The Curry Coastal Pilot

Obama is a one-term president


Last month my letter regarding Fast and Furious and Eric Holder's ineptitude has hit the nail on the proverbial head.

Our president continues to say he stands behind his attorney general and it only enforces those of us about our feelings that Obama cannot make sound decisions.

My next prediction is that this president will lose by the biggest landslide, ever, in American history. He is a one-term president!

My husband and I came to an interesting agreement. Democrats have done a phenomenal job making many voters feel that Republicans are racist when, in fact, it's becoming clear after their trumped-up and unfounded charges against Herman Cain that the opposite is true.

When Republicans see an African American running for office they back away so as not to be labeled racist. When an African American, Latino, female or Asian runs on the Republican ticket the Democrats smear that candidate with lies and innuendoes with the full support of every major TV network except Fox News. Then, with the full support of the left-wing print media, Democratic blacks like Maxine Waters or Charlie Rangle wiggle out of the same kind of wrongdoing that a white male would spend time in prison for.

The voters now see this for the first time and Barack Hussein Obama will feel it next November. That's when Scooter Libby can finally say thank you to the voters.

Teri Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Theater needs help getting new carpet


Dear friends, Brookings Harbor Community Theater is almost finished with the remodeling project we started in early November.

The building is freshly painted, the stage is repaired and painted, the new seats installed, and many more repair jobs are still in the works. One of our dreams included carpeting. Unfortunately we are unable to squeeze the necessary cost out of our budget.

We need 133 yards of carpeting and the breakdown is $15.50 a yard for carpet and installation. So far, Kevin Bane from KURY Radio has pledged to buy a yard and Eagle Two Development Corp pledged to buy 2 yards.

Please help us finish our remodel and you will be able to enjoy quality theater in a newly remodeled Harbor Performing Arts Center!

Please call for more information, 541-661-2473. Brookings Harbor Community Theater, P.O. Box 7164, Brookings, OR 97415.

Dori Blodgett


Shutting the Chetco and other abuses


In regard to the planned shutdown of the Chetco to miners and other property abuses which I'm sure you're aware of, I thought you might be interested in this video: When I viewed it flames began rising behind my eyes and my fists began to tighten.

As a retired USAF noncom I must say that I didn't serve my country for 20 years to have it turned over to an organization run by foreign socialists to have their way with.

Our government was planned and brought into being as a representative republic; we the people are the government and the lands not owned by private citizens or corporations is public land, it's our property, to use and enjoy within certain minimal restrictions.

If you pay close attention to the map they show with the few population centers, the rest of the land, the vast majority, is restricted for the government use only. This must never ever happen, but the closing of the Chetco, first to the miners, and later to everyone, is the first step in the plan.

If you journalists, a time honored profession, you will confront the BLM and USFS and for that matter the environmental groups pushing for the closure with this and ask them point blank if this is their plan for the future of this country.

Ret. USAF TSgt

Dennis Sheridan


Board chair already made up her mind


There has been some mystery about how/when the discussion of the charter school proposal ended up on the agenda of the last School Board meeting.

I attended the Board's work session at 6 p.m. that evening. At the end of that meeting when the charter school hadn't been mentioned, I asked when they planned to discuss it. The Board members talked among themselves, then decided to add it to the end of the agenda of the regular meeting at 7 p.m.

Had I been able to stay for that meeting, I would have expressed my displeasure with the Board chair's behavior at the previous public hearing.

Speakers at public hearings present their views in hopes of educating/influencing the decision makers. By openly opposing the charter school at the hearing, the Board member made it clear she had no intention of listening to or considering the charter school proposal.

It is this kind of attitude that makes people reluctant to attend or speak out at public meetings.

Judy Kaplan


Thanks for turning in my lost brooch


I wish to thank the lady who found and turned in my little silver pin which I lost at Fred Meyer the morning before Thanksgiving.

This brooch had such a sentimental value to me and I am truly grateful.

It was indeed a Thanksgiving gift.

