Seeking motivated business folks


As a recent transplant to Brookings, I have found myself in somewhat of a desert by the sea.

It's a desert of my own choosing in that I'm an active, involved business owner, but my businesses are out of state. I need more structured contact. I need to meet with folks of "my own kind": business people, active, marketing oriented, wanting to improve, wanting to inspire, wanting to grow kind of people just like me.

Over the years I've been in business, I've determined the best method to be of universal service and amp my own vibrations is to be a giver. Hence, I'm forming an exclusive business owners' Master Mind group in Brookings-Harbor.

The Master Mind will meet regularly to discuss, motivate, hold accountable, work together, speed Master Mind, read materials, etc. The meetings will be fast, focused and efficient. I know my "tribe" is here. I need to meet them!

The exclusive Master Mind group will be invitation/application only and membership is limited. I don't want just "anybody;" I want business owners who are on fire, interested, eager, willing to do their own work and give service to each other. No slackers, no whiners.

I'm not looking for clients, just want the power of the Master Mind working in person in my life and I'm willing to set it up and make it happen, to serve and be served through the indisputable power of the Master Mind.

Misty Young


Pirates join forces with food bank


This year's Pirates of the Pacific Festival at the Port of Brookings Harbor has graciously agreed to partner with the Brookings-Harbor Food Bank.

The Pirates of the Pacific Festival has offered to collect one can of food or one dollar as the cost of admission for children 13 and younger. The food bank is looking forward to this event as a much needed food drive and fundraiser. All donations will help the food bank distribute the nearly 300 food boxes per month to 900-plus hungry people in our community.

Due to the popularity of last year's festival, over 60 vendors have requested space this year. There will be three days of pirates, cannons, swordplay and song. Food and libations will be available, along with plenty of music, and a wide variety of activities for the kids. The Pirates of the Pacific Festival this year is July 27, 28 and 29, at the Port of Brookings Harbor. This is a fun-filled weekend for all, so don't miss it!

We thank the festival organizers for involving the food bank and for helping us with our mission that "No One Should Go Hungry." Brookings-Harbor Community Helpers is an equal opportunity provider.

Mary Boshart, secretary-treasurer

Brookings-Harbor Community Helpers, Inc.

Tea Party 'invite' another gimmick


Don't be conned by the story and advertisement that appeared in the news section of the Pilot (June 13) claiming that Peter DeFazio was "asked" to speak at the Brookings-Harbor Tea Party meeting this Saturday and any implication that might hold that he would be here. Can anyone say deja vu?

This is just another gimmick taken from the Art Robinson Book on Political Skullduggery. They know Peter won't be there because Peter and his staff didn't know anything about the invitation until it appeared in Wednesday's Pilot.

Whoever concocted this scheme probably expects non-tea partyers to be fooled into showing up to one of their events. Then give Art the floor to expound in Peter's absence and probably use some of that time to do what he tried to do before the last election andndash; have the whole time to himself and make people think Peter didn't want to face him or that he bailed. That's Art's kind of integrity for you; once again exposed and out in the open. They wanted you to be an "informed voter." This should help.

So, if you're thinking of showing up expecting a face-off between Peter and Art, enjoy the weather outside instead. It will be a lot healthier for you and for our community.

Gordon Clay


Thanks to donors, request for mentors


I would like to thank a number of individuals for their generous donations to my high school chemistry and physics classroom.

The Brookings-Harbor Education Foundation recently granted money toward the purchase of an air compressor and various materials that will be used to build and operate a pressure chamber and projectile launcher for class demonstrations. Both projects are being assembled by a talented student, Justin Flores.

Also, John Baker has supplied my classroom with science-related magazine subscriptions over the past five years. Some years back Mr. Baker was my bus driver on the Winchuck route and 15 years later he continues to help inspire my students and me with his many donated magazines to be enjoyed by classes for years to come.

On a side note, I am also looking for individuals, retired or working, who have experience in a science, math, or technology related field who would be willing to donate their expertise either as a mentor for student projects or as guest lecturer. Please email me with general information and I will reply back:

Thank you.

