The Curry Coastal Pilot

All the Pilot stories about Curry County's financial crisis published in recent months may result in readers' fatigue for some.

We understand andndash; believe us. We've been covering this crisis for more than two years, from the initial warning from county officials about the waning federal timber funds to the last-ditch public safety levy being put to the voters on May 21.

During this time, readers have written, emailed and called to voice their opinions about the crisis and potential solutions. A few have accused us not only of being pro-tax but following the county's lead in using scare tactics to convince voters to approve the levy.

Neither of those accusations are true. Past editorials and stories will show that this newspaper doesn't endorse every proposed tax measure. Also, we know that scare tactics don't work - our readers are not dumb.

The truth is, we believe in providing as much information about an issue, from all sides, as often as possible so readers can make informed opinions.

Please keep that in mind as we continue to report on the county crisis, following the twists and turns happening at the county level, in Salem and in Washington D.C.

If you've already made up your mind about the county crisis and the proposed levy, we hope that our coverage helped in making that decision.

If you remain undecided or confused, we recommend you read our many back issues, or those found online at