The Curry Coastal Pilot

You choose

In reference to Mr. Bozack's letter printed Oct. 3, really Mr. Bozack?

You certainly seem serious about trying to trot out the rather tired chestnut that it is all Bush's fault. Despite four years of mismanagement, government by presidential decree and numerous examples of failed policies you insist your man Obama is a victim?

Despite the fact he had complete control of the congress at the beginning of his term (which I notice was not mentioned in your letter) he has been too incompetent to reverse the evil done by his predecessor by even the slightest amount?

I am not sure which would be the worse indictment. Either he is trying to deflect blame and refusing to take responsibility for his actions or he is too incompetent to obtain any relief for his constituents.

By your own estimation, Mr. Bozack, your candidate is either a whiner or an incompetent failure. I leave it up to you to choose.

Kenneth Swanson


hospice needs you

Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity? Coastal Home Health and Hospice needs you!

Our Hospice Advisory Committee is in need of additional members. This committee serves in an advisory and policy capacity to the Board of Directors of the agency, to assure that our local hospice services are provided with the highest quality.

Meetings are held quarterly in our Gold Beach office. Committee members are asked to serve a two year minimum.

This opportunity is open to the whole community; no previous experience is required. What is requested of members is the desire to help guide the Hospice program that Coastal Home Health and Hospice offers to the community.

If you are interested, or if you need additional information, please contact us at 541-247-7084.

Travis Sandusky, president

Coastal Home Health and Hospice Board of


Prophecies ... visions

A tree will fall in Brookings; is that a fact or is it a prophecy, a prediction or a vision?

I would suggest it's all four.

I now will suggest the following:

If we re-elect Mr. Obama we will be a third-class nation in the next year or two;

You cannot print new money because it increases our debt;

You cannot have more people in the public sector than there are in the private sector;

If we don't produce and keep our own oil, we will run out of gas;

We are not producing enough energy to allow for growth;

It will be years before solar power replaces conventional sources;

We need coal, natural gas, timber and minerals produced in America, not in countries that just plain want to destroy us;

We need to drill, mine, dig and cut;

We need farmers, miners, factory workers, construction workers and people in all the trades;

We need wind power, except right now the only wind is in Washington D.C. and none of you want it in your backyard;

None of us will be alive when electric carts are numerous or affordable, and by then we will be out of electricity.

There will never be a time when everyone is wealthy with riches, but there was time we were rich in spirit, honor and integrity.

Obama and his pals are very wealthy but they are not rich.

You can't buy freedom.

Clifton Siemens


no control of pot

A TV documentary identified Northern California as the number one marijuana growing area in the entire nation. If Oregon legalizes marijuana, where do you suppose all of these growers are going to relocate? Keep in mind, these are not nice people.

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Act, although this act contains many strict regulations designed to control the growing of this plant, has failed miserably to stop illegal growing. As evidence, fly over any rural area in the state and view the green carpeted areas of marijuana plants. The only ones who can verify compliance with state regulations for these growing areas are law enforcement officers, and we all know how limited their resources have become. So a growing number of people have taken advantage of this situation.

Does anyone honestly believe there can be any way to control the growing of this product if it becomes legal? Do you want hiking trails posted with signs warning to beware of marijuana growing fields as they have in California?

If, after reading these points, you still want to legalize marijuana in Oregon consider that despite Oregon law marijuana is still an illegal narcotic according to Federal law and subject to severe penalties.

Alan Jensen


Why I vote Lucie

I returned my absentee ballot the other day and I want to tell you why I voted for Lucie La Bontandeacute; for county commissioner in her race against David Brock Smith.

I personally like David. In fact, I personally like Susan Brown, Greg Empson, and Lucie. They are all nice people with the betterment of Curry County first and foremost in their hearts and minds.

While all four of the candidates have good ideas for the future, I believe only one of the candidates can help Curry County now andndash; Lucie. Ideas that may take fruition in 5-10-15 years from now will not do us any good today. The county needs critical financial help now.

I've watched new commissioners come on board and at best it takes them one to two years to learn how to be a commissioner. When commissioners point to their experience in private industry that means very little to me. Running a government is a lot different than running a restaurant, an art gallery, and a casino. I've watched commissioner after commissioner get hung up on stuff as they were learning the ropes that ultimately didn't matter.

Lucie was a county commissioner for eight years. That experience is a huge benefit right about now. She knows the system, the laws, and the people who can bring Curry County financial aid. Lucie is the only candidate who has a passion for bringing us timber dollars from D.C.

The other commissioners all talk about taking the county in another direction. Well, what 'direction' is that, exactly? Curry needs operating money now, not in five years, or more. I believe only Lucie has the connections with Wyden, Merkley, and DeFazio to get our timber dollars to us when we can desperately use them.

