The Curry Coastal Pilot

Thanks for helping our family pet


On a busy weekday morning our 7-month-old pit bull "Metey Petey" wandered off.

Unfortunately he was hit by a car on Pioneer Road. He survived, thanks to the honest citizen of Brookings who took time from their day to take him to the vet.

Pit bulls do have a stigma and this citizen was not afraid to help an innocent animal. Please remember to punish the deed not the breed.

Thank you again to whoever helped our family pet; we appreciate it!

Jessica Bergman


Welcome sign vs. school cutbacks


In today's paper, (Pilot, July 2), I noticed two articles, one above the other, entitled "Third year of major cutbacks for our schools."

Directly before that is an eye-catching headline: "We're starting to build the sign, just need $2,000 more to do it right."

Obviously your priorities show that it is more important to show strangers where they are, rather than how you feel about good teachers and textbooks, etc. That will produce a good crop of graduates hoping for a well-rounded education!

How sad!

Francena Badger


Tea Party folks not against all taxes


This an answer to "Question to all tea party, GOP people" (Pilot, July 9): The writer isn't aware or chooses to ignore that TEA stands for "Taxed Enough Already."

It is not against all taxes. I believe that taxes are a necessary evil that needs to be controlled. I think most rational people agree that taxes for the "common good" are required to pay for roads, national security, public safety and other essential items. While I don't put myself out as a spokesperson for the tea party, I feel that when the government takes away your property (ie: forests) and promises to pay you for your loss of income, they should comply and uphold the contract they agreed to.

How taxes and being a Christian nation got together in his argument is beyond me. One has nothing to do with the other. Well maybe they do, as I will pray for him to see the error of his ways, and hope that his ox doesn't get gored too much in the upcoming elections.

Lastly, his party controls the White House and Senate and until recently the House of Representatives. Why didn't they defund the "six wars" (whatever they are) you are against?

Allan W. Stewart


Stop the foolish spending now


Where is the angst over timber money, disaster relief and a gored ox?

All this coupled with hypocrisy over that and Christianity and killing a lot of folks. OK, religious freedom is a Constitutional guarantee, however our Constitution states our freedom comes from god. You get to choose who/what god is to you if you desire: Just let the others have their values. No angst here.

Taxation is a way of life, but like a spoiled child, love and care are needed to control tantrums and poor judgment. We have a very spoiled group of child-like spenders in all government levels that can't be allowed any longer andndash; can you spend more than you possibly can pay back? Well, all levels of government (that includes county government) can't either.

Stop the foolish spending tantrums now to stop our angst later.

The wars are what they are but you can't cut troops and equipment, including space during wars or for blind-foolish spending sprees.

Doug Bewall

Gold Beach

Democrats owe nation an apology


Upon reading my husband's last letter, I realized that 250 words didn't allow enough time for him to cite examples of his accusations about this administrations lying, so I'll take it from here.

Eric Holder owes this nation an apology for his efforts to criminalize; to make us andndash; the good guys andndash; the criminals. They encouraged constitutional rights, including Miranda rights on terrorists and to eliminate military commissions. Taking virtually every tool, every apparatus, every technique, every policy, employed by this regime in the successful mission to kill Osama bin Laden.

Obama and Holder had campaigned on undermining, destroying, and ending all of it. Now they claim credit for being "gutsy" and courageous. When none of this would have been available to them if they had their druthers.

Eric Holder's law firm represented a dozen terrorist combatants andndash; our enemy. His lawyers went to court to try to undo the systems put in place to protect this nation. Tools such as "enhanced interrogations," i.e., waterboarding, at Guantanamo Bay and CIA detention locations in Europe, secret prisons run by CIA operatives on the ground. Holder wanted to do away with telephone and email intercepts, and ,of course, the warrantless wiretaps. Virtually everything this president opposed was utilized to effect the outcome of the death of Osama bin Laden.

The president court-martialed Navy Seals in Iraq because one of the Seals happened to give the targeted terrorist a fat lip in the course of his capture.

The Democrats owe this nation a deep apology.

Teri Dalrymple

Gold Beach