The Curry Coastal Pilot

Can you light your water on fire?


We would like to take this opportunity to thank some people for their support of the First Friday Salon. Starting with the 21 people who stayed for over an hour and a half to discuss our first film, "The Shock Doctrine." To the Chetco Federal Credit Union, Southwestern Oregon Community College and, of course, the Pilot for their on-going support.

This coming Friday, we will be showing the 2010 movie "Gasland: Can you light your water on fire?" about the impact of the controversial process of hydraulic fracturing andndash; or fracking andndash; for natural gas.

Learn more about the film at and join us for the First Friday Salon on March 2 at 6 p.m., presented by, giving you something to think about. It's not rated, so all ages are welcome. Wheelchair accessible.

And it's free so come join us!

Gordon Clay

Filling holes in the park and the road


I am very happy that the Scouts in this area set up the dog park at McVay State Park. My dogs are very pleased that it's there.

But I have two concerns about this park, or more of a safety request: Would it be possible for someone to drop off a load of dirt so we can fill in the holes in this area, so my dogs or someone else's pet doesn't break a leg from their digger friends?

And the next one is, why is the road into the park always full of holes? I've seen this road graded twice last year and the holes filled double or triple times with gravel and dirt and they seem to keep coming back. As the amount of time wasted in doing this, and dollars, it would seem a lot easier to pave it and be done with it.

Michael Menzel


U.S. soldiers are also our heroes


Re: Jef Hatch's story of unrecognized heros. I'm so glad he spoke out.

But let us include the military people who die trying to protect us. We just lost six Marines from Camp Pendleton here in California who were in training. Young men with young children. It happens every day, but so many never hear about them. They also are heros.

Wendy Miller

Menifee, Calif.

Religious fanaticism, secular fanaticism


The latest expression of the secular equivalent of Islamism is a lawsuit against a Rhode Island high school, Cranston High School West, for displaying a banner written by a seventh grader in 1963 to remain hanging on the school wall.

An atheist student, along with the American Civil Liberties Union, brought the lawsuits which a judge ruled the banner unconstitutional to hang there.

To appreciate how fanatical the student, the ACLU and ruling are, you have to know the words; so here they are:

Our Heavenly Father,

Grant us each day the desire to do our best, to grow mentally and morally as well as physically, to be kind and helpful to our classmates and teachers, to be honest with ourselves as well as with others. Help us be good sports and smile when we lose as well as when we win. Teach us the value of true friendship. Help us always to conduct ourselves so as to bring credit to Cranston High School West. Amen.

The idea that this prayer violates the Constitution of the United States is as much a mockery of the Constitution as it is of common sense. Only a fanatic can welcome the removal of such a non-denominational, sweet, moral exhortation from a high school wall.

America is indeed as endangered by the ACLU as the Muslim world is by Islamist.

The Obama regime has stopped trying to hide its specialist agenda. If your liberal friends give him four more years, more entitlements like we have never seen will be the "hopey changey" they voted for. Say goodbye to Christianity and hello to Islamicism with Sharia Law.

The Muslim world is threatened by religious fanaticism. The Western world is threatened by secular fanaticism.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

New structure for county government


Time for commissioners to step down. This letter is regarding the many weeks of letters to the editor in favor of cleaning up the waste of taxpayers' money being spent on keeping three commissioners employed, while many essential county positions will end up being cut; also spending county funds on too many studies. This county is going out of business unless we demand all three commissioners step down immediately, and whatever it takes to maintain the county general services be taken care of.

Makes me proud to read the many letters in support of removing the waste of precious funds to pay for three positions that are non-essential paper pusher, while we watch them cut positions that are essential to save their own skins.

Time to stand up, people, and demand the restructuring of this county's good ol' boy failing system. No tax increase or sales tax increase; they will only hurt the many struggling businesses and citizens already having a hard time, because of the state of our economy.

I have to laugh with comments being made about being the only one in an office just to be there to turn on the lights. These three leaders can be replaced with a timer switch if that's all they are good for.

Step up people and demand a new structure in county government before it is too late.

Gary Davis


Planned Parenthood is 'baby death'


(In extremist letters, writers refuse) to recognize that being pro-life and opposing abortion is not the position of "freaks," but of the majority of Americans; that most members in Right to Life organizations are women; and that abortion statistics are taken from Planned Parenthood reports.

The fact is that the primary business of Planned Parenthood is not "women's health" but "baby death." According to its own reports Planned Parenthood does not provide "breast cancer screening" but refers women to other facilities for that service. How much does such a referral cost, and why can't Planned Parenthood pay those minimal costs from its exorbitant profits from its primary business of aborting babies? The Komen Foundation should not have given in to the hysteria of pro-abortionists.

The fact is also that abortion procedures (whether dismemberment in the womb, chemical destruction, or killing the baby when only the head has not been delivered) are "cruel and unusual punishment" inflicted on innocent unborn babies. Studies show that unborn babies do respond to stimuli and can feel pain.

But, as (one writer) wrote, "facts will always be elusive to some that have an unusual committed investment." Pro-abortionists refuse to face facts, but make up their unnatural beliefs to satisfy their selfishness and justify Planned Parenthood's greed.

When our country becomes concerned about life from conception to natural death, then other violence against women and children will have a chance of lessening.

Theodore Allwardt


Please drive a little slower, more safely


Recently, I read an article talking about "No hurry in Curry". My story concerns "Hurry in Curry."

I live on Pelican Bay Drive and enjoy daily walks along this road. I have noticed vehicles on more than one occasion driving an unsafe speed as I walk down this fairly narrow and at times curvy road. I feel that I do everything I can to walk safely, and make sure drivers see me. I wear a brightly colored vest that can be seen for quite a distance, similar to the one road workers wear.

The reason I am so careful is because I was hit by a car while crossing Highway 101/Benham in the crosswalk on the green light almost 12 years ago. I was in a coma for a month and spent three months in three different hospitals. Since then, I am not comfortable walking across the highway, and choose to walk on the road closest to my home.

I feel like it isn't too much to ask the people who drive along Pelican Bay Drive to remember that most of us who live along this road are retired. There have been a number of times when someone is driving so fast, I have had to jump quickly to the side to avoid being hit. Not all of the people I have seen speeding are strangers. Some of them are actually people who live on our road.

I would really appreciate if people would simply drive a little slower and more safely.

Thank you very much.

Heide Heikkila


Abuse of prescription meds is out of hand


Where will it all end and at whose expense?

The abuse of prescription meds has really gotten out of hand, one such drug being hydrocodone. I realize that prescription pain meds are needed, but when people sell these pain pills for profit to the vulnerable and sick people that are addicted to these drugs, is this a legal and morally acceptable income?

I hope that anyone addicted to any substances can achieve sobriety, but at the hands of greedy vultures selling pain meds for personal financial gain they have less of a chance. Please let's not dangle candy in front of the still suffering addict!

When medication is no longer needed why continue to receive it only to turn around and sell it. Shame on this practice!

I am so grateful for my sobriety today and hope this will not be another form of drug dealing in our community

Bruce Perdikis

Gold Beach