Joel Summer

Gold Beach

romney equals elite

Vote for Romney if you want a President that: represents 47 percent of the people, wants to end Medicare (vouchers), hides his taxes, invests off-shore, has Swiss accounts, is on both sides of issues (proof on tape), has NO foreign relations experience, wants to attack Iran, says go to ER if you are sick and have no insurance, wants to repeal Obamacare, can fix everything with NO specifics, has an elitist attitude, takes tax write-offs for his wife's horse, wants to cut food stamps for our children, defund advanced education (go ask your parents for the money), will end Medicaid, will attack Social Security and end it for 55 and younger, cannot run a campaign, and keeps us in the dark on whether, or not, he is a possible tax cheat.

And finally, do the rich really need more welfare, i.e. even lower taxes? I find it astonishing that retired folks might vote against their own best interests. We don't need a regime that wants to meddle in personal decisions, like women's rights and what religion one has to follow, etc.

We need the 47-percenters. Imagine if everyone had a master's degree. Who would work in stores, bakeries, tire shops, the sanitation department, auto repair, janitorial work, the florist, road crews, plumbers, carpenters, lawn and gardeners, beauty shops, etc.? 47-percenters are vital to our everyday life. We don't need a leader that thinks half the country are "victims" and "moochers."

Mike Schrum


think the long term

Every week I look in the Pilot and I check for pets who need a home andndash; and it's the same thing time and time again andndash; people selling this dog for this much and that dog for that much and the occasional giveaway.

Stop people from breeding dogs for money. There are so many unwanted animals out there and our Humane Societies are filled to capacity. These special bred dogs, most likely, will end up right there andndash; in a kennel in an animal shelter-and then, here we go again.

Think of the long term. Think of the costs involved and think of the innocent lives that go unnoticed because some breeder out there sees $ signs in a dog or pet. And if their motive is not that, then think of these precious animals who are left at a shelter because of the costs or the busy person who discovered that loving a pet takes More than money; it takes a heart to invite this pet into a home.

I have been given so much from my dogs and I have rescued and I have seen dedication from so many who tirelessly work 24/7 rescuing such little gifts as these helpless animals.

Ede Viale,

the dog lady


care: end bullying

Today ends Bullying Prevention Week reminding us that "The End of Bullying Begins with You."

Special thanks to supporting community members: Fred Meyer (orange wrist bands), Dairy Queen (gift certificates), Wayne Taylor Insurance Agency (bookmarks), and Curry Healthy Communities, Brookings City Council, Brookings Police Department, Les Schwab, U.S. Bank, Kerr's Ace Hardware, Curry Coastal Pilot, KURY Radio and

In spite of the significant impact bullying has on a target, it's often viewed as acceptable behavior. Misperceptions adults and administrators have about bullying can lead to minimizing the behavior. Learn more about responses like "boys will be boys" or "it's only teasing" at and and the steps to take when your child is being bullied Then, check out the steps to take in reporting bullying to the school.

Might your child BE the bully? Often parents have no idea their child is the bully. Knowing the signs andndash; and acting to change the situation andndash; is vitally important to make the future safer for your child and all children.

If you believe all children should feel safe, secure and accepted, regardless of their differences, wear ORANGE every day this month to show there are adults in Brookings-Harbor who want to see bullying end at school, home and in our community. Find out more at

Don't forget, on October 18 at 6:30 p.m. in the Azalea Middle School gym, there will be a powerful presentation called Rachel's Challenge, about the things we can do every day to make our world a better place. Join us, won't you?

Gordon Clay, Brookings

Lucie knows fish

We are nearing the end of a very successful salmon fishing season in Curry County. Both the recreational and commercial fleets enjoyed a highly productive season. The RV parks were busy, the ports were beehives of activity and local businesses got a much needed boost in sales. While there is much talk about timber, there is no question that fishing and tourism are critical economic drivers for our coastal communities.

Many candidates expound on their "plan" for producing jobs but Lucie La Bontandeacute; is and has been working hard to ensure the continued success of fishing management efforts that are actually producing and maintaining jobs here in Curry County.

Lucie has been involved with ocean salmon management programs and has testified at the Pacific Fisheries Management Council season hearings in support of the local fleet. Lucie serves on the Board of Directors of the Klamath Management Zone Fisheries Coalition, a bi-state group dedicated to achieving maximum fishing opportunity for Klamath Management Zone fishermen. Lucie is a life member of the Oregon South Coast Fishermen, a Salmon and Trout Enhancement Program support group based in Brookings.

Lucie is well known and widely respected by the governmental organizations responsible for salmon and groundfish management in the ocean and local rivers. Lucie is also has considerable experience with port and watershed management .

