The Curry Coastal Pilot

No idea how to control funding


It appears to me that there's a misunderstanding about the property tax rate here in Curry County.

The Oregonian recently listed our tax rate as 60 cents per thousand of assessed value, as has the Pilot in recent months. That amount is actually the amount distributed to the county general coffers out of the real tax rate of $6.85 per thousand with the two bonds.

How the county distributes the monies collected is as follows, percentages listed:

andbull;County general, 8.75 percent;

andbull;Chetco library 6.21 percent;

andbull;Harbor Fire (Department) 3.4 percent;

andbull;Port of Brookings Harbor 1.9 percent;

andbull;4-H and extension 1.5 percent;

andbull;South Curry Cemetery 0.5 percent;

andbull;Schools, bond included, 74.58 percent.

True, the county general fund only accounts for 60 cents per thousand, but there's another 91.65 cents per thousand going to other county expenses, leaving little for the county to provide essential services such as the sheriff, jail, D.A. and county offices and officers.

It is my opinion that the county andndash; past and present andndash; commissioners, or whoever decides these things have counted on federal money to fund the county expenses, earmarking 91.25 percent of property tax revenue to go elsewhere. They have known for more than five years that federal funds andndash; OandC andndash; would cease, and to my knowledge, the only real solution to the shortfall has been cutting essential services and extreme tax increases on property owners.

I am not against a reasonable tax increase (key word "reasonable") provided it is done in a way to assure the taxpayers it would only be used for public safety, and not siphoned off for other pet projects of the county officials. It appears to me they have no real idea how to control county funding worth a hoot!

Larry E. Thomas


Pregnancy Care Center says thanks


We would like to thank the many businesses and organizations that helped underwrite the Pregnancy Care Center's annual Fundraising Dessert Banquet on Oct. 20.

We would like to thank Chimney Kraft, Four Paws Pet Hospital, Brown Construction, Reach Out Ministries, Joe's Chevron, Crescent Ace Hardware, Wier's Mortuary Chapel, Los Compadres, Bayside Realty, Solid Rock Christian Fellowship, First Baptist Community Church, Edwards Roofing, Trinity Lutheran Church, Mike and Sue Adams, Dr. Richard and Lauren Rasmussen, Richard and Ruth Wilson of Century 21, Hagen's Dry Cleaners and Sporthaven Inc. Excavation.

We would also like to thank the Foursquare Church and Christian School in Crescent City for allowing us to use their facilities.

Sharon Allen on behalf of the board of directors, staff and volunteers

Pregnancy Care Center

Crescent City

Why wait? Start tourist tax now


I question the Curry County commissioners and the super committee, both for their decision to wait until the November ballot to vote on the tourist tax.

We have been paying that tax every time we travel and spend the night anywhere else in Oregon for years, so that is just more dollars lost for the county.

I don't think we, the people of Curry County, would have a problem voting "yes" for a tax on something that would bring in money to the county that would not affect our wallets.

Lee Osborne


An accident waiting to happen


Caution! On Friday I attended the dedication ceremony for the new Curry campus.

The place is beautiful, and the staff was friendly, informative and excited about what has been created.

Upon leaving (by car), and reaching the highway, while stopped at the stop sign, I noticed my vision was somewhat hindered by the guardrail to my right. The car in front of me, turned left slowly, and was almost hit by a southbound vehicle traveling at the posted speed limit which is 55 mph.

There is no warning sign on the highway advising drivers of vehicles leaving the campus. Perhaps it might be advisable, to post a caution sign, and/or even reduce the speed limit to 45 mph on that part of the highway.

As the situation exists, I feel it may be an accident waiting to happen.

Jim Peterson


Great job on Carpenterville


I'd like to thank all the folks who did such a great job on the Carpenterville Road washout.

It was a big job and an important one because of the fire protection issue, especially Alder Ridge.

Again, many thanks for a good job well done, by anybody's standards. Who says "there's no hurry in Curry"?

Van Butler


All of us benefit from public school


In reading Thomas Huxley's letter (Pilot, Jan. 28), I was taken aback by Mr. Huxley's comment about the portion of his county taxes that go to the public schools.

He said, "No children in school and the last one was home schooled, so no benefit there."

Nothing could be further from the truth. Every single one of us benefits from our public schools. Whether we have children in school, grandchildren in school, friends in school, or none of the above, we benefit when all of the children in our community are educated in high-quality public schools.

Our children and young people are our future, as well as a vital part of today's community. We all benefit when the younger members of our county are a responsible, active, and engaged segment in the life of our community.

So, when you look at your tax bill, rest assured that you do indeed benefit from the portion that goes to our public schools!

Linda Bozack


Time to replace tattered U.S. flag


To all of you who proudly fly the American flag: Thank you!

Since the recent onslaught of storms, however, many of the flags flown appear, well, battered. I certainly don't want a flagless town, but please look up and if it's ratty, take it down. Otherwise, the flag (and perhaps all it represents) appears forgotten.

S. Lynn