The Curry Coastal Pilot

Hats off to youth crew members

To the Editor:

The summer of 2012 marks the fourth year Curry County Juvenile Department has partnered with the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest, Gold Beach Ranger District to provide field-based, natural resource work opportunities for local youth.

Each year youth crew participants, crew leaders and county personnel uphold their reputation as hard working stewards of their public lands.

This year, two crews comprised of four youth and one crew leader worked during the months of July and August on various forest projects designed to enhance their experience and skills in disciplines such as botany, fire and fuels management, roads and engineering, and recreation. Projects were located throughout the Gold Beach Ranger District, from the Winchuck River area to Shasta Costa near Agness and High Prairie to Hunter Creek andndash; along with many sites in between.

Have you ever tried digging fireline in 90-degree heat, cleaning campgrounds while battling hundreds of mosquitoes or clearing brush thick with poison oak? Well, the youth crews did! They had their challenges but they stuck together, maintained good spirits, and completed their work.

Once again andndash; hats off to youth crew members for their perseverance and optimism and the juvenile department for their continued allegiance to southcoast youth.

Alan Vandiver, district ranger

Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest

Gold Beach Ranger District

How GOP debacle came to happen


I read with interest the three letters (Pilot, Sept. 15) that remarked about what has happened to the Republican Party and the state of affairs in our government.

I felt compelled to tell the public in general, who are disturbed about this subject also, about the book that I have just read which gives a good explanation as to how this debacle came to happen.

"The Party is Over: How Republicans Went Crazy, Democrats Became Useless, and the Middle Class Got Shafted" is the title and the author is Mike Lofgren. He was a Republican and worked for 28 years as a Republican analyst for both the House and Senate Budget Committees. He saw first-hand how things were changing over the years for the middle-class workers through bad changes in legislation and a party who primarily thought only of profits. He explains how it all came to be. He not only blasts the Republican party but faults the Democrats as well.

If only the two parties would agree that there could be compromise, rather than the one refusing to budge in any way and the other party putting all the blame on the first, perhaps Congress might redeem itself in the eyes of its constituents by putting the best interests of our country and people first and foremost. Must it continue to be only a dream?

This book is available at the Chetco Community Public Library. Borrow it and see for yourself if you don't agree that this author makes some sense of the whole mess.

Violet Lovejoy


Change course to protect America


After almost four years of Hope and Change we still have a stagnated economy, over 19 percent under- or un-employed, 48 million on food stamps, 50 percent not paying taxes, doubled gas prices, terrorists killing our ambassadors because they weren't protected, Iran still developing nuclear bombs, the entire Muslim world rallying against us, government control of nearly every segment of our society, acting against states for enforcing US laws, over $5 trillion added in three years to leave our children with a $16 trillion debt and with projected deficits of a trillion dollars each year, printing $2 trillion to downgrade our bond rating twice in just two years, new regulations that discourage business expansion.

And that's just a sample of a completely failed president whose primary occupations and credentials seems to be as a golfer and campaigner. He is so unconcerned about America's global security that he does not even bother to attend briefings by our security officers more than one third of the time.

If that is what you hoped for in 2008, you might be satisfied to vote for more of the same. If you want to change course to provide a prosperous America, with new job opportunities, people working and paying taxes again instead of living on welfare to hopefully provide a balanced budget, a president who is proud to be an American rather than apologizing and appeasing around the world, the signs are all around you. Really!

Wake up to the real world; the U.S. is headed toward certain bankruptcy unless we change course, now!

Warren Roepke


Thank you Curry General Hospital


I am writing this letter because I think it is time for us to start spending more time as a community sharing the good that comes out of our small rural area.

Times are tough and families are struggling and we need to remind ourselves of the good things we have going on in the small rural community we chose to live in, and thank those that make our town a better place to live. I have thought about this for along time and wish I had shared my thoughts and feelings sooner.

