Democratic leadership is like watching the World Wrestling Federation. It's just a ruse to distract, confuse and control the sheeple.

Ralph Martin