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In the Nov. 7 Public Form "Local bully awareness week a success," by Karlie Wright, Gordon Clay was given credit for the orange wrist bands idea. While Clay coordinated the program, Fred Meyer contributed $400 to cover the majority of the cost of the orange wrist bands. Also, Wayne Taylor Insurance provided more than 1,600 Bully Prevention bookmarks to the four schools during that week.

takers vs. makers

I'm numb!

Not only was I wrong about the election but I was predicting a large win by Romney.

What's really interesting about the outcome is, with all the complaining about the economy, we are facing exactly the same problems we've had for the last four years. John Boehner and Republicans still control the House and Harry Reid will not let the Senate vote for a budget, so here we sit. Unless President Obama changes his mind about working across the aisle with Republicans, America will face a true test of how strong it is. Businessmen and women are waiting to get started to put this country in high gear of economic recovery, however nothing will happen with Obama's regulations, no drilling, Obamacare, taxing the rich and money thrown away on items like solar panels.

Mitt Romney was a perfect candidate for president. We missed a phenomenal opportunity to have him president for the problems we face.

Bill O'Reilly feels if the Democrats don't turn everything around in two years that it will end the existence of the party. I'm not that exuberant, but it will definitely put them back on their heels for a number of years.

Forty seven million on food stamps and it didn't take many more than that to be elected president; hello Socialism.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

do good-free speech

Citizens United gave corporations and the wealthy the right to give unlimited amounts to get their guy elected and their laws passed all in the name of free speech.

The court said that money is speech. So be it

Why, then, is the county considering legislation to curb my speech when I give to street people? Some might ask what I'm saying when I give to the poor. I would answer with a quote from Thomas Paine: "The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren and to do good is my religion."

Local laws regarding free speech rarely go unchallenged and may end up costing the county money it can't afford.

Mike Martin


truE american dream

The debate in politics mirrors the arguments over science and religions, both claiming knowledge to understand poverty, violence, elitism, altruism, etc., within the capacity of human behavior.

What are our obligations, can conscious behavior be modified from basic instincts to inaction that blames personal behavior as justice. Within this formula, biology or paranormal issues are rationalized as the study of behavior. Case in point: panhandling in Harbor shopping centers.

Do these people have biological issues or does the devil possess them? Should they be condoned or prosecuted? Am I my brother's keeper or forget all that? Do the rich and famous need million-dollar cars, boats, houses, etc., or do they owe homo sapiens some rational kindness, a unique quality within the animal kingdom. Humans have laws and codes which warrant judgement that marginalize behavior; we tend to nurture traits that add complexities to behavior that tend to exclude individuals unable or unwilling to participate. Religions condemn with satanic beliefs tied to indoctrination into their paranormal ramblings that now promotes the gold standard and guns, with unrestricted wealth and birth rates as a comical future.

To turn that mindset around while repairing the damages done by this extremism, takes time, work, and the altruism without religious conditions in return, as pure motive, that all can join is the true American dream Tear down your walls, America.

G.G. Thompson


not so predictable

Tuesday night's election result begs a reprint of this prediction from a Letter to the Editor dated May 26, 2012:

"I'm convinced President Obama will suffer the worst defeat ever for a president over the last 100 years. Republicans have major surgery ahead to save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, and while they're making painful cuts to save what the Democrats and "Rinos" (Republican In Name Only) should never have devised the local liberals will be having fun dissecting Republicans.

It's all so predictable!"

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Obviously, it was not so predictable after all. That's why we have elections. Or play baseball. You just never know. ...

Harry Freiberg


believe you me

I believe in the Easter Bunny.

I believe in Santa Claus.

I believe in Obama.

Good grief, I even believe in the Great Pumpkin and our two-party system.

I believe in the War on Terrorism. I believe in the War on Drugs.

I believe that the mainstream media is looking out for you and me.

I believe that the border with Mexico has never been safer.

I believe that the economy is in full recovery.

I believe that the unemployment is less than 8 percent.

I believe that Obama won the election fair and square.

I believe that we are in deep doo-doo.

Joe Thomas


not laughing

Look who's laughing now. ... Not Robinson.

John Barns


just getting started

Dear Curry County and District 1 Voters, Thank you for your votes of support during my run for the House of Representative and to my new friends in the Democratic, Progressive and Working Family Parties.

This job and route to educational based politics is just getting started.

