The Curry Coastal Pilot

A past we would do well to remember


I thank you, Mr. Clay, for keeping an eye on our collective virtue.

I believe however, your inclusion of The Vista Pub after the KKK and John Birch Society was, at the very least, ill-conceived.

According to my research, Memorial Day started after the Civil War to promote reconciliation between the North and South; thus we hung the Confederate flag, the Union flag, and the current United States flag all at the same time. We feel this was a fitting tribute to the history of Memorial Day, as well as all the fallen soldiers of the United States, no matter which flag they have fallen under.

The Confederate flag represents a past we would do well to remember, and if this public discussion educates someone who would never have known, then it was worth the effort. I thank you again, Mr. Clay, for taking the time remind us of our past.

We also fly pirate flags, though we don't condone the practice.

Ryan Ross

The Vista Pub


Daycare will offer stimulating activities


This is in regard to the article (Pilot, Aug. 27) involving my new business: Big Fish, Little Fish Daycare.

At the beginning of the article it is referred to as a "preschool in-home daycare." It is not. It is just a daycare. I already had someone contact me looking for a preschool.

But, like a preschool, there will be a lot of stimulating activities for the children to be involved in like music and musical instruments, drawing, painting, cooking, plastic bowling, puppets and Play-Doh.

Thank you.

Sharon Fischer


Negotiations a learning experience


On behalf of the Riverside Planning Team and board of directors, we share in your applause of school board members who have graciously received information about the proposed charter school and its learning model.

In an ideal world, the focus of educational-choice discussions would be on kids and differentiated instruction, not on money. Alas, money, rather than data, guides decision making.

In the last few weeks we and district administration have spent hours discussing the various variables to be presented in a financial plan. We thank them for their time. A comprehensive financial plan is being finalized for presentation to the school board on Sept. 17, and by all estimates it appears an excellent education can be provided at an economy of scale for 90 to 100 students.

To clarify, charter schools do not take monies away from districts, but rather from the school buildings or on-line programs where students (consumers) choose to attend. While there may be fewer students in the 5th through 8th grade classes and associated buildings, the dollars for those students remain in the district, should it develop a contract charter with Riverside.

If an excellent education, including physical plant costs can be provided at an economy of scale for 90 to 100, they can equally be provided at a relatively reduced economy of scale in the 5th to 8th grades. This is not about economic disaster for one school building, but about adding a new account code with corresponding revenues and expenses for a self-sustaining school.

These negotiations will prove to be an excellent learning expedition into the economics of education for all of us. Thank you for your input.

Annette Klinefelter-Dingle

Riverside Charter Academy Planning Team


Donations sought for Johnson fund


Fisherman, families and friends and to our community: We, the family and friends of James Johnson III, are reaching out to our wonderful community.

James, 26 years old, father of three, has been diagnosed with testicular cancer. The cancer has spread andndash; two other masses found, one on lungs and another on an artery. For those of you who know James know how sudden the events took place. After a long, emotionally struggling month away from home, James, a fisherman, returned home to his wife and children on Aug. 3. Warm welcomes and a nice dinner. James awoke in the middle of the night/early morning from unbearable abdominal pain. No signs or symptoms.

This young couple and family are in need of the support from anyone who has an open heart. No health insurance! Barely a dime to their name, and they do not have an automobile.

At this time, any type of support is welcomed. There has been an account set up at US Bank, James Johnson Cancer Relief Fund, for those who wish to financially assist.

If you are interested to support in another area, such as fundraising suggestions, to volunteering your own time, to anything you could think of, please contact a family friend, Rachel Barbic at 541-813-9147 or email at . Please feel free to leave a detailed message. Calls will be returned in early evenings. You will remain anonymous if preferred.

James and Amber, Aaliyah, James IV, Kiyla and all their family and friends thank everyone for taking the time to read this. We ask those who can not assist to please tell a friend, family member, even a stranger. Please spread the word of this young family's needs. That simple gesture is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for all the support and prayers.

The Johnson family and friends


Put county back in same old hands?


Last week former Commissioner Schafer thought very favorably of former Commissioner Peg Regan's suggestion to get "every former Curry County commissioner to become a member of a Charter Committee." This, she said would lead to having a charter that would "allow us to be more independent. To make our own laws to govern ourselves, and save money by doing things differently than we presently do as a General Law County."

Pardon me, but I haven't seen much difference between how the county is currently being run and how it was run when Ms. Schafer was commissioner. She is dissatisfied that the current commissioners have not solved our financial problems. Weren't the warnings up during her time as commissioner? She is upset that Commissioner Rhodes held private talks with some developers. I am too, but I don't see how changing to a Home Rule County is going to make any difference. She then went on to put forth her old argument that a tax increase is needed to fund the county. While I don't disagree with her on that point, even under Home Rule the citizens still have to vote on any property tax increases.

I certainly agree with the last sentence of her letter: "We must help ourselves." Asking the foxes who ran the henhouse for years and years to now design a county system of government that will solve all our problems reminds me of one of Einstein great quotes, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results."

Ken Hall