The Curry Coastal Pilot

The next con artist in the White House?


Eric Holder doesn't even read the Arizona Immigration law, and then he proceeds to sue the State of Arizona.

Eric Holder has held press conferences detailing the (U.S.) Justice Department's involvement with the Fast and Furious campaign,and then he proceeds to deny any knowledge of the Fast and Furious campaign. Just like Obama, he claims that everyone but himself is to blame for the fiasco.

Obama invades Libya without the authorization of Congress; a little thing called the Constitution says he can't do that, but he does it anyway. It's good to be the king. The al-Qaida flag is literally flying over the capitol of Libya and the extremist Muslim element has now taken over in Libya. Thank you, King Obama! Thank God we have political cooperation between the Democrats and Republicans on things that really matter.

John Boehner helped the Obama administration pass the so-called free trade bills with Panama, Columbia, and South Korea. Roll the Union on King Obama! Maybe John Boehner and his Republican allies should take a bow for killing off the automobile industry. People can look forward to buying all their cars from Japan and South Korea. Detroit can (be) the focus of the next Mad Max movie.

Finally, we should all thank Hillary Clinton for the class and dignity that she showed when she described what happened in Libya. The great one herself said, "We came, we saw, he died." Hillary Clinton is a class act, just like her husband. What a great diplomat that old battleaxe is! How about this for a catchy slogan? "The Republicans came, the Democrats saw, and our Democratic Republic kicked the bucket." Is everybody enjoying this economic recovery?

I can't wait to see who will be the next con artist elected to the White House. Beavis and Butthead couldn't do any worse than these Republican and Democratic crooks running around.

Joe Thomas


Franchise fee amounts to a tax


Open letter to Brookings residents: The city of Brookings is considering a franchise fee for Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative (CCEC) in the realm of 3.5 to 5 percent.

As you will determine, CCEC will pass the franchise fee on to us living in Brookings. The city's rationale is it needs more money and it is currently charging Charter Cable, Verizon and Curry Transfer and Recycling. Those are services that the consumer can make a decision to pay for or not. There are choices for those things; however, we have no choice about where we have to buy electricity.

As I understand it, CCEC does not have to negotiate a new agreement until 2022.

The franchise fee amounts to a tax, folks, as CCEC will pass the fee on. This amounts to taxation without representation. Furthermore, we would have no say in what the money would be used for. We all know how government likes to spend our money.

This tax will not only raise your taxes, but it will increase the cost of doing business in town. Imagine what a 5 percent increase would mean to South Coast Lumber for example. Loss of sales equals loss of jobs, Hello! Do you want to pay more for everything in Brookings?

Call Mr. Meader at CCEC to register your "No" vote.

City workshop on Dec. 5. Be there!

Mike Schrum


Protests must be done within the law


This is regarding the recent opinion piece done by the Demorcatic (or is is Democrat) chairman in the area.

Two simple questions: (1) Does he or his organization still agree with the actions of the Occupy Wall Street protesters? (2) Where are the American Flags?

I respect the right to protest, but protest must be done within the law. We are a Republic, a nation of laws.

Allan W. Stewart


Greed continues to control Congress


Greed can often be found behind fear.

The fear generated by the attack of Sept. 11 and the threat of the nonexistent weapons took the U.S. into a costly 10-year war amounting to billions of dollars that was started by the invasion of Iraq.

More than a million Americans served in Iraq, and nearly 4,500 gave their lives in service to the rest of us. Thousands were wounded, head injuries, loss of limbs and suicides. There was no connection between Iraq and the 911 terrorists. Our volunteer troops and their families suffered. The billions of dollars spent for supporting and fighting this fear-generated war only benefited corporate America. And the financial drain of the wars has greatly contributed to our weakened economic condition.

And greed continues to control our Congress on preventing any effort by President Obama to establish new jobs in this country.

Walt Edwards

Gold Beach

Story on property tax misleading


An article about property taxes, (Pilot, Oct. 12), was a bit misleading.

The headline reads: "Curry County taxes rise as property values drop." That is patently untrue. Since Oregon is now a rate-based state, if property values (true market value) fall below the assessed value, the taxes will be assessed against the lower of the two. Taxes would drop for the property owner; entities like the cities, schools, port, etc. would receive less money.

The first paragraph says that: "most will find that while their assessed value has dropped, their taxes will be higher." It is the real market value that has been dropping, not the assessed value. By law, the assessed value can rise by 3 percent each year. That means that the average taxpayer will pay more taxes each year unless, as was the case with the City of Brookings, a bond has been paid off, which will lower the amount people pay for bonded indebtedness. And even that small amount will probably not offset the 3 percent increase in assessed value.