Thank you Rep. Krieger for the experience I have gained and see you in two years or less.

Jim Klahr


our common bond

Whether or not our candidates have won or lost, we must be determined to move ahead, to work with a new vision for our cities, our counties, our state and our nation, but in doing so we cannot depend upon the politics of the recent past to lead us into this bright future.

The rancor and bickering generated by divisive partisan special interests has momentarily stalled the engines of America's growth; it has created long-standing disparities between rich and poor; between our counties and our state and our states and the nation as a whole. It has impoverished our nation's great effort. And because it has not uplifted and ennobled the spirits of all Americans it disregards for what strengthens our nation as a whole.

Let us go forward then, determined to better one another and let the chips otherwise fall where they may.

I do not mean that we should simply hope for change, for that is a false hope. Let us rededicate ourselves to this one purpose and work together. Let this be our common bond.

John Roorbach

Port Orford

white is not might

I learned, during the election process, that Republicans do not believe in democracy.

The GOP demonstrated that when they used every dirty trick they could think of to suppress voters they thought would not vote their way.

Let's start out with mailing fliers to Latinos giving them wrong voting days, robo calls giving the same kind of miss information. How about picture IDs at $100 a clatter, which the poor cannot afford. Then there were the "intimidators" at some polls stopping people of color and asking them who they were going to vote for, hoping to scare them off. The Republicans tried to eliminate early voting, reducing the hours working people could get to the polls. What about the lack of poling places in minority neighborhoods; would you stand in line for seven to nine hours to exercise your right to vote? Most of you would not and could not. Republicans even tried to "buy" the election. Isn't that just ducky?

The billionaires got their butts kicked. YES!

This is not the American way I was taught in school; all people were encouraged to vote. Remember Civics class? Republicans seem to be older, angry white people. Racism is the cause of most of the hate and anger as I hear it around our town all the time.

Keep up the same ideals, morals and ethics and you GOPers will be a minority with little chance of succeeding in the political arena. White is NOT might, Republicans.

Mike Schrum


former superpower

My mood, while watching Tuesday's election returns, went from interested observer to unbelief to sadness and disappointment.

I watched the United States, that I have loved and respected for 80 years, reduced to a run-of-the-mill European nanny state because over half of us, the more greedy half, traded our freedom for free Obamaphones, free Obamacare, free Obama food stamps and free Obama mortgages! The disbelief and sadness I experienced were probably the same feelings Germans had in the late 1930s when they too elected a charismatic, narcissistic, Socialist ideologue named Adolf Hitler and we all know how well that worked out for Germany.

I think the Republicans should demand a recount, after all Al Gore got one based on a "hanging chad" and this election shows a razor thin popular vote margin.

Martin J. Sullivan


open for business

The light is out, but we are home.

Curry Medical Center would like our patients to know that we are open for business, even if our sign on Fifth Street is not lit at the moment.

Many of our Urgent Care patients come after dark and we want to reassure you that our facility is open and waiting for you from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday to Saturday. The Clinic is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Moira Fossum

Community Relations

Curry Health Network

my World Changed

I woke up on Nov. 7 andndash; the "Day of Infamy" andndash; which is what I call our anniversary. After 40-plus years my wonderful wife is finally seeing the humor in the phrase.

But there's no humor today as I've come to realize that our nation has changed. It's gone from JFK's nation of "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" to just the opposite. It's now my generation's (the 60s) nation of "free love" and "Make love, not war." Now we're going to have free contraceptives to free healthcare, free housing and free food stamps.

There's only one problem with all the "free" stuff. Someone is going to have to pay for it. Fifty percent of our population doesn't think it will affect them but it will from long waiting lines to higher taxes on everyone. They think the "rich" will pay for it but the rich don't have enough money to cover our current unfunded liabilities so that only leaves the working class. It reminds me of the guy looking in the mirror and seeing the enemy for the first time and thinking "he is us!"

Our younger generation is seeing how government lunch programs are making them take stuff they don't want. You can see it in New York where the city now tells you how big a soft drink you can buy. New York's reasoning sounds pretty reasonable to me because they payout the money for the "free" medical their citizens get to combat the super-sized drinks. It seems to me that if the government is going to pay for your "free stuff'," they're going to be able to tell you how to live your life, what you eat, what doctor to go to, what you drive, etc., etc.

Just my two-bits.

Reg Pettinger