The Curry Coastal Pilot

Emblem Club a blessing for OGM


I would like to thank all the members of the Brookings Emblem Club 265 for their recent donation and continuous support of the Outreach Gospel Mission which now includes their support of OGM's Family Care Center (soon to be OGM's Women's and Children's Home).

This support is not taken for granted. As the Emblem Club supports many worthwhile associations in this community, OGM is very blessed to be recognized by this wonderful organization.

Michael J. Olsen,

executive director

Outreach Gospel Mission

Bargain Corner works wonders


I want to personally thank the Pilot/staff for the Bargain Corner (in the Classifieds).

In the process of downsizing I have used your free advertising to sell numerous items in the past several months. Your online website makes it very simple to place the ad, never picking up the phone.

The last item that I sold ran for almost six issues with hardly a phone call. Cat and Cindy willingly worked with me to reword the ad so folks would have a clearer idea of what I was selling. The item sold was near/dear to my heart and it was purchased for Potts Museum. The fact that it's going to a place where it will be enjoyed by many made it easier to let it go.

It is so cool that the Pilot offers this service to their readers. If I need to sell something in excess of $99, I will not have buyer's remorse placing an ad in the Pilot Classified.

Thank you for your assistance in my downsizing project.

Mary Jo Anderson


What up with gas price fluctuations?


I would like to know why the gas prices here went down and were looking good and they very next day back up 25 cents.

The national average, right now, for regular gas is $3.72 and we are way above that, and the national news said it should be down under $3.50 before summer is over

So why did coastal gas prices go up so fast last week, and so far above national average?

Just a wonderin'.

Gwen Smith


Sick of phony war on terrorism, drugs


The War on Terrorism officially ended two weeks ago. Hip-Hip Hooray!

If the War on Terrorism is officially over, then why do we still have 88,000 troops over in Afghanistan?

Are you sick and tired of this phony War on Terrorism, like I am?

Are you sick and tired of this phony War on Drugs?

The Libertarian Party is running Gary Johnson for president in 2012 and he should be included in the presidential debates!

Are you a free American or a brainwashed robot who always votes Democrat or Republican?

Joe Thomas


Efforts cost Oregon thousands of jobs


Thanks to the people who supported and passed the Endangered Species Act. It has only cost Oregon tens of thousands of jobs in lumber related industries and will cause Curry County to go bankrupt.

These are minor inconveniences compared to saving the cute and cuddly spotted owl. Millions of acres of good, productive timber was placed out of reach, but, so what? The spotted owl is saved! Or, is it?

These same people now say the spotted owl is STILL declining in population. How can that be? Surely it was those nasty loggers and their vile chain saws slaughtering the cute and cuddly owls. But, alas, no. Now "they" say it is the barred owl's fault. One cute bird causing the death of another cute bird, oh no! But, if "they" say it's so, we must massacre the barred owl to save the spotted. Are "they" ever wrong?

The average person says, "Let nature work it out, the more you fool around the more problems you cause." That's so dumb! "They" were smart enough to figure out that to save the salmon you only have to kill the sea lions. Perfect sense! But, wait! Now "they" say the cormorants must be destroyed too. The cormorants aren't as cute as the spotted owls so it's OK. I'm sure "they" have the right answer now.

It's all so confusing. I'm so glad "they" are watching out for us all.

Bob Ford


Helping homeless little souls


Hope everyone had a beautiful Mother's Day.

Mine was the best ever; it was humbling for us but life- saving for those we saved.

We were at the shelter in Gold Beach for Pennies for Pooches and helped with a rescue. It gives you this feeling, I can't explain, that you actually are saving these little ones that can't help themselves. Some were frighten ed after a long trip from Ventura County, (Calif,); some just wanted to give you kisses to thank us all for helping them. Thanks to Catherine Powers, a special angel who has the biggest and the most caring heart of anyone I know. She is a pillar of strength.

Have you ever wanted to know what your pet is thinking? Dr. Hammer of Town and County is giving a talk called "A wagging tail doesn't always mean a happy dog," on May 31 at 7 p.m. at the Harbor Fire Hall. Cost is donations only; enter a raffle for a gift basket too. We want to thank Sweetbriar Gifts and Candy; It's a Barking Lot Dog Groomers and Blue Water Restaurant for their donations and support. We are having a garage sale at the shelter in Gold Beach on June 9-10. Come and browse and know you are helping the homeless little souls that just can't wait to share their love with you.

Contact Pennies for Pooches at 541-247-2514. Donations can be sent to: P.O. Box 1883 Gold Beach, OR 97444. See our Facebook page, keywords Curry County animal shelter, for activities and updates.

Beverly Duncan