Leif Appanaitis,

BHHS science teacher

Adding my name to the dialysis list


I have lived in Brookings since 1997 and remember numerous times that the idea of a dialysis center was broached. Of course, I didn't need it then. I now must add my name to the list.

I have been undergoing dialysis since August 2009. First I was with nephrologists and DaVita in Medford. Then I switched to nephrologists in Eugene and dialysis in Coos Bay andndash; Fresenius.

I did move to Coos Bay for 17 months. What a lonely empty depressing time it was being away from beautiful Brookings and my friends.

Yes, I heard the rumor that Brookings would be getting a center. The Eugene doctors added staff and were investigating getting on board with Fresenius in Brookings. Bay Area Hospital will now use them because they had the forethought to design dialysis into 2012 construction. If it weren't so sad, it would be funny.

Fresenius will not lose patients because they have a captive patient base andndash; Eureka and Coos Bay. They would lose money with a Brookings clinic and it's always about money.

All of us on dialysis are living day-by-day on the prayers that fistulas or catheters will function for just one more treatment. Yes, we will die from our diseases; but, I will do it in Brookings andndash; a city without a dialysis center. So we will undergo five hours of transportation and fours hours of clinic time to be here. For my life I am thankful; for I came within hours of losing it.

What about grants? The port building, how big is it? Let's compare costs of either building it up or tearing it down.

No, it just isn't going to happen is it?

Terrie Noller


Wandering pugs safely back home


I want to sincerely thank the lady who wrote the article and made lengthy efforts to help my two best friends, pugs "Murphy McHagus" and "Jack Sparrow" who wandered from home.

Just a few days earlier I finally had my dogs returned to me, as they were involved in a not-so-pleasant divorce. An unauthorized acquaintance went through the back gate and did not lock it, as I was away at a friend's house for the night. I did later receive a message from the Brookings Police Department that my dogs may be loose on the 101. I originally had tags on my buddies' collars, but they were returned to me without them.

I so do appreciate from the bottom of my heart to thank all who helped and cared for the safety of my two little guys; they're not just dogs, they are furry people.

Thank you, you have no idea how much this means to me.

Eve Whalen


Thanks for holding Kids Dash, 10K run


Thank you to the volunteers who made the Kids Dash, the 10k Run and the Half Marathon races possible on Sunday, May 27.

It is a bit disappointing that there was no coverage or results in the Curry Pilot newspaper. Doesn't seem that it was actually "a part of the Azalea Festival" (as I was told it would be) or did I miss it?

Thanks to all the folks who participated, and paid $30 (10k) and $50 (Half Marathon) entrance fees!

Oh, by the way, where's my T-shirt?

Karen Nelson


No good urgent care all week long


I see from an article in the Curry Coastal Pilot of June 9 that we will be able to get no good urgent care at the Brookings all week instead of just six days a week.

How wonderful for those of us who may need some kind of urgent care that we can still go to Crescent City.

Carl D. Durham


If your own mother doesn't love you. ...


It happened again yesterday in Freddy's.

A little boy trying to push an obviously too-heavy cart was admonished by his mother for not doing it right. It wasn't so much what she said, but the way it was said and the sad way he reacted to her. I had to wonder, if he were treated (that way) in public, in front of strangers, how is he treated in private?

If this child had been hit, I'm sure several people would have stepped in, but this was only a verbal beating. What I consider child abuse. Cowardly, I didn't speak up and wondered, would it have helped, just as a few weeks ago in the hardware store, where a mother was so rude and demeaning to her teenage son who was trying so hard to please her. She was very nice to me, but when her attention turned to the boy it was as though she hated him.

Will either of these mothers recognize themselves here or do they ever read letters to the editor? Hopefully, yes, and perhaps someone else in the family will, and (ask) the question, "What are you doing to this child and how is it going to affect him the rest of his life?"

I wanted to say, "Be good to your boy; you never know when you might lose him," as I did last year, but I know he had no doubts that I loved him dearly. Will either of these mothers be able to say the same?

After all, if your own mother doesn't love you, who will?

Barbara J. Parrett-Eary