Within the last year my little girl had her finger almost completely amputated in a small accident and because of the doctors and staff at Curry General Hospital she has full use of her finger. I know it doesn't seem like any big deal, but the way she was treated from the moment she arrived at the hospital was amazing. The doctors and nursing staff wasted no time caring for her and doing all they could to make sure her emergency surgery was a success. She has full use of her finger today and our family is grateful for all of the care and love we received that day.

Thank you to everyone at Curry General Hospital for taking such great care of our little girl; your love and compassion is truly appreciated.

The Holmes Family


Dialysis center needed in area


Anyone living in Curry County or Del Norte County who is currently traveling to have dialysis treatments and would be interested in having a center in place here in Brookings, please contact us.

We are trying to ascertain how many people living in our area are currently on dialysis, and getting their treatments in Coos Bay, Grants Pass, or Eureka, Calif., or know of anyone that will be needing dialysis in the future.

Judi and Lloyd Costa


541-294-9645 (cell)

541-469-1929 (landline), (email)

Investigate the facts about debt


Larry Schelter is correct in his assertion that the wolves are at the door.

However, the wolves are the creditors of the United States lining up to be repaid. Since Larry's letter four days ago (Pilot, Sept. 17), the 16 trillion dollar debt of the US has increased by 16 billion dollars. Yes, the math is correct. Our debt grows by 4 billion each day.

When our creditors no longer are willing to lend to us, draconian measures will be necessary. These include punishing spending reductions, an increase in unemployment, a lowered credit rating, and instant tax increases on all citizens.

The Obama record is characterized by the highest rate of increase in the national debt in American history, a dismal economic performance which cannot even sustain the growth of our population, and an ever-increasing dependence on government for assistance in all aspect of life. President Obama has no new ideas and plans to continue the status quo which is not working.

Governor Romney, on the other hand, has specific plans to create an atmosphere which will lead to growth and prosperity by creating opportunity for all Americans to thrive and thus grow our economy and tax base. His managerial and business skills will place our nation on the proper course.

I urge all Americans to investigate the facts and elect Mr. Romney as our next president. The survival of our great nation depends upon it.

Marvin Nasses

Phoenix Ariz.,


Movie about religious freedom


The Knights of Columbus is showing the movie "For Greater Glory."

The theme of the movie is a government encroaching on religious freedom. We are seeing this in the news more and more these days!

Bill Schlichting of the Pilot wrote a great article about the movie in Wednesday's paper (Sept. 19, page 4B). Thanks to all who made this film and showed us what is to come in this country if we are not vigilant.

Our government is showing itself more and more anti-religious every day. God Bless America!

The last two days for this great movie are today and Sunday, Sept. 22 and 23, at the Redwood Theater at 4:15 both days. Admission is $6. This movie is rated R.

Lee Burch

Knights of Columbus


Support shelter

at port event


With the gloom and doom of the county there is a positive light shining through.

Pennies for Pooches non-profit has taken on responsibility of the county animal shelter. We stood up and took a stand and couldn't turn our backs on the animals and being the only ones who came forward to help.

We care for the entire Curry County and proud of doing it with mostly volunteers. We have no thrift store to support us, and we do not pick and choose who we help. Every penny goes to assure the animals to have a safe, secure shelter, food, spaying, neutering, medical care and share food with the community so no animal goes hungry.

We totally depend on donations, volunteers and the help from the community. We want to thank all of you who bought derby ducks from us and we got the word out and we got nothing but positive feedback from all our wonderful supporters and even made new supporters too.

On Oct. 13 an exciting event of Harvest at the Harbor is coming. A lot of activities including a cobbler bake-off. Try your luck on making one and bring it down to be judged or be a taster. Go to the port office to get your entry form. All proceeds of the cobbler bake off will benefit Pennies for Pooches. Also other contests for family fun: pumpkin carving, apple eating and a monster truck bounce house.

Come and support our community and support your shelter at the same time. Thank you all for making this happen!

Beverly and Forbes Duncan, volunteers

Pennies for Pooches