It doesn't really matter to the taxpayer what the real market value is andndash; until it drops below the assessed value (or, of course, he tries to sell his house). Then he will generally pay less taxes because the fixed rate of each taxing body will be assessed against the lower figure.

Assessor Jim Kolen is quoted as saying "but with Measure 50, they're not going to get less taxes." I seriously doubt that a man as knowledgeable as Mr. Kolen said "get less taxes." He might have said they would pay less taxes or that their tax bill would drop.

Kolen also supposedly said "tax value increases are limited to 3 percent by Measure 50 andhellip;" It is the assessed value that is limited to 3 percent.

Mary Schamehorn


Starting autism support group


Hello, my name is Mindi Taylor and I have a son with autism who attends the K-school here in Brookings.

I am starting a support group for parents that have children with autism or any kind of special needs in the Brookings-Harbor area. I wanted to give all of the parents the opportunity to know about this support group, and I look forward to meeting everyone.

Please contact me at 541-813-1506, so I can arrange a meeting time, place, and date where everyone can attend and get the support that many of us need. Thank you very much, and have a good day.

Mindi Taylor


U.S. public schools doing a good job


Charter schools are a very bad idea.

Charter schools can select who they take for students. Public schools must take all. Charter schools promote elitism. Public school promote diversity. Elitism is the death of democracy. Diversity is the strength of democracy. The Statue of Liberty is the symbol of our nation's diversity and it is called the Statue of Liberty for a reason.

Public schools work. The overwhelming majority of Nobel Prize winners in both the arts and sciences are American. None were the product of a charter school. The vaunted Japanese educational system has produced few if any Nobel Prize winners and the highly touted European systems not many more. The much maligned American public educational system is a lot more successful than many are willing to give it credit for.

Let's not tinker with something that in all reality is doing a pretty darn good job.

William Krause


Looking for Leo, our concrete lion


The very nice police officer has just left.

It seems one of my fellow citizens developed a great need for my large cement lion lawn ornament, and helped him or herself it. I'm puzzled: I don't think there is much of a market for Leo; a very heavy, badly weathered, white concrete lion.

Even though that chunk of concrete can't be salable for more than a few dollars, it meant a lot to me. That concrete lion is about 25 years old. I got it when my children were small and it featured in many of their games. That lion represented a little bit of Narnia to us, if you know the reference.

Leo is a concrete lion, painted white, about 2 feet high, and weighs about 100 pounds. I would like to ask that if anyone sees my old Leo appearing in someone's yard that they notify the Brookings Police Department.

Linda Brown


The charges keep coming in Brookings


Since moving to Brookings in 2002, I have found that I can almost count on the fact that each month that passes will show an increase in some monthly charge I pay out to live in this beautiful community.

I have to finally shout "Uncle." This franchise fee that the City Council is "thinking" of imposing on Coos Curry is going to be one of those increases that I and my friends and neighbors are going to be paying. The city charges Coos Curry Electric andndash; Coos Curry Electric charges the customer! How difficult is that to figure out?

Therefore, we the ultimate payor, should be allowed to vote on such an increase. Mr. Mitchell's (Pilot, Nov. 5) letter says it all. Do Brookings residents really want their electricity bills increased by 3.4 percent or more? I certainly don't!

Joanie Ingram


America becoming a no-kill nation?

Dear Readers:

Gerda Ramer and I just returned from a conference sponsored by Best Friends Utah, on no more homeless pets.

The founder of Best Friends, Gregory Castle, gave a speech during the closing ceremony and he believes that in the year 2014 we will be a no kill nation. That is exciting to think that in just a few years dogs and cats around the nation will be safe, warm and happy in shelters until they find forever homes. Orphans everywhere await homes. Together with spaying/ neutering I also believe we can become a no kill nation.

Imagine in 1975 25 million dogs and cats were killed across the United States. Last year 2.5 million. That is a huge reduction but we want it to be zero.

Please help us help the orphaned dogs and cats. Donate to your local nonprofit to their help spay/neuter program. If you live in a large city go to your county ran shelter and volunteer. If you live in Curry County come and see our no-kill shelter. Visit the dogs awaiting a home; help us make their life at the shelter more like a home until they go into a real home.

Gerda and I were proud and honored to tell people at the convention that we were a county-run shelter and we are no kill. Thank you citizens of Curry County and to our folks living elsewhere who donate, for helping our shelter shine.

Holidays are upon us and what better way to fill your heart with joy than to give to orphaned animals andndash; abandoned, unwanted, neglected helpless animals that will give you unconditional love in return for helping them stay alive.

Thank you and God bless you.

Catherine Powers

Curry County Animal Shelter, 541-247-2514