The Curry Coastal Pilot

self sufficiency

As a small business owner of a local RV park, having children in the school system and as a member of the city council, I understand the need for tax revenue to fund our services.

Although, after reading Saturday's issue of the Curry Coastal Pilot and the article regarding Senator Wyden wanting us to pay higher taxes because there will be no federal money, it is more apparent to me than ever that we need to elect David Brock Smith as our next county commissioner.

Ms. La Bontandeacute; is a good person, but we must face facts: Her plans for federal dollars are not going to happen.

David has the plans to generate revenue to pay for our public safety and other county services. His plans also create the jobs and services we need here in Curry County. David has the experience; I know because I have worked beside him as a city councilor for two terms now. He understands how municipal budgets work, that is why we have chosen him as our city's budget chair for four years.

He understands that, even though we have a local police department, we still need the sheriff's department and county jail for our local police to be able to do their job effectively.

David cares about this county, the people that live here and the businesses that provide services to us all. Join me in voting for our county's prosperous future. Vote for David Brock Smith.

Tim Pogwizd,

city councilor

Port Orford

outstanding job

I usually don't get into the political arena, but I have to make an exception in the case of our mayor.

Ron Hedenskog has been managing the St. Timothy's Community Kitchen, and I have worked with him for several years. I have the utmost respect for his management style and he has been doing an outstanding job as our current mayor. I encourage all of you to vote him in again.

He is one of those managers that can run things with a quiet touch and a soft hand. I think of him as a very good friend.

Ira Tozer


tea people harmful

Each time I write a letter to the editor exposing the hypocrisy the "tea" people represent, I get calls from conservative friends thanking me.

Even they recognize the harm the "tea" people are doing to the "Grand Old Party" and to our country.

Art Robinson is one of these "tea" people.

If he's elected, his commitment to say "NO" to everything will add to our inability to recover from this recession.

He's even signed a "sacred" pledge to an unelected sycophant, a pledge promising more obstruction to our nation's recovery.

He's also promised to turn Medicare into Voucher-care.

If you've got an extra $6,400 a year to make up for what the Republicans and the tea people want to take away from your Medicare, by all means, vote for Robinson and Romney.

But, if you want to continue to have the one guarantee seniors have, ie: Medicare, vote for Obama and Defazio.

Don't forget: If Romney does what he says, the "doughnut hole" for your prescriptions will open up again the day he signs the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Veterans for Obama, Defazio and America,

Larry Schelter

Gold Beach

vote while you can

If the Republicans win in this election, it will only be because of the dirty tricks, dishonesty and fear-mongering.

It's the only way they can win and they know it.

Recently a shot was fired through the Democrat's headquarters window. If you missed it that's probably because the Pilot chose to put it in the back pages. Had that happened to Republican headquarters you can be sure it would have made the front page.

I am one of the few homes in my neighborhood displaying a DeFazio sign. I have seen DeFazio signs slowly disappear and be replaced by Robinson signs. My Lucie La Bontandeacute; sign has also disappeared.

Don't forget folks, when you vote, remember that Krieger and Kruse have signed on to eliminate voting by mail. They say it will stop voter fraud. The only ones guilty of that are Republicans. They were caught filing voter registration rolls with false names in 10 counties in Florida. And it was done by the same company that helped steal the presidency for Bush

Vote while you still can. Voter suppression laws could change that.

I. Grassi


dream is still alive

After reading the voter's pamphlet, I'm wondering if I have taken that one step beyond into the twilight zone.

First, there is that silly Green Party lady smart enough to get through Harvard Medical School, but dumb enough to believe she can "save the planet" and create millions of jobs with a "Green New Deal." Oh brother, can you spare me a brain cell?

Obama is going to give us high-paying jobs and DeFazio is singing the same old worn-out song. Art Robinson's presentation sounds good and I did not see anything that would label him a "nut," Mr. DeFazio.

I am afraid things don't look promising for this nation, but at least the American dream is still alive and I am counting on it. At 68, I will, early next year, unleash on the world my handcrafted-authentic Viking warships and mark my word they will open eyes from here to Scandinavia and beyond. Each one will be more intricate and possess a finer quality of workmanship than the last. It would be nice to make some more money, but it's not about that. The response from people from around the world for my difficult to make and rare creations will be priceless. This endeavor will surely earn my place in Valhalla.

"For age is opportunity no less than youth itself, though in another dress and as the evening twilight fades away, The sky is filled with stars invisible by day." andndash; Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1875.

Arthur D. Larason


Chamber: yes on 79

The Brookings-Harbor Chamber of Commerce strongly recommends a "Yes" vote on Ballot Measure 79.

After studying this proposal thoroughly, it's clear this measure will protect homeowners and businesses from what could be one of the most unfair taxes anywhere.

We believe a real estate transfer tax would be unfair simply because homeowners already pay a property tax. It would be unfair to those taxpayers to ask them to pay a second tax on the same property.

At first we were confused by this measure because we weren't sure how much of a threat there is to the enactment of a real estate transfer tax in Oregon. But some simple checking found that legislation to allow a real estate property tax has been introduced in every regular session of the Oregon legislature since 2001.

For those of you who have lived in states where real estate taxes exist, you know how expensive this can be if you're trying to buy or sell a house. For example, a 2-percent real estate tax on a $200,000 home will add $4,000 to your closing costs. That's enough to keep many families from moving ahead with the purchase.

Furthermore, the industry that has been hammered the worst in our economic downturn has been housing. Why would we want to kick the housing sector with a new tax?

It's important to us that this measure would not take away any existing revenue from schools or local governments. It simply prohibits local and state governments from imposing what we believe would be an extremely unfair tax on property owners.

Les Cohen,

president and CEO, Brookings-Harbor Chamber of Commerce

Grange opposes 83

Chetco Grange is in opposition to proposition 83 on the November ballot.

Members object to a privately-owned, development company with foreign investors taking the name "the Grange" for their proposed Wood Village Casino.

"Grange" is a registered trademark held by the National Grange.

The unauthorized use of the name "the Grange" has caused confusion in the public. Chetco Grange is not associated with and will not benefit from the proposed casino.

In Oregon, Granges serve 180 local communities by providing activities for families, support for food banks, donations to schools, scholarships and much more.

Oregon State Grange President Susan Noah stated, "the massive amounts of advertising in support of ballot measures R2 and R1 have severely damaged the reputation of the Grange name."

Chetco Grange 765 was initiated in 1934. The property near Brookings-Harbor Shopping Center is maintained by rentals and Farmers Market vendors. Established in 1867, the National Grange, a nonpartisan, nonprofit fraternal organization, is the oldest agricultural and rural community service organization, with more than 2,100 local chapters. The Grange has evolved into the nation's leading rural advocacy organization and major benefactor to local communities. There are more than 160,000 members across the United States.

For more information on the National Grange, visit our website at

Update: The developers of the Wood Village Casino have folded their tents and left the state. However, the ballot measure remains and only the campaigning will halt. We need your support to keep this as a "No" on the ballot. Gov. Kitzhaber also votes "No" on this one. They may come back if there are enough "Yes" votes.

Thank you for your support.

Barbara Edmiston, master, Chetco

Grange 765