If you fish, either recreationally or commercially, work for a fishing or tourism dependent business, enjoy fresh locally-caught fish or care for the welfare of our natural resources, Lucie La Bontandeacute; has the experience and a demonstrated track record of involvement to provide local government support for fisheries programs that benefit all of us here in Curry County.

I encourage you to vote for Lucie for Curry County commissioner.

Richard Heap


hooray to you!

You have heard over and over how giving this community is. We at the food bank experience first hand how this works. We are the recipients of many wonderful fund raising events, canned food drives and monetary donations.

The Rotary Club, Lions Club, Leos Club, The Red Hats, TOPS, Star of the Sea Catholic, Brookings Presbyterian, Trinity Lutheran, Christian Scientists churches, Kemp Auto, Coast Auto, Paul Pierson attorney, Laureate Sigma Beta Sigma Phi, Curves for Women, U. S. Coast Guard, U.S.P.O. Letter Carrier's, David Allen State Farm Ins. and the Port of Brookings Harbor retailers, Dutch Bros., Sutter Coast Hospital staff, Relay For Life, The Pirate Festival, Country Keepsakes Quilting, The Artisans Holiday Market, The Feinstein Foundation, 1010 Towing, Fely's Cafe, Patrick Price vocalist, Harbrook Jewelers, Grocery Outlet, Fred Meyer, C and K Markets, CAL/OR Insurance, the Leadership classes at Azalea Middle and B-H High schools, The Emblem Club, Brookings Aquatic Center, Curry County Cruisers and many individuals all help support our cause.

I may have regretfully omitted other donors but please know you are a part of our thanks. Our deep and grateful thanks to all who have contributed food and money to the food bank. You each hold a special place in our hearts for making this food bank the second largest food bank in Coos and Curry counties! Hooray to you!

Julie Davis,

executive director

Brookings Harbor Community Helpers, Inc. Food Bank

common sense

Those who know me know that I'm not one to write letters to the editor but this County Commissioner election is too darn important.

It seems to me and those that I talk to, that this county financial problem has been seen for decades now. I remember commissioners talking about it in the 90s and what has been done? Past commissioners spent thousands of our tax dollars to go back to D.C. and talk to our elected representatives. Lane County is in the same financial boat as us and DeFazio was a Lane County commissioner before elected to Congress. It seems to me that he knows what's going on and doesn't need our tax dollars for public safety spent flying back to tell him. Yet once again, commissioner candidate La Bontandeacute; thinks this is the only option for saving our county, she wants to fly back again and tell him we need money for our county.

Well I don't know if anyone else has been watching what's going on in D.C., but there isn't any money there and she was already at the wheel for eight years that brought us to this point.

We have to stop relying on the Feds and start relying on ourselves. You can't run a business, a county or anything not knowing if or when you're going to get paid.

David Brock Smith gets my vote because he's got some good plans that create revenue and not waste our money.

Ernie Turner


Smith has clear ideas

Curry County cannot rely on future "handouts" from the federal government. Timber money will dry up.

It's time to look at other sources of revenue. David Brock Smith is a successful businessman and has invested time in looking for additional revenue for Curry County. He has clear ideas for that revenue. We need him on the County Commission to implement these ideas.

Vote for David Block Smith.

Carren Copeland/ John Leuthe

Port Orford

republicans lead

People who often call others liars are in fact often the liars. Check this out:

1. The 19th Amendment passed by Republicans gave women the vote. Democrats failed to pass it four times previously.

2. Slavery was abolished by the 13th Amendment passed by Republicans.

3. The KKK was started by Confederate Officers from the Southern Democrats.

4. The first woman elected to Congress was a Republican

5. The first African-American elected to Congress was a Republican andndash; the first Democrat African-American elected took SIXTY MORE YEARS.

6. The 8 Hour work day was first passed by Republicans (for government workers).

7. The Cold War was ended by a Republican president (Reagan); That led to the end of the USSR.

8. A Democrat sent the first armed troops to Vietnam (Kennedy).

9. A Democrat accelerated the Vietnam War (Johnson).

10. A Republican stopped the Vietnam War (Nixon).

11. First to arrange diplomatic relations with China (Nixon).

12. Some of the Middle East recent violent revolts were underwritten by a Democrat (Obama) with our money.

Doug Bewall

Gold Beach

who i won't vote for

On October 1, I was at the Forum given by the League of Women Voters. I know now who I will not vote for andndash; Oregon Representative Wayne Krieger of District 1 of Brookings and State Senator Jeff Kruse of Coquille, District 1.

Both gentlemen do not believe in vote by mail. They think we should vote in voting booths and we should have picture IDs. This will leave out the disable, senior citizens, people who cannot drive and the poor. They believe in big corporations running our state.

