The Curry Coastal Pilot

There are plentyto choose from


Conservative rhetoric: How fun it is to open the Pilot and read about what conservatives and tea party-goers are crying about now.

I cannot wait to see who's going to represent them in the upcoming GOP election. This has to be one of the most entertaining events of the decade.

Just take a good long look in to the eyes of these candidates: Truly resembles a bunch of used car salesmen. Don't like the state of our country? Get off the GOP couch and vote for your favorite used car salesmen; there's plenty to choose from. ...

John McMillan

Gold Beach

Curry County has much to offer


Riding on a train I learned from a Costa Rica native that they had a vote a few decades back to do away with the military and put all that funding into education.

Tourism is their industry now, 4 million locals with 2 million tourists per year who pay a tourist arrival tax of $15 when they come into the country. Do the math of what that tax generates per year. That is how they can live off of tourism.

Meanwhile, other third world countries in Central America run by corrupt politicians have real poverty. "People in the U.S. don't know what poverty is," I was told by a priest from the Dominican Republic who sat across the aisle, "until they go to a third world country. Costa Rica should be the model."

Count our blessings and be positive in 2012! Solutions come to those who think positive thoughts and have good leadership. Curry County has a lot to offer.

Lucie La Bontandeacute;

Gold Beach

Work togetheror step down


Why is it the government, both federal and state, unable to budget the funds year to year? The issue with the lumber industry and subsidy from the federal government did not just happen overnight!

Why is it when there is no money to be had the first things to get cut are seniors, veterans, law enforcement and schools? Then we are made to feel that we are not doing our share in finding funding or helping by passing a tax increase?

Why does Curry County feel that it has to spend funds for research on projects that it does not need or use the ploy of raising taxes? How can the Citizens' Committee help if the county seats do not have any intention of imposing their recommendations? Why can't those in the county and state be the first to take pay cuts, since they feel they have to give something back; maybe they can work for free until such time Curry County is financially stable again? If their ideas are in our best interest, they should have to participate in the same programs!

If Curry County cannot support the local law enforcement, county employees, and its seniors, then Curry County does not need a new bike trail, an indoor pool, new picnic benches or a new welcome sign.

Curry County needs to live within its means and stop relying on the federal government for funding. Curry County needs to stop imposing higher charges to business, thinking that will fix the problem; all they are doing is having the business pass the increase to the customer. It is just another way the county can back-door the residents to get the funding they want instead of fixing their spending problem.

Stop giving monies to special interest groups and open your eyes. If you cannot see what is going on then step down and let someone that can do the job step up to the plate. Stop all this in-house bickering like some high school kids. If you cannot work together step down!

Fred Johnson


Heartfelt thanks Pilot staff


First of all I would like to apologize for taking so long to publish this thank you letter to a most deserving team.

I would like to send a thank you letter to Karen and all the staff at the Pilot for helping me with my memorial to Domino on Dec. 7. Everyone did an excellent job on the article for me, almost like it was for themselves. That memorial meant the world to me as he was my life and soul. I can't express my gratitude enough to the crew.

Wendy Deriso


Neighborly gesture a blessing


Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus even here in beautiful Brookings.

My wife and I have been married for over 50 years and in that time we have never had a visit from him or her just before Christmas, but this Thursday night a true blessing happened to us. A wonderful couple happened by our house with a delicious dinner and a Christmas present. No one knows how many other places they blessed, but I do know that they're a very loving family. They have made many contributions to this community.

I do know that throughout the year that they work tirelessly with people in and out of our town. They believe in our Lord as we do. Many blessings to them and all the residents of our fair county

A very Merry Christmas and a great new year.

Bob and Brenda Stafford


Stories taught through the ages


Ho, Ho, Ho; here comes Santa Claus.

I believe in Santa Claus because I want to. I taught my children Santa Claus brings them toys because my mom taught me and her mom taught her, and these stories were told, not years, but centuries ago.

My mom is now in heaven. She taught me Jesus is God's son, and I have taught my children about Jesus, and they know him too.

Long ago there were three wise men that went to see the baby Jesus. They gave him the sweetest gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Now Jesus gives me the sweetest gifts, the sweetest thing he gives to me is love. I love Jesus.

