The Curry Coastal Pilot

Weather or not, we're ready andndash; pun intended andndash; today marks the beginning of Spring Vacation. Thousands of Oregon families are looking for something special to do this week, and the Oregon Coast is a natural attraction.

So it's no surprise that we've moved the publication date of our semi-annual Wild Rivers Coast Vacation Guide to the first Saturday of Spring Vacation. We want those visitors to pick one up and take it home, so that they can plan their next visits later in the spring and summer.

And it's very clear that our tourism industry is expecting them to visit andndash; despite the lingering economic conditions. Many of the coastal businesses that depend on visitors report a good summer last year, and they're anticipating a repeat performance during 2012.

We have no formal surveys, but we think we can understand why. The Oregon Coast is a world-class attraction within a tank or two of gas from the bulk of Oregon's population. While they may not be able to take an extended, long-distance vacation, they can still take a weekend or a week andndash; and the coast is close at hand.

We need to be ready for them. We need to polish up all those skills we learned during the three-year Hospitality 101 campaign. We need to know what there is to do in the area, and where to find it; we need to share the wonders of where we live: the beaches and the rivers, the fishing and the hiking, and the activities andndash; whether something organized like a concert or impromptu like a hot dog roast on the beach.

Pull out the Coast Vacation Guide from today's issue of the Pilot, and have it on hand. Come get a free Brookings-Harbor map from our office, so you can show visitors how to get to your favorite spots.

Most of all, be ready to share your enthusiasm for what it's like to work and play on America's Wild Rivers Coast.