The Curry Coastal Pilot

For longer than any of us can remember, the semi-annual list of events to promote Community Pride is back, with ideas and suggestions running from last weekend's Earth Day through a special Litter-Be-Gone Day just in advance of the annual Azalea Festival.

Different sponsors and events have come and gone over the years, but at the core of the Community Pride Partnership have been Curry Transfer and Recycling, and the Curry Coastal Pilot. This year, we're joined by 10-10 Express Tow and Auto Recycling and the City of Brookings.

We're particularly pleased that the city has brought back the Litter-Be-Gone Day, putting out a call for volunteers on Saturday, May 12.

It's not hard duty andndash; we coordinate dates, watch for related events, and advertise them over several weeks andndash; but there is a consistency that is appreciated by the community. We know this because even before the ads are ready to start, we get calls and emails asking about the Community Pride events. The ad appears on Page 4B of today's Pilot.

There's more effort in taking the message to heart. It's time for "spring cleaning" across the community. Pick up the litter that may have blown into corners of the garden, wash the windows, tackle the recycling chores .... we all have that kind of list to put the sparkle back into spring.

And, of course, if your junk might be recycled as someone else's treasure, you can participate in our semi-annual Garage Sale Saturday celebration on May 5. The long-range weather forecast tells us it will be sunny that day; our experience tells us that everyone will have fun, no matter what the weather really turns out to be.