The Curry Coastal Pilot

Money for one,not the other?


Did I get this straight?

Did our fair county just realize that there just wasn't any money in the coffers to pay for sheriff patrols at night for the general safety of the pubic, but there's enough for the library to expand?

The library is funded from our property taxes just like the sheriff, jail, D.A. and other county departments.

Evidently the powers that be here in our bit of heaven feel that expanding the library is more important than the safety on our streets in the early hours (no deputy available between 3 and 6 a.m., as per the sheriff's office when I called at 4:30 a.m.) During those hours we're on our own, folks!

Perhaps we should deputize the librarians in each of our five libraries and call there when we are in need of assistance. There are libraries in all general areas of the county, so response time would really be great! Just a thought.

Larry E. Thomas


Veterans write blank checks


A veteran is someone who, at one point in their military life, wrote a blank check made payable to the United States of America for an amount up to and including their life.

That is an honor and there are far too many people who no longer understand that ... and more's the pity.

I ask every reader who thinks this is so, to shake the hand and offer a heartfelt thank you to every mother's son and daughter they meet, who donned the uniform and wrote that check.

Hats off and heartfelt thanks to our local vets organizations, their leaders and members who have done such a splendid job for our vets and their families: Locally, Sam Vitale and the Vietnam Vets of America, Rick Bremmer and the Veterans of Foreign Wars, The American Legion, The Disabled American Veterans, The Marine Corps League, et al., and lest I forget, the Brookings Harbor Redshirts, who for seven-plus years have monthly shopped and shipped nearly 5,700 care packages at a cost of approximately $183,000 (cost of items and shipping) to our vets in Afghanistan, Iraq and other places around the world, giving them a little taste of home andndash; all from donations of true, spirited and proud Americans and organizations who care.

As a vet, Obama not with-standing, I still choose America, and proud of it!

Michael Pierce, U.S. Navy; U.S. Air Force; Idaho Army Reserve National Guard


Mountain not a dumping ground


There have been several cats dumped off on Mountain Drive by owners hoping they will find homes so they can shirk their responsibilities and just forget about these innocent animals.

We have seen them come and go, and they usually become some wild animal's next meal. We have raccoons, foxes, bobcats, cougars and all sorts of wildlife that fight the domestic animals for a meal. That is mean to everyone involved!

Over the holiday weekend, a mother cat and her two kittens showed up at our home, hungry and scared and having nowhere to be safe. It is mean to put other people in that position, feeling sorry for them, trying to find a safe home for them, and worrying about having them breed more and more to become bait for wildlife.

The Humane Society can't take them all due to your not being a responsible pet owner, so everyone suffers! These animals become wild themselves and hard to catch. Charities need more monies to handle pet owners' neglect, and on and on it goes.

Have some compassion for these animals, and us who you turn over your "dumped" innocent creatures to.

Think about it. What goes around, comes around. Would you want to be dumped?

Dee Snider


Happy day for Vietnam Veterans


Just wanted to thank you for supporting our Vietnam Veterans last Saturday in Gold Beach!

Special thanks to all the motorcycles and classic cars. They were all beautiful, especially that gorgeous biker on her Harley all the way from Grants Pass. When my wife reads this, of course, I'm talking about the Harley.

Also, thank you so much to Happy Days Malt Shop for all they did for us. I hope to see all of you and more next year!

God Bless You!

Lee Burch

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 757


Flow rateis not volume


As a teacher who appreciates the finer points of measurement, there is a correction that needs to be made to the water-rights article that appeared on the front page of the Pilot today (July 11).

The seventh paragraph states that "One cubic foot (cf) per second is equal to 1.98 acre feet of water andhellip;" The statement isn't quite complete; one cubic foot per second of water for a full day is equal to 1.98 acre feet. The way you have it in the article, you are equating a flow rate to a volume. It would be like somebody asking you how far away the beach is and you tell them 20 pounds.

That point in the example seems obvious to us, since they are measurements that are commonly used. For the measurements given in the article, I am not sure how many other people caught the error, but it stuck out like a sore thumb to this nerd.

And there is the 1.57/5.57 cfs disagreement in the second and third paragraph andndash; which I am guessing has already been brought to your attention.

Leif Appanaitis


Summer funfor children


We often hear the complaint that there is nothing for kids to do in Brookings. Well, I would like to suggest a solution.

The Brookings Harbor High School Boy's and Girl's Soccer Programs will be offering another action packed summer day camp for youth soccer players, ages 3 to 14, from July 16 to 20. Yes, that's next week.

Our program will be very similar to last year's experience. Not only will a number of high school players be coaching, but we will also have the assistance of a couple of recently graduated players including myself. Registration forms can be found at the Flying Gull Restaurant, or you can just come to registration beginning at 8 a.m. on Monday, July 16.

The camp takes place on the BHHS fields and registration is in front of the Gibney Center.

Give your child the opportunity to meet and learn from our community's high school soccer players. Your support fuels these annually successful BHHS programs. The net proceeds will be given to the two programs.

If you have any questions email bhhs.soccercamp@, or call me at 541-469-4119. Thank you so much for your time and support; we can't wait to help your players get better and have fun!

Thomas C. Spratt, director

BHHS Soccer Camp

Shelter maintains an open door


With freedoms we are able to stand up for what we believe; to speak out for what we disagree with; to do things to help where we choose.

We as humans have the right to come and go as we wish, but some of our best friends don't. They are under the control of humans; they do not have any say what they want or where they go, but they are always there for us. Our four-legged friends, our companions, our devoted friends.

There is no judgement call from them, they look at us with admiration; they ask for nothing but love and to be cared for, not to be left behind or to be just an ornament in the backyard tied tightly to a tree.

Try to be the kindest and greatest person on earth as they think we are; no matter what we do, they are always by our side, in joy or in tears.

Be a responsible pet owner andndash; license your pet; most important way to love your pet is have them spayed or neutered and put a stop to breeding and selling for human profit. This is not a way to treat an animal and hope someday humans get a clue.

The shelter in Gold Beach is open seven days a week so we can give all the animals an opportunity to find that loving home.

So when another shelter has their doors closed; ours is always open, to help even the humans to come at their convenience to find that forever friend.

Beverly Duncan, volunteer

Pennies for Pooches

Fundraising Committee Harbor

Pilot promotes community


Kudos to the Pilot newspaper for the very fine support of local civic and community projects that promote the general welfare and success of our fine community.

I specifically point to the recent article in the Pilot regarding the Airport Day and Car Club Show at the Brookings airport Saturday the 21st of July. (Pilot July 11) The article was very well written by Jane Stebbins and closely reported as the interview had taken place.

I have seen many other ads and articles written for other organizations in the Pilot and all represented the activities and functions as taken place.

Ross A. Duncan

Brookings Flying Club