The Curry Coastal Pilot

Give these guys a big 'thumbs up'


For several years now, my wife and I have spent the Fourth of July with family and out-of-town friends at Sporthaven RV park, and in my opinion, it is way past time for the RV park managers to receive recognition for running the show down there pretty much without a hitch.

On the 4th, as we all know, there were literally thousands of people on that beach and the RV park area, yet George and Michaelle, park managers, along with the new night hosts, did a phenomenal job. Next, they will deal with the kite festival and pirate festival RVers as well!

All of you "locals" who travel to Sporthaven more or less on a daily routine, give these guys a big "thumbs up!"

My opinion.

Jeff McMoran


No mystery why clinic is losing cash


The math is so simple it's scary.

Curry Health District's CEO Mark Sayler stated the district made $466,000 in fiscal year 2009, lost $552,000 in fiscal year 2010, and lost $936,000 in fiscal year 2011.

Do you think that financing their new clinic on Fifth Street had something to do with their financial troubles? You bet it did, and still does.

Let's do the math. $13,500,000 at 6 percent interest (cost of bonds to build the clinic as stated by the district) is $810,000 per year in interest.

See how scary this is. The economy, lack of business, or the many other reasons that the financially-struggling district has suggested is not the real cause the district continues to lose money.

Maybe they should have stayed across the street.

D. Ross


Thank God and rescue workers


My daughter, Iyana Tapp, was the 14 year old girl that fell 50 feet down the rock cliff at Harris Beach State Park.

It is a miracle she lived. We know, without God's protection she would not.

We want to thank everyone that worked so hard in helping get our daughter the medical care and attention she needed to save her life. Two fishermen that were first andndash; amazing, EMS, fire department, park rangers and Sutter Coast Hospital.

Her two siblings andndash; Vanessa and Koby andndash; thank you!

The Tapp family

Yuba City, Calif.

Editor's note: See related story on Page 5A

Volunteers make cookoff a blast


Thanks to volunteerism, we had a successful 15th annual Chili Cookoff to benefit Oasis Shelter Home at the Port of Brookings Harbor.

This old fashioned Fourth of July event with hootenanny sing-along by our community band had folks singing and participating while tasting and judging the chili.

The volunteers we need to thank for participating are the chili cooks, who at great expense to themselves brought gallons of the good stuff, the band members gave up their personal time to entertain, the Shop Smart grocery store gave up time to deliver and pick up their giant canopies to shelter the cooks, Grocery Outlet for donating the water, Kerr Ace Hardware who donated their tables for the use of the cooks once again, the staff from Oasis, my great niece and nephew who helped with everything, the Port of Brookings Harbor for their gift bag (space and electric service), the Pilot staff and KURY radio for getting the word out, the Del Norte DA Jon Alexander (with injured knee from dunk tank accident earlier), the inside official judges (Keven, Mac and Bonnie) and to all of you who came to judge and participate. Selfless volunteers all.

We heard many comments from visitors that the Chili Cookoff was the reason they came to the coast on the Fourth. We keep the costs of presenting it to minimum and all proceeds go to the Oasis Shelter Home.

Who says volunteerism is dead? We couldn't do this without all of you coming together at an appointed time on the specific day. See you all next year. But then again maybe domestic violence will disappear and there won't be the need for Oasis Shelter Home. We can dream can't we? Thanks to all.

Pat Silveria and Willa Jones, sponsors of the Chili Cookoff

Slugs 'N Stones 'N Ice Cream Cones


Safety City is a wonderful program


Thanks to my employer, Evergreen Federal Bank, I recently had the pleasure of helping at Safety City.

In this phenomenal program children learn so much more than bike/pedestrian safety. Every day is packed full of gun, electricity, fire, water, animal, bus, how to call 911, their phone number and address, and "touch" safety. All these safety lessons are reenforced daily with demonstrations, hands on training, and "homework" by the bagful!

This program is so vital to our incoming kindergarteners, and like so many programs, Safety City is financially and volunteer needy. I would encourage anyone who can, to spend one or two mornings, or an entire week, less than three hours a day, helping these little ones. They are so much fun! Every day when I would come to work, I reported to my co-workers what we had done, the questions the children would ask, and their observations. Now they are volunteering also.

To find out more, contact Dan Palicki, at 541-469-5253.

Marsha Geraghty


Lesson: Don't drink and drive


Breath/alcohol levels generate huge revenues for hard-pressed county and state governments, so, don't drink and drive!

Here's what happened to me on the night of the Fourth of July: I left the fireworks before the rest of the crowd, so I was about the only one on the road. The next thing I know there's this red and blue flashing light tapping me on the shoulder. Yeah, I got a DUII. First one in 64 years of driving, so I guess I ought to feel lucky. But here's what really ticks me off.

As I said, I have been driving for 64 years, and have never had a chargeable accident. (The only accident I was ever involved in as a driver was around 50 years ago when, on the Harbor freeway in Los Angeles, a car hit me in the rear and knocked me into the rear of the car in front of me. So, I'm pretty much a "reckless driver."

On the other hand, just a month before he ticketed me that same trooper andndash; presumably sober andndash; crashed his patrol car into the back of another car, knocking it into another car. Now, that's what I call "reckless driving."

They say "Justice is blind." Blind, heck andndash; I say it's dead!

Anyway, I repeat: "Don't drink and drive!"

Chuck Grove


Wake up and read the Constitution


"Entitlement," my tired behind.

I paid cash for my Social Security insurance! Just because Congress (the opposite of progress) "borrowed" the money doesn't make my benefits some kind of charity or handout.

Congressional benefits, aka: free healthcare; outrageous, obscene retirement packages; 67 paid "holidays"; three weeks paid vacation to start; unlimited paid sick leave days (how many days do they actually sit in those elected seats?) andndash; Now that's welfare!

And they have the unmitigated gall to call Social Security retirement "entitlements"?

Wake up America! There are options andndash; read the Constitution.

Michael Pierce


More than 1 side to health care act


There seems to be a whole lot of confusion concerning the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and Mr. Siemens (Pilot, July 7) seems to be one of those who have listened to only one side of the story.

If he, indeed, had read only parts of the bill he would know that just about all government health care programs, including Medicare, Medicaid, and all veterans' military plans cover the requirement to have insurance. So, anyone on those plans will not have to buy more insurance or pay a penalty. It is estimated that only seven million people out of the U.S. population of over 300 million will either have to purchase insurance or be subject to paying the penalty (tax).

People should also know that you are also exempt if your family income is below the requirement to file a tax return or you have to pay more than 8 percent of your income for health insurance.

Mr. Siemens, and others, would also find the ACA is strengthening Medicare's Prescription Drug Benefit by reducing prescription costs for Medicare Part D enrollees who reach a gap in their drug coverage. This year, the program provides Part D beneficiaries with partial rebates. This is the first step in closing the so-called "doughnut hole" that affects the bank accounts of so many people right now.

I don't agree with Mr. Siemens, but I do sympathize with his plight. There are so many other such stories. My own daughter has serious health issues and cannot afford insurance.

Please folks, check it out andndash; the information is out there on impartial websites. This Plan is not perfect but it contains something good for most of us.

Roberta Guthormsen