Merry Christmas to Jesus. Merry Christmas to all.

Nadine Eldridge


The Grinch who stole Christmas


I can't believe any decent person would kick someone into the streets at Christmas time, especially when their rent was paid until just after the first of the year and they promised to be out at that time. I know this person who was kicked out had been looking at places to rent. Shame on you Grinch. It shows what kind of person you really are.

Also, I have great respect for our law enforcement officers: my uncle was chief of police of Brookings for 25 years, so I was taught to respect the law, but it seems a little unfair that a person is not allowed to call for a taxi but instead is forced to walk over two miles into town. Come on officers, a lot of respect could have been earned over a very small act of kindness.

Merry Christmas to all.

Carolyn Cross


Looks forwardto Brookings move


Dear people of Brookings: I have been working on my move to Brookings for (the) past six months, and keeping track of activities through my subscription to the newspaper.

I was recently very inspired by the article about the 92-year-old woman who secretly moved there to start a new life. If you can do it so can I! I am a 69-year-old artist, animal lover, chef, and gardener. It seems like Brookings will be my perfect forever home. I am a native Californian, but have been living in Florida for past four years.

I love the water and the manatees here but I can not handle the heat and humidity. Also I have found this a very difficult place to do my work and make friends.

I am an award-winning published photographer and chef. I do beautiful hand-tinted photos and I especially like photographing children and animals. I have a private chef business also. I love animals and have three small service dogs. I am an expert horsewoman.

The only thing that worries me about Brookings is the high cost of rentals and all the "no pet" ads. I hope that I will be able to find a perfect home for me and my pet family. I have a place reserved for first three months andndash; but I will be searching for a permanent home.

I would love to hear from you if you have similar interests and especially if you can help me find home and work. Anything with animals I would love. My ideal home is a cottage with room for garden and pets. I plan on joining Manley Art Center and others. I plan on volunteering at Chamber of Commerce, etc. My move will be Feb. 12 or 13. I am flying into Medford, then I will take a shuttle to Brookings. Once there I will need a ride to the resort when I will stay.

Please call me or write me if you would like to be a friend. I am so very excited to meet you all very soon.

Crystal Austin

Beverly Hills Fla.

Bell ringers helped tremendously


To all the bell ringers: aka the warriors in God's army to alleviate human suffering andndash; there that sounds better.

A great big thanks for all who volunteered their time. To all the musicians who stopped by andndash; the singers, Coastal Aires, all the family singers, and the "mystery" mandolin player. But especially to those who donated to "the little red kettle." I'm always amazed at this community's generosity.

Some of the things our local Salvation Army does: supplies lap blankets to those in nursing home, food at Christmas, school supplies, disaster relief, help with prescriptions, gas, utilities, motels, sending kids to camp.

I was talking to some of the fellas at the soup kitchen, and they all had tales of how the Salvation Army had helped them.

Rudy Glen Spence,

bell ringer coordinator


Many helpedmake loss easier


Speaking on behalf of my family, I would like to thank Coastal Home Health and Hospice for their care of our mother, Ann Ryan, during her recent illness and death.

The nurses and caregivers from this organization were professional and caring. They explained exactly what we should expect at various times and we felt adequately prepared for mother's passing.

We used the listing from Coastal Home Health and Hospice to retain Valerie Owsley as our caregiver. This wonderful lady cleaned house, cooked meals, weeded the entry court, gave my father support, gave us hugs. and cared for mother with love and compassion. My father and I could not have managed the care necessary without Valerie. She will be in my heart forever and I am very grateful to have had her sharing our tears when mother passed away. Thank you, Valerie, you are the best. May others be so lucky as to have you caring for their loved ones.

Also, thank you to Dale and Diane St. Marie, George and Carole Logsdon, the EMTs, and the local firemen who came to our rescue when mother had fallen at different times of the day and night. Thank you everyone for the donations made to Hospice, the cards, telephone calls, and your caring thoughts.

We will miss her, but all of you have helped make our loss a bit easier to bear.

The family of Ann Ryan, Curtis Ryan, Curtiss Ryan, Todd Ryan, and Wendy and Karl Cressoti, Gretchen and Rusty Green, Douglas and Katy Sandidge, Rebecca and Roy Miller