The Curry Coastal Pilot

Good ol' buddy system at work?


Something still doesn't sit well with me concerning the accident on Highway 101 where Harold Bickley, 76, fell asleep at the wheel of his truck and killed a woman driving her car.

Falling asleep at the wheel is considered under the influence. So why was this not treated as such? Was Mr. Bicknell a retired policeman, firefighter, detective, or other civil servant? I see the good ole buddy-buddy system at work on a daily basis.

The special-interest stickers that are displayed on trucks and cars are a "never get a ticket" sticker that only law enforcement and other special interest groups have access to. So what was it? Is Mr. Bicknell a retired cop ?

I would like to know the truth. He killed a young woman and basically got away with it.

Tony Monochy

Smith River

Wasteful spending is killing the nation


Lately, I've been hearing and reading so much about the bad economy, over-taxation, and over-regulation, union demands, and, of course, wasteful spending and living outside our means.

I used to work for a 300-mile-long railroad that had to file for bankruptcy, thanks to a greedy union. The railroad owners, fearful of union strikes, gave in to greedy demands for raises and benefit increases. These costs were passed on in the form of surcharges until no one could afford to ship by rail.

Besides the greedy union, high maintenance costs and strict environmental regulations contributed to its failure.

Today I can understand why businessess move to other states or countries. And I really see how wasteful spending and living outside our means is killing the nation.

Lou Costa


Question accuracy of abuse statistics


I am writing in response to a letter by Gordon Clay in which he claims to provide important information about men as victims of domestic violence.

First, I checked all three of his sources and two of them are linked simply to documents that Mr. Clay has written himself.

Having been in this field for over a decade and received over 300 hours of specific training in the dynamics of family violence, I am very disappointed at the misinformation Mr. Clay puts forth. Men are more often assaulted - by other men. In addition, men are more likely to be victims of suicide and are more likely to be perpetrators of violence. To be clear, statistics overwhelmingly show that women are more often the primary victims of domestic violence and sexual assault (DHS, Oregon). Furthermore, "women have been found to be the victim of a intimate's violence at a rate six times greater than men. Fifty percent of these women sustained an injury compared to only 3 percent of men, and 28 percent of female homicides were committed by an intimate compared to only 3 percent of male homicides" (Bachman and Saltzman, 1995; FBI Uniform Crime Reports, 1992).

My aversion to Mr. Clay's letter in no way minimizes the number of male victims of domestic violence. Episodes do indeed happen. Oasis serves men; they can call our hot-line and can receive outreach services.

When addressing the issue of 'when women use violence' -Women who use violence in domestic situations often do so in self-defense and also in retaliation from multiple incidents of violence perpetrated against them. This is a larger topic to discuss and may come in the future as a feature article. For more information and clarification on the myth of women and violence go to

Lea Sevey,

executive director

Oasis Shelter Home

Keep up the good work Coach Morin


Our family would like to take this opportunity to thank Coach Morin and his staff for all the hard work and dedication they put into the BHHS and AMS football seasons.

As parents we are grateful for such great coaching staff that plays such a pivotal role as our boys turn into young men. Throughout the season we have seen our boys value hard work, dedication, cooperation and accountability. These values will last long after their football days are over.

Keep up the good work and see you next year!

John Hawthorne

Paulie Boynton


Great turnout for free breakfast


On Sunday, Nov. 13, the BPOE Elks Lodge 1934 and the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 757 honored local veterans by serving them a free breakfast.

This event was a huge success, but would not have been possible without the generous food donations from Ray's Food Place, Fred Meyer, and Grocery Outlet. Thank you!

Also, thanks to the 25 volunteers who willingly gave up their morning to honor our veterans! It was an honor and privilege for us to serve these veterans and thank them for their service to our country!

Former Exalted Ruler Gary Downing

Elks Lodge 1934,

Sam Vitale, president, Vietnam Veterans of America 757