The Curry Coastal Pilot

No longer moving to Curry County


My husband and I have been long-time visitors to Brookings and Gold Beach, with plans to move there upon retirement.

After watching what's happening in Curry County and reading some of the quite shocking extreme right-wing letters from citizens there, we have changed our minds.

What is wrong with the people in Curry County that they refuse to contribute another penny to have a functional government with basic services? Why don't they care about quality of life and having a good community?

And your legislator Hanna actually states the way out of your financial problems is to cut your forests?! That's the most ignorant thing I've ever heard.

Sadly, we have crossed Curry County off our list of desirable places to live andndash; and I'm sure we are not the only people making this decision.

You appear to be on your way to becoming the equivalent of a third-world country.

How sad.

Irene Schmidt

Mt. Horeb, Wis.

Do not fall for this dastardly plot


I was watching one of those biased libral news sources the other day and was surprised to hear that the so called Birthers are still not satisfied that President Obama was born in the U.S.

It occurred to me that what if this claim is actually a devious plot by the liberal left wing socialists to get Obama removed from office so that Vice President Joe Biden could take his place. I mean the librals are not too happy with Obama.

In the past three years the rich have gotten richer while the poor have gotten poorer. Not an outcome the liberals wished for. I felt it was my duty to sound the alarm so that we do not fall for this dastardly plot!

It also came to my attention of a group calling themselves the Wifers that claim that Mitt Romney has more than one wife. They insist on seeing his original marriage license. Of course if this were true and he became president, would they be the First Lady and the Second Lady and so on??

Will these sneaky liberals stop at nothing?

R.K. Armstrong


Dog behavior talk in Harbor Thursday


Before I moved to Brookings about a year ago, I had looked online for dog parks in this area; and was pleased when I found that one had recently been built south of town.

After I got settled in and decided to go to the dog park, to my surprise, I found it was clean, beautiful, and full of dogs who love to run and play in an open, off-leash environment. And I learned that some of the best people hang out at the dog park.

Some owners don't have control of their dogs at times. Occasionally there are altercations which are quickly broken up when the unruly dog is removed by its owner. One day the "regulars" at the park were talking about how most of us don't have the skills to recognize the characteristics a dog displays when he decides that he doesn't like another dog. There are other signs that none of us know about either; and it would be great to learn more.

A friend just told me about a free seminar about dog behavior this week at the Harbor Fire Hall on Benham Lane. I hope some of the people who take their dogs to the dog park see this letter and make plans to attend Dr. Hammer's presentation at 7 p.m. Thursday, May 31, an event sponsored by Pennies for Pooches, which I just learned about and am very impressed with their efforts to rescue dogs from shelters in California that are close to being euthanized due to over crowded facilities.

Hey, guys, let's support this event. It's such a good cause. And we are sure to learn some helpful information.

I am so happy to be living in such a dog-friendly town. And I hope people will support events that Pennies for Pooches sponsors.

Teri Woodhouse


Stray brown puppy on Hwy. 101 safe


Driving southbound from Grocery Outlet Sunday afternoon, several cars had stopped in the middle of the highway attempting to corral a loose dog running south in the northbound lane.

We sped ahead of him and turned him around before he could reach the bridge when he was apprehended by a concerned motorist.

I am writing to let the people who were risking a lot to get that dog know that we located his owner.

"Diggy" andndash; the dog's name andndash; apparently had escaped from a boarding kennel.

Having once lost my dog, then having him home safe again, was a very happy moment for the both of us. I thank God I live in a town that has your kind of people in it. Thanks for your caring.

Josh Townsend


One planet, one people, please!


This is a shout-out to everyone who waved back at me, gave me high-fives and peace signs during the parade.

I had the sign saying "Peace, Love and Happiness" which also I was saying, as well as, "One Planet, One People, Please!" You all lifted my heart and gave me a tremendous boost in the immune system, too.

It was a last minute idea, and if anyone took a picture of my rainbow-colored costume, I would really like a copy. I'm on Facebook at Kathi Justman, also email at . Thanks and Peace be upon you.

Kathi Justman