Also, I found when their forum ended and the people who going to run for commissioners where getting into their positions, these two men left; they did not hear what the people had to say, who were running. If these two gentlemen cared as they said they did about Curry County, why did they leave? I thought that was very rude.

I am voting for Jim Klahr. He cares about Curry County and voting by mail. Also, I am voting for Eldon Rollins. He was very honest; when he was asked a question, he did not know it and he told us so. He did not fumble or lie. I like honesty. He cares about voting rights for all, and he cares about Curry County. Also, Klahr and Rollins stayed for the Commissioners Forum, which showed me they cared.

Lauren Diane Spector

Gold Beach

speed kills

There is yet another vehicle-killed deer on North Bank Road.

Often it is the fawn that is killed as it follows the mother across the road, leaving a mourning doe behind. This is a full-grown deer, however. Hopefully it did not leave a young one behind to die without being cared for. No one has taken the deer for its meat, and the turkey vultures may have left and won't benefit from its death. What a waste!

Some of the slaughter of our native wildlife could be avoided if the speed limits were followed, especially at night. We try to follow them, but often have to move aside to let someone go roaring by at 50 or 60! Also, Fred Meyer sells deer whistles for about $5 a pair. We have them on both our vehicles, and they really do work.

Also, on North Bank Road are some rather sarcastic signs asking how we like our $2 billion bridge. We will probably like it very much when it is done. In the meantime, it is employing people who probably spend money in Brookings and Harbor!

Doris Burck


Tea functions inform

Most of us, I daresay, will not be sad to see an end to the political election bickering we are enduring.

Unfortunately, our local TEA party group has experienced some opposition from some authorities at the Brookings Activities Center. It would be a shame if the reason turns out to be political even though some of the opposition appears to just that.

The TEA party is NOT a political party, it is merely a group of local folks who are deeply concerned with what is happening to our beloved country. Every function the TEA party has presented was to inform attendees. We've had debates featuring all the county commissioner candidates, congressional candidate (Only one showed up, Art Robinson!) and of course DeFazio was invited, several times!

Why the TEA party is grudgingly accommodated by some Activity Center functionaries, should be explained.

The Activity Center, as I understand it, is supported by and is intended for the use of all local people without preference to any political persuasion.

Martin Sullivan


big soccer thanks

BHHS Girls Soccer is half way through their season. As a team we would like to thank businesses and individuals for their support and contributions.

JR and Jeanette Heredia of BLT, thanks for their donation of our warm ups and equipment. They also supply water in our own custom water bottle to every game, home or away; Daryn Farmer of State Farm Insurance for his donation of equipment; Alice Farmer of Ali's Graphic Shirts and More for her donation of equipment and T-shirts; Ian and Carol Leonard for their donation of equipment and helping with fundraisers; Dale Miller of Elk Valley Rancheria for donating to the program; Candice Penny of Smith River Rancheria for donating to the program; Dan McKee and Matt Galli of Fred Meyer for donating to the program; Les Schwab Tire for use of parking lot to wash cars for fundraisers; Peter and Katherine Spratt of Brookings Inn Resort and Flying Gull Restaurant for donating rooms and food for our soccer camp instructors and players; Mike Worthy, our team physical therapist, for donating his time, knowledge and hands; Robin Lathorpe of In Motion Graphics for graphics, special pricing and mostly last minute jobs that must be done NOW! Last and definitely not least is Zolas Pizzeria who feeds all 21 girls each week before games for free!

Fred Juarez


frances was there

It is a rare individual that stays with you long after your relationship with them has ended.

Opening up the Wednesday paper and reading the obituary of Frances Guthridge brought me back to a time when our paths crossed. For a very short time Frances assisted my mother and I as Mom faced end of life decisions. My mother was in and out of doctors offices and knew she was facing her last days. Frances was there for my mother every time she needed either a small checkup or to be referred to someone else.

Frances took the time to listen, to speak softly and explain what she needed and my mother trusted her judgement. After my mother passed away I no longer came in contact with this beautiful angel nurse who took the time to care. I truly hope she had that special someone who took care of her as she did for my mother.

God Bless the family as they grieve. I hope knowing what her caring ways added to my life will be a comfort to you all.

Patricia Foht


Cash for CCVMA

The Curry County Veterans Memorial Association would like to thank the Knights of Columbus, Star of the Sea Catholic Church, for the tremendous fundraiser on Saturday, Oct. 6. The Octoberfest dinner raised $2,750.

We also received donations and tile sales that week, which gave us a total of $4,800.

In addition to the Knights of Columbus, we want to thank the following for making this fundraiser such a success: Fred Meyer, KURY radio, The Insider, The Onion Grill, members of the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 757, and members of the Knights of Columbus and Star of the Sea parishioners. Most of all, thanks to this community for supporting this great cause!

"Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there." andndash; Will Rogers

Sam Vitale