Penny Rogatkin


Success of event goes to merchants


First of all, many thanks to the Pilot for all the coverage you gave us for our annual Benefit Fashion Show and Luncheon.

The success of this event goes to all the merchants in this community that helped make this the best show ever. We were overwhelmed with the 84-plus raffles and door prizes, all donated.

Thanks also to Fred Meyer, Ray's Market and Shop Smart for contributing, helping to keep our expenses down, which allows us to give more back to the community to our charities of choice.

My thanks also to Chere of Chere's Boutique for providing such beautiful outfits.

The Chetco Coast Guard Station provided four uniformed young men that escorted the models and had fun giving out the raffles. You are truly gentlemen. Well done!

We now press forward with our annual Coats for Kids drive and when that is over we will be doing Christmas gift wrapping at Fred Meyer starting two weeks before Christmas. This money is added to our Fashion Show funds. The more we make the larger the checks given to our recipients.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we thank all of you for attending this worthwhile and fun event.

Nadine Powers

Event chairman

Brookings Emblem Club 265

A wonderful 'Cause for PAWS'


I wanted to drop a quick note and mention what a wonderful time I had at the "Cause for the PAWS" concert on Saturday night!

If you didn't see the concert, you missed a great night! In particular I enjoyed the evening's emcee, singer Stephanie La Torre. As emcee she was quick and clever and kept the show moving along. As a singer, she has an impressive vocal range covering country, pop, and even gospel! Her duet with Mary Ann Hague on "You Don't Own Me" was fun and their voices harmonized seamlessly. I also enjoyed the nuns from LRT's "Nuncrackers," country singer Aaron Roberts was certainly a crowd favorite, and Tony La Torre as Elvis sounded wonderful! There were just so many top-notch local performers! I would not hesitate to go see them again.

But the best part was knowing the Curry County Animal Shelter was really the star of the evening! As a no-kill animal shelter, they do so much to help those who can't help themselves andndash; the animals. Even if you didn't see the concert, I urge you to help support the shelter any way you can.

Janice Miller

Crescent City, Calif.

Domestic violence in today's world


I was surprised by Lea Sevey's rebuttal letter (Pilot, Nov. 16 letters) "Question accuracy of abuse statistics" when she used 17-plus-year-old information and 20 year old FBI stats claiming I was providing misinformation, though she didn't directly address any of my statements or provide traceable references.

The reference I gave in my letter (Pilot, Nov. 9 letters), has the sources for all of the statistics I provided plus books, resources and much more on the subject. (See

A lot has happened in the past 20 years as more men realize that they have had domestic violence perpetrated upon them by wives and girlfriends and are starting to report it, especially in the cases where there are children exposed to it. I was specifically bringing awareness to this area that virtually never gets talked about as if domestic violence only happens to women.

There's no excuse for domestic violence. So let's make an effort to look at domestic violence in today's world so that we can provide valuable services for all perpetrators and all victims regardless of their sex.

Gordon Clay

Raising property tax not a solution


Why is it that every mention in the Pilot of raising more revenue discusses only property taxes?

Property taxes are vastly unequal, even when passed along. For example, if our residence had a taxable valuation of $200K and the existing property tax is doubled, my wife and I would each contribute approximately an additional $600 to the county. Fair enough. However, if an apartment complex has triple the value, $600K, and the owner passes the additional obligation on to her 10 tenants, they would each contribute only $180. Certainly we, as property owners, should pay more than a renter because we theoretically receive more benefit from County services. But 333 percent more?

Are there other taxes which could distribute the obligation more evenly? Additional taxes on motel rooms would not raise much but perhaps a countywide sales tax, set lower than California's and excluding food and prescription drugs? A sales tax would also require tourists to help support the infrastructure they use.

Is a per capita tax forbidden by the Oregon constitution? Is an additional property tax the only possible method of raising more revenue?

A broader discussion, or at least an explanation, from the Pilot would appreciated.

Michael Pitts-Campbell