The Curry Coastal Pilot

'Unlimited power is apt to corrupt ...'


Early in the 1790s, American Statesman William Pitt said, "Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it; and this I know, my lords, that where the law ends, tyranny begins." This is exactly what has been happening in our government for entirely too long, from the White House to the Senate and House, even the Supreme Court nationally, and on down to State governments.

Those people don't seem to care about the Constitution or the law, they vote themselves pay raises, devise ways to get more power and privileges and become extremely wealthy by taking more from the taxpayers, not only while they are in office but for the rest of their lives.

Many of the rest of us scramble to keep our heads above water, but do they care? Apparently not; too often they want even more from us while giving us less and less of the service they promised to the people who put them in office. This greed, this arrogance and constant lying, this total focus on grabbing more and more power and staying in office have got to stop before it's too late, if it isn't already.

In just a few weeks we have an opportunity to start cleaning house of these leeches in all areas of government. Be careful for whom you vote; really know beyond question where they stand, not because you've always voted for a certain party.

Be a responsible, knowledgeable voter.

Doris M. Roepke


Vote 'gathering' has never stopped


The Attorney General of the U.S. says there is no voter fraud andndash; Nonsense.

Vote "gathering" has never stopped.

During the great immigration from Europe, a shot of whiskey, a pair of shoes or an offer of a job got votes. The new ideas are stay in your neighborhood, here is cheap but dangerous housing for you and food tickets (to vote for me); vote against "them," they don't agree with you or don't look like you. Doesn't move you?, then we'll pay for your college debts or forgive them. Need a chicken in every pot? Yes, we can. Can't get to the polls, absentee vote along with millions of illegals who have under the table drivers licenses and motor voter registration. Voter machines andndash; yes, we love them to mix and match votes.

The bottom line is that when a political party does not have good ideas, they attempt to steal elections. These oh so clever vote thieves are not so clever leaders: look at the inflation crazy actions by our "leader" and under the counter rules in place of laws that suppress business at all levels andndash; oil amongst them.

How do we stop this theft of your rights and protect the Constitution? VOTE, remove dead people from the polls, stop drivers licensing and immigration frauds. Vote out the bad, I can't be wrong, ever, kings and queens of fraud.

Doug Bewall

Gold Beach

Remembering Pat Stewart today


Today, August 11, marks the one year passing of our dear friend, Pat Stewart. For 24 years she owned a operated Words and Pictures and it still seems so very strange to drive by what was her building and know she isn't there.

She was a wonderful friend to so many of us, mentor to some and a loving wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. The vacant spot in our hearts has yet to be filled and probably won't be in the foreseeable future.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with her husband, Buzz, as he continues to go forward.

I think she knew she was so overwhelmingly appreciated, both as a person and a business provider, but she never was anything if not courteous and cordial to all who came through her doors.

Her knowledge of books and gardening made life better for each of us. Her participation in the Art Walk for so many years is, I'm sure, missed by those who had such a wonderful time coming by her store and enjoying homemade goodies.

Keith and Sue Johnson


A betterment of Brookings town


The town of Brookings is a beautiful place to live or even visit for a long period or short time.

The weather is great: warm at times, rainy at other times, but the rain is to keep everything around green and fresh. For years my husband and I spent our summers vacationing here and finally settled here. We love it here.

Town offers all one may need, Fred Meyer store, as well as other shops. There is now also Bi-Mart that just opened for business this year.

There's a mixed age groups here as well as young generation of families with children; there are semi-retired and retired couples; many tourist come here for the summer vacations and some come back to live here.

There are sport and commercial fishing boats that operate on a daily basis from the harbor for fishing as well as crabbing; the commercial owners of the boats could sell to a market, open a fish market, so the public could go there and buy their fresh fish, whole or filet.

Think about it, people of Brookings.

Could use a shoe store here, too.

Eleanor Cunha


Has Gov. Kitzhaber lost his mind?


Gov. John Kitzhaber is definitely wrong to allow the Mexican Matricula Consular Card as a legal I.D.

These people who use this card for I.D. purposes are here. Number one illegal, no visa, no passport card, and no legal documents to prove they should be here.

Governor Kitzhaber wants also to pass a law in Oregon to allow illegals driver licenses. Has he completely lost his mind? This privilege should be only for those who legally have the right to be (on) U.S. soil andndash; Americans! Shame on you, Mr. governor.

Now in regards to Mr. Peter DeFazio, in his refusal in voting to condemn Attorney General Eric Holder of his involvement on "Fast and Furious," another shame. Holder in my opinion is that he was either involved or is covering up for someone andndash; let's guess who! The border patrol trooper doing his job, is killed; what about his family?

If our representatives are not listening to its people, it is then time to replace them.

Virginia Cunha


Lucie La Bontandeacute; has my support


It was great to go to the Curry County Fair this year and see the many exhibits.

I was surprised to read that the commissioners who appointed Lucie La Bontandeacute; to the Fair Board didn't respect the commitment she had being in charge of the Creative Arts exhibits when they summoned her. All of the volunteer superintendents begin working long before the Fair and work every day and evenings during the Fair week. Why didn't they set up a meeting when all of the candidates didn't have prior commitments?

Lucie is a planner and good manager. She was at all the Budget Hearings to access information and is in contact with congressional leaders and legislators on the forestry funding issue. La Bontandeacute; understands the crisis and has my support!

Thanks for printing my letter.

Scott Thiemann

Gold Beach