The Curry Coastal Pilot

answering questions

I am a property owner in Curry County and my income is just $21,000. I say let the county government go flotbot.

Public safety? Sheriff Bishop already sent a letter to the feds saying he will not enforce gun control. So, folks, already armed to the teeth, can defend themselves just fine.

New $3 million jail out of the tsunami zone? Make the prisoners wear life vests, already in visual orange.

Schools? Retired people don't have kids in school. Working families have moved out because there are no jobs. Who cares about school tax.

Roads? People have been fixing the potholes and slumps in front of their places for years. Get a shovel and some gravel.

Lets see. ... You get lost in the hills? Too bad.

Health care? If you are too old and stove up to take the risk of living here, don't live here.

Frankly, it's not the environmentalists who shut down the timber industry in the timber counties. It's the world economy. There is plenty of logging going on in the national forest. Its called thinning. This is how the old-growth kind of forest can be encouraged and brought back, and catastrophic fires be prevented. Shall we have all of the forests of Oregon look like bad haircuts with clear-cutting?

I'm going back to the woods now.

Melissa Bishop

Elk River

king, commissioners

In January, the king spoke to the people. In January, my Medicare premium increased, as did my Part D drug assistance.

Although I got a small increase in my Social Security, the cost of my medicine increased, along with the cost of living. In February, the king spoke to his court. In February I visited a doctor; the cost was higher than last year.

The day I am writing this letter, my wife was called: A test she is having almost doubled in price.

So much for Obamacare.

I guess the commissioners have a plan which they will present to us in May. If they do nothing in the interim, I will vote no. I said I would support a property tax. I also said I did not like a sales tax. I lived in California, Nevada, Idaho and Arizona before moving to Oregon. In my experience, taxes do not end and usually increase over time.

How about hiring a manager, getting rid of the commissioners and privatizing everything we can. The one thing everyone wants is a sheriff, with the resources to do his job.

There is a lot the private sector can do better and cheaper.

Big government does not work.

Note: Our firemen are volunteers and most of the good comes from volunteers.

Clifton Siemens


bill shenanigans

Saturday's Pilot (March 2) had a long article on the foreclosure mediation proposal (SB558).

Please go back and read the paragraphs referencing Paul Cosgrove. He is a lobbyist for the Oregon Bankers Association (OBA). He is drafting amendments to the bill (really?) and he states that he hopes to see the system switch back to nonjudicial foreclosures, which is a speedier process. Further on he states his goal is to grant validity to foreclosures through MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc.).

The formation of MERS by the mortgage industry was wrong. There already existed a system for recording property ownership: the county registrars. The mortgage industry did not want to pay the fees for this service, so they set up a parallel system. The problem is they did an extremely poor job of it. The result is that today it is often difficult to discover who has legal title to what property.

This is the motivation behind trying to "validate" MERS. Validating MERS would be wrong, and two "wrongs" seldom make a "right."

If the financial industry suffers from the consequences of their poor choices, that's too bad. Better they should suffer than homeowners whose only fault was they thought good times would last forever.

The proper way to resolve the ownership issue is through the judicial system. Anything else will leave property titles in doubt. The fact that Paul Cosgrove is a lobbyist for the OBA and is drafting parts of the bill should indicate who this bill is intended to help.

Herb Hedgpeth


huge fans of bhct

What a privilege and pleasure it is to see the Brookings Harbor Community Theater in action.

Over the last few years we've attended many wonderful performances, the latest of which is "Alice in Wonderland." What amazing talent and humor! So far we've seen the play twice and hope to see it two more times next weekend.

All of the actors embrace and embellish their roles more every performance. They feed off the energy from each other and the audience. Between this play and the last one, "Holy Cannoli," we haven't laughed so hard in ages. One piece of advice - don't just watch the character who's speaking, because all those on stage stay in character the whole time. We recommend this play even if you aren't up to speed on the plot.

Besides the productions themselves, we really appreciate the role BHCT plays in our community. We've seen such positive interaction between people of all generations. We've seen personal development such as we've not witnessed in any other setting.

People (particularly those still of school age) have blossomed before our eyes. They have displayed and developed so many qualities that will serve them well throughout their lives, such as thinking quickly on their feet, teamwork, and taking ownership of a role or job and following through on their commitment to everyone's benefit - theirs, others involved in the production, and the audience.

We are impressed by all of the people involved with BHCT and have become huge fans. We can't thank them enough.

Paula and Tom Broock


go lindsey go!

With the recent opening of the NASCAR season in Daytona, I was pulling for pole sitter Danica Patrick in her Go-Daddy-Go car.

She's getting close! The Daytona 500 temporarily took my mind off of my favorite "coonhound on a hot trail" person by the name of Senator Lindsey Graham (Rep. S.C.) Since the Benghazi, Libya, disaster (Sept. 11, 2011), I have followed Senator Graham's trail. The worst leader, President Obama is the worst leader, particularly as commander in chief, that I have witnessed in my lifetime. And I have witnessed quite a few since Roosevelt.

Finally in a recent oversight committee hearing with Graham vs. Defense, Leon Panetta, and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, my new hero asked the right questions of Panetta that pointed the finger right to the top, It only took five months for someone to ask the right questions to do so.

And after five months of paying close attention daily to the giant buster screw-up that Benghazi was, a senate select committee has been formed. The last time I remember that being done was with President Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky and he only missed getting impeached by one vote. Clinton's screw-up can't hold a candle to the charges that should, and I believe will be, charged against the commander-in-chief.

Senator Graham is getting real close. He needs only to get the answers to a few more questions that should seal his case.

And I believe that, with his tenacity he'll get those answers. He's getting close!

Impeachment is 100 percent in order. Go-Lindsey-Go!

William F. Farrell